Being away and brawlin’

As per my last post, I have been really busy with work (crappy rosters) and I have only been online briefly here and there.  I just haven’t had the energy for much else and being in bed at 8pm every night allows little time for actually playing anything useful.

I am on normal shifts for a few weeks, and whilst I am not a baker by trade starting at 2am, I still hate our current living situation.  We have finally done most of the front garden (work begins on the back soon) and we have started packing up some stuff in the house to send to storage.  The idea will be to have a real estate agent come through in a few weeks (maybe a month) to give us an idea on sale prices etc.

Anyway with my time in game; I figured something I could do, with minimal waiting, is the brawlers guild stuff.  I stopped doing it a while ago and never had time to go back with everything else I was doing.    I have missed playing, but as I mentioned in my previous post as well, I find it frustrating to log on and spend so much time either doing nothing (waiting for groups) or just farming some stupid rep on Timeless Isle!!  So I admit, I have been avoiding the game a little bit and that has made me feel guilty.  No, I honestly do not want to level another toon, I have too many already that are max for absolutely no reason (I won’t make that mistake again) I will have one geared alt in WoD for raiding but I am not doing multiple again.  Such a waste of money and time and effort!

I have only gotten a couple of achievements so far :

brawlers guild

I got stuck as you would expect on this turdmachine

image found on this site -

image found on this site –

I spent one night on him without actually attacking him, just getting used to the beams and movement, then slowly integrating some firepower.  I noted on one attempt when I popped everything bar timewarp I had him to about 30% with very little effort.  So I just waited for all my CD’s to be available (2 mins) between attempts.  I gave up on the first night after about 10 attempts.  I wasn’t particularly frustrated by him (I knew he would suck) but I wanted to stop before I got to that point.

I went back in last night before raid and gave him a couple more shots and I could not believe it – I got him down!!  WOOT!!  In total took me about 15 attempts (maybe) and nowhere near as long as I thought it would.   I will say, that had I not been in the process of learning how to be a button presser I would not have been able to do this fight.  There is absolutely no way you could keyboard turn your way out of this fight – at all.  It happens far too quickly. You have to be able to mouse turn constantly, which means you have to press buttons for dps.  I am grateful I was already in the process.

I did the chicken guy and thought perhaps I could just not worry about killing the explosive chickens….it was a mistake, as I managed to kill him with less than 20k hp.  I survived though and that is all that matters but pro-tip – perhaps take some time to kill some chickens, being frosty I had a few snares/novas I could use which was very useful.  The robot was easy and over pretty quickly, not much to say there really.

I didn’t get time to do anymore, but I am one boss off Rank 9.  I am pretty excited, I will try and do that tonight…and perhaps level 10 as well. Then I just need to find all the other random bosses to get that achievement.  My shammy seems to have all the luck with that – she has like 4 different challenge cards – and I never play her!!  My mage has 2 at the moment, Blington 3000 and Ro-Shambo.

Overall pretty happy with my progress!!


  1. Cymre

    Congratulations on those accomplishments and GL with the sale. I’ve been meaning to go back bu there’s always something else I want to do. Then again I’m on the beta a lot more these days.

    1. Dragonray (Post author)

      I know that feeling!! too many things and not enough time – ever!! Your posts do make me want to get into beta, but I don’t want to spoil it for myself! heehhe


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