Can I become more legendary?

I have been helping Lominari do some LFR whilst the extra buff for the black Prince was on, and before we started one boss fight Exray messaged me to see if I wanted to join them on a Firelands run. Usual rules apply – no mounts for me…lol…given they run these instances every single week I am ok with that :p

I asked Lom if that would be ok to leave him for a little while, and he was cool with it.  But before I left I got this picture of something that look awesome!  I think he has a buff on it from Ordos or something.


So I was at FL faster than you could summon me…excluding the need for them to actually summon me :) I finally got to do Heroic Beth – she killed me..sadly…I don’t know how..I was downstairs killing spiders…but such is life.

Heroic Beth

And then I got to see Heroic Rags and his teeny weeny little legs…I think we may have dps’d him too quickly as he was seeming to have some game play issues with his hammer and the sons…but it was over pretty quickly.

Would you believe….the MOUNT DROPPED!! Grats to Aza for that superb gem!

Heroic Rags

Then the gang turned up to thank us for our efforts and given they are virtually gods, they should have helped us :p

The gang

But during that run, I managed to get my last couple of embers for my legendary staff!!  So I will be posting about that as well because now I am on the way to getting the most awesome staff in game – so excited!  I would have continued with them, but I really wanted to continue my quest chain and see what else I needed to get done.   The question is – can I get my second legendary a few weeks apart from my first one!


  1. Navimie


    1. Dragonray (Post author)

      I know right!?! I want to be in the elite club of more than one legendaries :p


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