Week 4 coming to close with a sneak preview

By now you will have gotten the idea that this post going live means you have only a few hours to send me your entries!!

I can’t wait to see who wins this week – let me tell you – there are some rippers for mostly the same country again – I think you must all be within the same collective hive mind or something – Klaxxi Paragons perhaps????!!

This week, I am going to make the judging page public – just so you can see what the judges see and are voting you on.  You won’t be able to post comments so keep and eye out for the added page at the top of the drop down list called “Judges Corner”.

For your reference, each week I rotate the “entrants” so they are never the same person in the same order.




  1. Luxypie

    I totally assumed The Emperor’s New Cape would be cheating, dammit! :D Most cloaks are so ugly!

    1. Dragonray (Post author)

      AHAHAH there was a question early on and that came up, but technically it is a cloak :p You know for future now, but I agree…they are damn ugly – and ALWAYS a slightly different shade to what you want….always!!!

      1. Luxypie

        Mine are all finished, I’ll have to ask more questions in the future :D


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