Challenge Modes with Gods

Yup, I started doing challenge modes.  The first time I saw the ancestral phoenix mount, I knew I wanted one…well really I want all of them, but I think it is going to be hard to find a group willing to get the silver on 4 different toons.  However I will be happy if I can get just one.

Blizzard advised they were going to close the season on challenge modes soon and I really want my mount before that happens, so I begged a few people to help me out with my goal. I think it may include a few last nights, but at this point I am willing to do that if it means I get the most beautiful mount on game.

Out first run through Jade serpent and we probably could have had silver, but we wiped one too many times.  It was damn close though :)  I thought it was heaps of fun and let’s face it my first time in a challenge mode was not as terrifying as people had made out.  We even managed a guild achievement (but I didn’t get a screen of that) and we got it at Bronze level – yeah we are awesome!  Very big hugs for McTaky, Aimei, Navimie and Faithless for doing my first ever challenge mode with me :)  I was super excited and nervous but overall really surprised that it wasn’t all that freakishly hard.



A couple of nights later we went in again (pretty late at night actually), but we did Gates of the setting sun and I believe we were only a few minutes shy of gold on that one – and if I remember correctly, we actually started the last boss fight just as the gold timer ran out.  That is pretty cool I think.  My first silver – only a million more to go!!



We then decided to re-do Jade serpent because why not, we were having fun and the temptation for another silver was too hard to pass up.



And whilst writing this post up, I discovered the most terrifying screenshot that I have seen in a long while, I think it was great timing on my screenshottter, but terrible time to complete the challenge mode :



I have to thank Sonofalitch (Blackrock) and Kobosi (Nagrand) for the above two little gems and for helping me continue with my little Silver mode challenge. You guys were great staying up so late to help me out and I really appreciate the time you spent doing silvers with us.

I had not really pushed the challenge modes thing before hand as I had always assumed they were god awful and horrible, and really they aren’t – certainly the challenge of silver is well and truly doable if you play well enough to essentially not die or waste time.  Even gold could be achieved by a pretty normal group if you pushed just a tad harder than what we were.  I think to get silver on all of these will be easy, providing I can find a group in time to get them all done before the season expires.  I may even see if I can pre-organise a morning for everyone to be around so we can smash through a few of them in one sitting.


I can now wipe 2 of those little puppies off my list and focus on the 7 others I have left!



  1. Cymre

    Congratulations, sounds exciting. Let me know if you need an extra person although I haven’t tried any.

    1. Dragonray (Post author)

      Sweet Cymre, I will certainly let you know if we are looking of DPS again!!

  2. Luxypie

    Woo gratz! They are pretty fun!

    1. Dragonray (Post author)

      Agreed! I do like the challenge, I am enjoying it when we do them.

  3. Renala

    They are usually a ton of fun. If you haven’t heard, all the mounts are going account wide after the season ends, and you get all 4 if you can get 1. Good luck! I love them, and I’d offer to help heal but my little horde druid just hit 90 and I dread the thought of doing the LFRs for appropriate CM gear.

    1. Dragonray (Post author)

      Yeah that is basically why I am doing it, in truth, my original read through was that we wouldn’t be able to do them after the season ended …so I wanted to get them done…now whislt they were current, that was before the confirmation email came out and I discovered I misread it :) But either way!!! PHOENIX!!!

  4. Navimie

    I do love challenge modes, and I’m glad you had fun!

    1. Dragonray (Post author)

      I always have fun with you and your friends Nav, even if never actually sleep!! hehe


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