Mog the world in 80 days!!! It is coming!

It starts this coming weekend!!

Are you ready?  Do you have some outfits already planned?

26th January is the official start date for this competition!

We have an awesome prize of Diablo 3 download and one of the new mounts from the store!! If you would like to donate a prize, please contact me or one of the other judges.

Check out the page for all the information!!  You can also use the menu option at the top to select each month individually to see the countries for each month, and included is each flag for those listed countries – paintstakenly collated by Kamalia!

The judges are all ready to go and are excited to see all your creations, I am hoping we get a few different countries shown, please continue to share the word around with everyone.

Picture: Cymre


  1. raedelsraids

    I don’t have the time to create transmog sets for this comp (still leveling and gearing), but I’m really excited to see what other people make!

    1. dragonray

      Grab yourself MogIt and make the outfits :) very easy and fast way of becoming a mogging legend!! But I can tell you already, the entries I have received early have blown my mind!! I am so glad I am only running this show and not judging like the other girls :)

  2. Amerpriest

    Awww, would love to do it! but damn it… I dont have the game client nor Ill be able to make it on time to publish.. maybe somehow i can help judge the competition? let me know dragon anything i can help lol Thanks!


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