Day 8: 10 things you don’t know about me

Well considering no one in the blogosphere knows me, I can pretty safely say any 10 things and get away with it?  I should try and make them slightly interesting though, shouldn’t i?

  1. I want to have a career as a photographer.
  2. I live in a regional area.
  3. My favourite music is Symphonic Goth Metal…Nightwish, Nemesea, Within Temptation, Delain to name a few.
  4. I miss running a guild (including the bad stuff)
  5. I am not confident on my mage as a dps
  6. I am in love with Dean Winchester – the character of Supernatural (yes – the character!)
  7. Ruroni Kenshin is my favourite anime character
  8. I still one day want to collect every care bear ever made…my current collection is made up of one :D
  9. Completely obsessed with dragons – I have statues, posters, mirrors etc – all over the house
  10. I wish I could handle the sight of blood so I could become a Dr and work for Doctors without borders :D

Anyway there you go – 10 things about me :D


  1. red cow

    High five to photography! I really enjoy it as well :)

    Never too late to get started on that carebear collection…

    1. dragonray

      Hehe maybe one day I will start collecting….not likely though :)

      Do you have photos uploaded anywhere??

  2. Rhoelyn (@Rhoelyn)

    “I live in a regional area.”
    I laughed a little, I admit it. Whaaaat does that mean? I read it like “I live in the place with the things.” ;)

    “My favourite music is Symphonic Goth Metal…Nightwish, Nemesea, Within Temptation, Delain to name a few.”
    I love Within Temptation and Nightwish. Sounds to me like I’d better look up those other two and add them to my playlist! Thanks!

    1. dragonray

      Wow someone who knows of within temptation?!?!? Rock on! If you like rock/metal you should check out Flyleaf as well, they are pretty cool -but I can see how they would be an acquired taste :)

      I laughed at your comment about the regional thing -I really had no idea where I was going with it either!

      1. Rhoelyn (@Rhoelyn)

        I have a FlyLeaf album. Pandora has been introducing me to new artists. :) But honestly, I like Within Temptation and Fair to Midland way better than Flyleaf. I’m also a fan of Skillet and RED.

        1. dragonray

          Might have to look into fair to midland, I haven’t heard of them :)

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