7th Winner announced today :)

Yup, we are on the 7th winner now!!  Can you believe we are almost at the end???  I can’t – it has,  so far, been a massive roller coaster ride of excitement and nervousness for me!!

And so it is without any fanfare or videos of any kind, except the ones featured below that I announce the winner of Week 7!!

This has been the only transmog,  so far,  to have received full marks from one of our judges!  Yes, you read that right 15/15 – one of our judges thought you nailed it.


Congratulations to Linzie!!!!!!

For this stars and stripes themed outfit!!


In no particular order, other than the randomness of which image I click on to place next, here are the other magnificent creations!!!  Sooo much goodness.  I am stating right *here that I have not, will not and am not, most definitely not stealing any ideas from any of the transmogs provided during this competition.  Honest truth!!

Also last week I provided incorrect information because in fact Luxy was the original double winner.  Sorry Syrco, you are still a double winner, just not the first one in the competition. I hope you can forgive me Luxy for providing false and misleading information and under selling your greatness :)

*All statements regarding transmogs ideas and theft may be complete and utter rubbish. I may possibly be stealing most of the ideas presented :p


  1. Linzie

    No way!! That just made my day….seriously :) Thank you so much. I’m also totally not taking notes for future transmogs either….nope, none at all!

    1. Dragonray (Post author)

      YES WAY!!! Grats on the win :)

  2. AmerPriest

    Wohoo Congrats Linzie! and This event just really is awesome too. Wish i could have join sooner or at least help out lol maybe next time. =)

    1. Dragonray (Post author)

      There will be more events I am sure of it!!

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