Brawlin’ again

After hubby dinged 90 on his rogue, we decided to do some LFR (first failed one since the boosters so we have been lucky) we had been waiting almost 15 minutes by the time Faithless said she were heading to the Brawlers guild for the first time!  It had been a while since I had been back so I thought I would go and lend some moral support and maybe give a shot or two.

Mctacky turned up as well and between the three of us, I am sure we annoyed the raiders in the guild by waffling on about brawling :p But we were having so much fun cheering each other on and kicking butt.

The Brawlers

Don’t mess with the brawlers!!

Faith was moving through the bosses at a breakneck pace and sounded pretty excited to be doing it – I think the expectation was worse then the actual doing :) I know I was nervous my first time, but now look at me:

Rank 7 Brawler

Rank 7 and still dying to bosses :)  The first fight in rank 7 was really annoying me…I think lag plays such an issue in this arena, my character would be out of the circle on my screen and away from damage however I got blown up multiple times as if I was in the circle…I know 500ms isn’t that huge but I reckon it may be enough.  In the end I just continually ran around the boss basically and ice lanced him….LOL…was stupid but effective.

Even Sev popped his head in for a spin after raid time, but he is on the boss I am fearing the most – I have seen it before and I agree with Sev, it may be the boss that stops me from continuing!!  The Hex one with the pink maze you have to face or something…EEEP!!

In the end, our queue took 45 minutes to pop, and we were in there for about 15, we left after the second wipe because they wouldn’t wait for a second tank, hubby went off to pick some more flowers and I went back to brawling.  Such a fun night!!  I really enjoy doing the other things in the game with guildies and just having a laugh.


  1. McTacky

    The boss Sev was on is very scary!

    1. Dragonray (Post author)

      The first night I went into Brawlers guild, I saw some guy doing that boss…and I think I got like 4 ranks whilst he was still trying it…freaked me out!! lol

  2. Navimie

    You guys seemed to having a great time in there!

    1. Dragonray (Post author)

      It is a load of fun, I wish I had more time to do it….

  3. Luxypie

    Hexos seems scarier than it is! It’s all patterns! :D

    Good luck with the rest!

    1. Dragonray (Post author)

      Have you done it Lux?? I will let you know when I get there – I may need your tips and tricks!


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