And we are off…again…

Another week, another massive spend in WoW for us.  We finally made our decision regarding our futures in game, which I am very happy about.

I spoke to my old GM last night and told her that we had decided to go horde and not follow her to her new guild, however I am going to leave one of my toons alliance side so we can perhaps run 5 mans or flex’s at some point in the future.  She told me about some horrible stuff that has been happening to her from the old people who were causing the original guild drama and it just broke my heart.  I feel awful for her and for everything happening to her at the moment.  She is such a nice person and does not deserve to be treated the way she has been.


Genowen and I

I didn’t really want to tell her about our decision because she was already feeling bad, and I didn’t want to make her day any worse.  However I preferred she hear from me directly, not from someone else or on my blog or some other random indirect way.  She is a friend, there was no other way to handle it.

I also had to wait and try and get hold of one of my other good friends in game and let her know the news and see if she would even have us and all of our toons.  She was also happy to take us in and so we will be slowly moving all of our toons to Frostwolves.  Given I already have 2 of my level 90 toons with them and I have been with them a long time  (if you trust – Jun 26, 2012 was when I joined Frosties on my warrior)  I am coming up to 2 years of friendship with people in the guild!  I know I have been more of an absent friend, due to my raiding, but I have always tried to pop in and stand around Org chatting to people and catching up.


McTacky and I


Peddlefeet photobomb with NegaNavi


Anyway, so we transferred our mains over last night.  I was almost very very tempted to go a panda, but in the end, I am a creature of habit and had to be a sexy blood elf with my foofy hair and headband.

horde again

Hubby and I

They are doing a flex run on Saturday which we may try and get in on, but at this stage we have no idea about raiding or anything like that.  I honestly don’t care at this stage.  I will try and find a PuG to do normal 10 man, as I would like to kill Garrosh and get the achievement and title.  Other than that we are just going to slowly bring the rest of our toons over  (and the guild) and then never ever move servers again.  Ever!

I haven’t had a chance to talk to all of my other friends in game that have been part of my playing life, because I haven’t been on line all that much and I don’t want them to find out about this move via reading my blog.  So I am going to try and find an email for them today so I can let them know.  I feel awful of course, but I just want to be happy and enjoy my time in game.  I want to want to be online doing random things that I want to get done.

I have always adored Navimie and I am excited to see what this next chapter happens to hold for us.  I just want to be accepted and loved in game, let’s hope this is the last guild I ever have to move to!










  1. Neri

    Saurfang is the last server I’m ever transferring to as well. I’m not a raider by any means, but I’m enjoying my time with Frostwolves. I’ll be sure to say hi the next time I see you online :)

    1. Dragonray (Post author)

      Yes yes please do :) I am always happy to find other bloggers in the guild!

  2. McTacky

    Welcome to the Frostwolves!

    1. Dragonray (Post author)

      Thanks McT :) I am happy to be here..again on more toons… :p

  3. typhoonandrew

    best of luck Dragonray

    1. Dragonray (Post author)

      Sorry Typhoon, this was in my spam folder :/ I do miss you guys a lot though.


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