Fishing for achievements!

I am so damn proud of myself for finally getting to this point!!  I was only like 300 points off the day before so was itching to jump on the next day so I could do one daily and get my Anglers rep to exalted!!

  The Anglers

Which of course gets me this lovely mount, I am now sitting at 143/150 – I must find other mounts to buy…only 7 more needed for the next acheivement :


I just have the lesser reps to work on now, like Shieldwall and the KT Offensive.  I must start doing the dailies again – I am not far off exalted for the KTO, and I am miles off for Shieldwall – I don’t think I am in friendly even, I was trying to figure out the quest chain the other day and completely confused myself.  I must remember to find a guide on it so I can work out where to start/continue the chain.

I also didn’t realise you can fish without a pole equipped anymore, you just get a stick with some twine on it,…pretty cool, although I think it was nice that you had to use a fishing pole.  I guess I think they should have kept some things as intended and not dumbed it down…


The only reason I figured that out was because a friend mentioned it over dinner and whilst I was out trying to achieve the above and also complete this little pretty, I gave it a shot and voila…instant fishing.


I had needed the Spinefish Alpha for a while and just never been in the Kun Lai area to catch it, so I made a special trip just to get it. Woot!  I only actually have 2 more achievements to get the Salty title.  I have to do the BB tournament (which requires me to get my rep back up so I can actually get close to BB) and I need to catch one of the rare fish that you never see, which I can’t force, but do need to just spend some time fishing (which may actually help me get that damn turtle mount as well!!).

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  1. Cymre

    Oh nice! GL with the rest of your reputation grinds and completing the last of the fishing achievements.


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