Day 7: Blog name

Why did I choose this blog name?  Can I be realy selfish and say because I wanted something that started with “A”, so that when things are alphabetized I would be closer to the top?  Well it is true.. :/

I also decided after having a blog name that was very magey, where I wrote about my pally for over half the time, I needed a non class specific blog name that would cover all my toons, collection addiction and achievement whoring :)

I did also toy with the idea of doing some RP – but have just not gotten round to it yet….maybe one day..

I think Azerothian Life lets people know it is about all different aspects and not just one class or topic…(At least, that’s my hope)!  Does it do that?


  1. Sunnier

    I know what you mean by making your blog start with an “a”. I didn’t do it on purpose, but whenever I see my blog on the top of some alphabetically ordered list, I’m glad I did.

    1. dragonray

      I do tend to try and scroll through all the way to the end but only because I used to have a log that began with “w” and I don’t think anyone ever got that far!!


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