#Blaugust2019 – Dragon Soul!!

I finally, finally!!!!! finished this achievement. Glory of the Dragon Soul raider. It is one of those ones I just left and did occassionally because it required effort. Specifically, the spine. The spine is damn hard when you are solo and as I discovered even with duo. Apophis and I did it a couple of… Read More #Blaugust2019 – Dragon Soul!!

My Legion Bucketlist

A few weeks ago I saw posts going around about people’s bucketlists and I have watched multiple videos about the topic since the release date of BfA was announced. So I thought I should actually gather my thoughts and post one so I can refer to and sucker my friends in to help me 😀 … Read More My Legion Bucketlist

This is why i don’t PUG

and it is why i join guilds for raiding – expecting to see content. I went on a DS 10 man PUG this morning, as in, I started at 11.30 or so?  It is now, 4.20pm and we are still trying to kill Hagara.  Admittedly at 2.20 we had a 50 minute break until about… Read More This is why i don’t PUG

Improvement is in the eye of the beholder!

Ultraxion trash….just thinking of it brings tears to my eyes. I didn’t mind the old trash, I swear it was fine!! This new style has the guild bested. I suspect the tanks inability to actually hit the mobs makes it harder than it needs to be; but I kid you not, tonight was the first… Read More Improvement is in the eye of the beholder!


We went into Firelands again and headed to Beth for what we knew would be a fun night of wiping on a boss that we didn’t really think we had hope of getting down any time within this century and you know, aren’t surprises the best?!?! The first attempt we went in and got her… Read More Beth…again

Level 60 :D

My druid is level 60!  Woot Woot! Finally got here, now only a few more levels to go. I am very quickly getting over my will to run dungeons – so many pricks, but to be completely fair – I have had so many more runs that haven’t been horrible.  I think the stats are… Read More Level 60 😀

Rage moar!?!?!?

Once again I am amazed at the strength of character shown by people in this game. I have been running dungeons, as you know, pretty solidly and this following screenshot shows that I am just incapable go playing on the same plane of existence as others. To give background – I am finding dungeons on… Read More Rage moar!?!?!?

Is dps more important ?

Lately I have been noticing something in my guild which unsettles me a little bit; DPS is given god like importance. I am not a fan of watching or even running with DPS meters, I do because it shows me my uptime and it gives me an immediate indication if I have indeed reduced my… Read More Is dps more important ?

o.O Remember me?

Yes Yes, I remember you, I know i have a blog I am updating semi-regularly and yes I know I need to actually get the time to post..but honestly so busy this last week -I just wanted to get focused!!  Please don’t blame me!! I spent a week getting my pally levelled.

Paladin and druid levelling

I transferred my pally to AT again, and have spent today levelling her, she is almost 83…probably Wednesday night.  I would have been there tonight however I was needed for raiding and lost myself a couple of hours 😀 I have enjoyed playing her immensely, I had forgotten how much to be honest.  I am… Read More Paladin and druid levelling

Cataclysmically superior

Last night was a killer!!! My guild was heading in to firelands to give the boss a couple of shots -nothing major but it was good fun 🙂 I tagged along as they were short people and although my gear is not all the way ready, they were not expecting anything huge. I found that… Read More Cataclysmically superior

Who’s an addict…I’m an addict!!

Stand up and be counted I say! Yes, I think I am once again sucked into Azeroth and its beautiful scenery and mounts and pets and elves and my magical glowy hands!!!! I have been playing a fair bit since we took up the trial and honestly I have scored so many achievements in the… Read More Who’s an addict…I’m an addict!!

Mage hit cap – 4.2

Mages got a more simple hit cap method…no talents no this and that… Nice and simple… 1742 – exactly!!!      or 17% for the mathematical people out there.  No more or no less…. I am over by 37 points…here comes some reforging!!   1639 for draenai

All the fun and humour…

This picture is just some of the fun I had whilst questing today…I was checking out the molten front and doing some quests when i jumped through the portal and didn’t think I needed to click….yeah, kind of ran straight off the edge of the cliff and was free falling for a very long time… Read More All the fun and humour…

Oh how your siren song pulls me back in!

So I am home sick with a bug and what do you think I spent the entire day doing? Aside from a lunch and dinner break….yeah you guessed it..I was sucked in my quests and achievements and the siren song (which is funny as I did a quest about a siren song yesterday). It was… Read More Oh how your siren song pulls me back in!

Level 85

Yeah baby!!!   Now I am working on my professions – I spent over 2k gold last night on herbs for my alchemy and I am miles away from having that leveled.  I really need a herber toon, I have to finish my shammy to 85 so she can herb for me 😀 I have… Read More Level 85

MIA and time to catch up!

Yeah I was missing in action 😀 Happy New years and all that jazz!!!  I hope everyone had a great night?  Tell me stories!!  heehh Mine was a very quiet night, the weather was too hot to permit much drinking, so we just chilled out and leveled worgens 🙂  Yes our new years tradition is… Read More MIA and time to catch up!

Cataclysm begninng to suck

I am officially over it.  I am about 3 bubbles away from 84 and I don’t think I want to put up with the shit anymore.  I love the game, but seriously the people should all be shot in the damn head and never allowed to play.  I would love for a server where i… Read More Cataclysm begninng to suck

Almost 83

Yeah I am a slow arse I know, but I am just kind of enjoying the ride to 85, last time; when levelling to 80, I rushed through and then was bored waiting for others to catch up.  So this time I am just getting there in my own time. I haven’t really had much… Read More Almost 83