Ahoo’ru, you Suck!

A few people that I have spoken to have told me this fight is pretty easy…I beg to differ in the loudest of voices!!

This fight sucks!  I would prefer Hexos…IN FACT I would even prefer NIbbleh!  This fight is stupid and stupid and hard and impossible!  YES – IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!  I have been going off WoWhead’s guide – Ahoo’ru.

From http://wow.zamimg.com/uploads/screenshots/normal/369499.jpg

From http://wow.zamimg.com/uploads/screenshots/normal/369499.jpg

I have not given it too many attempts as yet, because it is annoying me quite a lot.  I can survive – that isn’t the issue, until the Beserk kicks in.  I don’t have enough time.  I can’t cast and avoid the bobbles.  I can’t cast and avoid the bobbles and make sure they stay near him and stay out of the charge.  I can’t do it.  I don’t understand it.

I have understood most of the fights that I have struggled on, you learn the pattern or the how, just need to then practise the execution.  This one just makes no damn sense.

Ordinarily, this post would be filled with swear words and bleeped out sections, but I left it a few days to write it.  I am so annoyed by this fight.

My best attempts have been getting his rebuff off (once) and my health was so low he came over and hit me, I died.  I would have died anyway as the berserk was about to happen.

I have tried single Angels, AOE angels, multiple angels, freezing, them running them and everything in between that I can think of.  I don’t get this fight.  I can’t find the pattern in the glittery things…I thought it would 4 circles, but I think that changes.

They hit me for far too much health, I only have 640k health.  The orbs hit for 200k.  That math just doesn’t add up. I can’t avoid every single one and get to the mobs in time and then try and cast and GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH



I just want Rank 10 :(



  1. Crooked

    It was one of the hardest for me – took me a number of sessions over a couple of weeks. What helped me break it was single target but focusing on tracking the active angel sparks – downtime between angels is what will kill you in the end. If one is within reach pop it immediately, having 2 or even 3 up isn’t a problem. The other difficult thing I found was overlapping the angel death/charge with when the balls of light contract around him. If you have more than one angel up, if you see the balls contracting you can switch target to delay pushing one under 50% at the wrong time. Eventually things will align. As for 2nd phase your main enemy is time, just need a good 1st phase and then pop everything. I imagine you can blink out of the circle-o’-balls and take no damage from it.

    1. Dragonray (Post author)

      As you saw last night Crooked, I sucked :p So….YAY!!! heehehhe But fire was working much better for being able to get some damage on the angels, and I have to agree with you – getting them lined up is the hard part.

      I can’t believe I missed your successful attempt!!


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