Transmogrification Classic Winner!!!

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!  (I know, I know, we don’t play PUBG…Shhhh)

Image result for winner winner chicken dinner

We have a winner!! Look at this stunning outfit! Who knew that cloth gear could look so good – I really want this for myself.

Wrath of the Lich King

Zeirah provided some fantastic transmogs and the judges voted this was the best by the highest tally of votes.

Grats Zeirah, you will always be a winner with this outfit even if noone entered!

Enjoy your Whomper 🙂


Transmogrification Classic Last Day!!

Today is the absolute last day to get your entries in for the event! You only need to create 8 outfits – I am sure you can do that in a couple of hours.  I have faith!

If you need to here is the original post.

I have created a button for you to be able to use on your blog (if you have one), just resize to whatever you need 🙂  I will have a winner button created once we have announced.

I want to make sure we get the judging complete before the Whomper pet disappears as I think it is a brilliant pet in support of a great cause for STEM, you can read about it here.

You are still able to donate prizes if you want to help out, that way we can provide more prizes, and who doesn’t want to get a prize?

I can’t wait to get into the judging!!



Transmogrification Classic is at the midway point!!!

The competition closes on the Saturday 17th November 2018.  Make sure you get all your outfits to me before that time to ensure you are not disqualified forever and out of the running for a cute (Or nightmare looking!!) in game pet or mount from the Blizzard store.

Please help spread the word by sharing, commenting, liking and linking this post as you only have one more week to complete this challenge.

Send the files to my gmail account of onyxiia. Please name them something similar to Dragonray_Cataclysm_Mage.

Here is my mage with my all time favourite Arcanist Robes 🙂

Basic Rules

  • No more than 1 tier piece in each transmog outfit allowed. Just 1 of either head/chest/shoulder.
  • You must be able to wear the item, so if you are doing a mage tier, you can’t have a shield.
  • You do not need to do wrists/cloak/pants (if wearing a skirt)/tabards. They are optional.
  • All items of gear must be included in your email for the outfits so we can check them over.
  • Judging will be scoring all outfits from 1-8 for each collection. Highest wins the expansion and most overall wins get the main prize!
  • Classic, Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, Cataclysm, Warlords of Draenor, Mists of Pandaria, Legion, Battle for Azeroth (faction) outfits must all be submitted.
  • Winners announced mid-December to allow purchase of Whomper if you would like him.


Drew/Moryrt – my IRL stylist

Michael/Nibblepie – sensible and objective friend

Ben/Pracey – transmog lover and collector

Me – Dragonray 🙂

The Transmogrification classic is now open!!!

The classic demo is now live and so is the competition!

You can send me all your entries in one hit or in groups if you like. Whatever is easiest for you 😉

Send the files to my gmail account of onyxiia. Please name them something similar to Dragonray_Cataclysm_Mage.

Competition ends Saturday 17th November – get sharing/commenting and most importantly transmogging!!

Basic Rules

  • No more than 1 tier piece in each transmog outfit allowed. Just 1 of either head/chest/shoulder.
  • You must be able to wear the item, so if you are doing a mage tier, you can’t have a shield.
  • You do not need to do wrists/cloak/pants (if wearing a skirt)/tabards. They are optional.
  • All items of gear must be included in your email for the outfits so we can check them over.
  • Judging will be scoring all outfits from 1-8 for each collection. Highest wins the expansion and most overall wins get the main prize!f
  • Classic, Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, Cataclysm, Warlords of Draenor, Mists of Pandaria, Legion, Battle for Azeroth (faction) outfits must all be submitted.
  • Winners announced mid-December.


A mount or pet from the online store 


Drew/Moryrt – my IRL stylist

Michael/Nibblepie – sensible and objective friend

Ben/Pracey – transmog lover and collector

Me – Dragonray 🙂

Welcome…to the Transmogrification Classic!

Do you remember your entire WoW Journey? Did you start at Vanilla, or did you join during the earth shattering Cataclysm?  It doesn’t matter when or how you came to be part of the history of Azeroth, it matters only that you had a journey!

In conjunction with the release of the playable demo for World of Warcraft *Classic* at Blizzcon I am running a competition to pay homage to the world I have adored since 2005!


Starting at Vanilla/Classic, then moving through the expansions, you will design an outfit based on one piece of tier gear from that time.   The catch?  You can only use the head/shoulder or chest piece as the base for that outfit.

But what about BfA – we don’t have tier gear!?!?!  That is why your final transmog will be to battle it out in horde vs alliance style and give me the best faction outfits you can create – no restrictions 🙂

Basic Rules:

  • No more than 1 tier piece in each transmog outfit allowed. Just 1 of either head/chest/shoulder.
  • You must be able to wear the item, so if you are doing a mage tier, you can’t have a shield.
  • You do not need to do wrists/cloak/pants (if wearing a skirt)/tabards. They are optional.
  • Send the files to my gmail account of onyxiia. Please name them something similar to Dragonray_Cataclysm_Mage.
  • All items of gear must be included in your email for the outfits so we can check them over.
  • Judging will be scoring all outfits from 1-8 for each collection. Highest wins the expansion and most overall wins get the main prize!
  • Classic, Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, Cataclysm, Warlords of Draenor, Mists of Pandaria, Legion, Battle for Azeroth (faction) outfits must all be entered.
  • Registration is open now – comment or email me to let me know you are in.
  • Competition opens Saturday 3rd November (BLIZZCON WEEKEND!!!) and ends Saturday 17th November.
  • Winners announced mid-December.


A mount or pet from the online store.

If you have them all, we will work out something else never fear!!

Transmog Competition – Update!

Since my previous post about running a transmog competition was so well received  I have decided to actually think about it a little more and I am currently in the process of organising all the behind the scenes details!  It is going to go live very soon 🙂 (Maybe even this weekend!)

I am currently organising/looking for the following:

Judges – I have myself and Drew and the moment. (Yes, I managed to rope him into it!!) But if anyone else would like to help judge instead of enter the competition I would love it!!  I would ideally like 1 more person so we have an odd number.

Prize Donations – I am going to be buying the winner a pet or mount from the store but would love other prizes to be able to give the runner ups.  So if you feel so inclined hit me up with details of what you are willing to give away!

Logo/Name – I have a name for the competition and I will be begging Drew to do the logo for me this weekend. If we get that done I will announcing it!

Shares/likes/comments – Spread the word far and wide 🙂

I will post more details either this weekend or early next week, so please stay tuned and start getting your Transmog add-ons updated :p

Transmog comp – I have an idea!

So I have another idea for an awesome transmog competition which would be less work than my Mog the World competition, but would still require a fair amount of effort on the parts of myself and the transmoggers.  I envisioned this as a homage to the new classic server experience and have it running until Blizzcon or the actual release date of the classic servers (not sure yet).

What is the blogosphere like, do we still love transmog competitions? Would I get more than 1 person partaking in an multi-part thing?  It would be relatively simple…in theory….or I should say in my head it seems easy.

Is anyone running competitions anymore?  I used to love being in them as you can tell from my competition menu above, so would love to get something happening.  I could donate a mount or pet from the Blizz store for the winner and runner up….

The idea: You would need to make an outfit from every expansion using only the gear as it would have been if you were playing.  So for example for the Wrath of the Lich King outfit you could use Vanilla/BC/Wrath gear only and for a BFA outfit you could use everything currently available.   I was going to select random themes for each xpac similar to the Trial of Style format.

Because I don’t want to people to have to do 8 outfits (although that would be awesome) I was thinking you had to do like 4 of the 8 to compete.

Talk to me people, what do we think?



On the back of our very first guest post by Pracey, I thought I would write about my brawling experience the other night.  I had started the brawl guild a few weeks ago and managed to get stuck on rank 2 or something.  My intention was to get it done before xpac hits and thanks to a video we were watching,  Drew and I remembered to jump back in, so that is what we did the other night.

Can you even see my tiny little blood elf next to his huge chest? I snuck this picture whilst he was waiting to go in.  We actually did really well.  I got stuck on a couple of bosses, the worst one being the fire guy. Drew also got stuck on this one for a few attempts.  Stupidly RNG with the ball spawns but you just need to get the right combination and voila death to the infidel!

I cannot suggest enough,  if you attempt to do the Brawler’s Guilde check out Wowhead’s guide on it.  It is brilliant and I have used it every season. You can find it here. It lists everything neatly and easily with the relevant information easy to find.  I use it between fights to know what is coming up next.  Yup, you can flick between it and the game that quickly. Definitely use it.

I was chatting to Ben and telling him it was a great way to improve on your character as you have to be able to move, do burst damage and be aware within 2 minutes and was a bit of fun. He joined us later and was smashing the first few bosses before 30 seconds had even passed. This is him in action.  I do love the spectator option. I would love something like that for raiding 😀

The three of us were just cheering each other on and having a laugh.  I managed to get to the last boss, which I found difficult as I have only done Hellfire Citadel once (I think) and barely remember the content. All the attacks are based on bosses from that raid. I got it down after a few attempts learning what things needed to be focused on at each point – I think maybe 3 in total?  It really helps that we out gear the brawls quite significantly now.

I am King of the guild now!  Why not Queen? I have no idea…but I will take it!  We came back in the next night to complete the rest of Drew’s bosses and whilst he was doing that I was doing random fights for the achievement (and shirts).  I have so many damn shirts now! I have a few extra from that picture as I did even more than the anticipated 10 for the achievement.  I can’t wait for the next Trial of Style to rock around!

I know I am missing the entire joke behind this achievement I am Thralls complete lack of surprise and even wowhead has no insight…I am confused.

I went and grabbed my mount and pet, plus the heirloom.  I actually quite like the basilisk movement, but will need to actually ride it more and see if I could handle it long term.

It sort of has this S-motion with it’s body and tail when it walks.  Maybe it will be motion sickness inducing actually…lol.  Honestly for not much effort you could get another mount and pet if you are a collector.  It took us basically a couple of hours on 2 nights to get to the last boss and I would say there are 3-4 that might take you more than 2-3 of attempts at most.

I still need one more achievement which requires 2 more rumbles, so will try and get them over this coming weekend but it is highly dependant on other people who are in the queue and if they pay attention to what needs to occur.  (The “Rumbles” are an event which every person in the queue – at the time of purchasing the token – get entered into and you have to collectively do different things). Likely would be easier with a group of friends on discord so you can warn/coordinate.

I cannot express my surprise at the results of this months winner for ROYGBiV competition!!!  I had been checking the site almost every day, but this week is just crazy as my wedding anniversary, birthday and husband’s birthday all fall – so our focus is pretty internal and I don’t see much about what goes on external to us.

Clearly one of them was awesome, but the other one was my horrific attempt!!  Can you believe it??

Navimie and I both won – since Thela is doing dual winners at the moment  – and I am just so excited and thankful!!  I get to pick a beta or a pet – and since i have the pet I am going to do more research into the beta game before I decide as I do love city building, and I do love MMOs…can the two be combined.

Here is the post from Thela announcing the winner for April!!

This was my original post and Navimie’s post about her outfit!

Navimie Yellow Winner!!
Navimie Yellow Winner!!




Mog the World in 80 days GRAND FINALE!!!

So…here is it…the post you have all been waiting for!!

Before we get to the winner, I want to take a long, slow, painfully boring moment, to thank each and every one of you for being part of this competition.  For 12 weeks you have given me outfits of outstanding awesomeness.  You have been fantastic competitors and above all, you have weathered posting delays and boring videos!

Special thanks to the judges who provided a lot of feedback and put up with my constant questions and emails.  You guys were fantastic in responding and providing your scores really quickly.  I appreciated your input and ideas so very much!  I cannot thank you enough.  Flowers for you all!!

thank you. colorful flowers bouquet. card concept


Before we get to who won – we have an awesome badge for your blogs (if you have one) which you can link to the competition page if you like!  This was designed by Kamalia and is fantastic!!  I will be adding it to my blog as well.  Feel free to download (this is full size so you can re-size smaller).  Everyone can use this as a badge of honour for having the stamina to complete a 12 week transmog competition!!!


Judging the winner for this consisted of me, Navimie, Cymre and Kamalia sitting on Skype, comparing many parts of this competition.  We compared scores, outfits, methods of judging and in the end there was one person whose outfits consistently impressed the judges.  We kept coming back to them repeatedly for first place.

The runner-up was just as impressive as well and whilst they didn’t win the overall competition their outfits were very well received and the judges felt they had created some outfits that were very deserving of recognition.  So this person will have their choice of a mount – whichever they may be missing or may be in love with.

Using the image of their top scoring outfit for the entire competition I would like to congratulate Plaidelf on being chosen as second prize winner!  


Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 2.09.36 pm


Please send me an email with your mount of preference when you can, Plaidelf.

So, who won the main prize of Diablo 3 – Reaper of souls download??  

It was me!!!  

Seriously, I entered under a pseudonym and won everything…I kid you not! (Joking – and yes, I know you are all rolling your eyes at me for making jokes you could see coming miles off – doesn’t stop me trying though!!)





Cymre created this fantastic image below using the highest scoring outfit of the winner as the main feature so without any further attempted to delay the announcement:

Huge congratulations go to Syrco for blowing the minds of the judges!!




I hope everyone will help me congratulate Syrco on a fantastic effort!

Expect your prize delivery soon!

Syrco you can download the above image as well so you can keep it forever 🙂

I will be combining all the relevant pages over the coming weeks to make it a bit easier to see all the outfits, but it will be a huge work. If you are curious about your scores, please send me an email and I will happily let you know.

Thanks again everyone for being a part of this and helping contribute to the success. Even if you didn’t win the major prize, you are already a winner for having completed 12 weeks – you have stamina, determination, drive and most of all – creative brains!!!  There were so many fantastic mogs in the mix and I really do hope you all enjoyed it, and found some new items and new ways of missing colours and themes.

 Thank you so much for being part of this!

I cannot express my happiness!

And the winner of week 12!!!!!

So, after burning through 12 weeks (which is incidentally 84 days!!)  and thousands of countries we have come to the final week of competition!  The judges now will sort through the hot air balloon and determine who the winner of the entire competition is!

There are also some other prizes knocking around so keep your eyes and ears open for those!!

But before we get ahead of ourselves….let’s look at the last week of outfits!  Also as a point to note, 2 outfits this week got full scores, which in total is only 3 outfits for the entire competition that knocked some judges off their seats..other judges are much harder to impress!!!

All the outfits are below in a random order, except for the last one which is the winner for week 12!

Entrant 7 Kazakhstan Week 12

Entrant 5 Kenya Week 12

Entrant 6 Qatar Week 12

Entrant 2 Finland Week 12

Entrant 3 Tanzania Week 12

Congratulations Tyledres

for this semi naked NE chick

apparently everyone loved the sexy minx!

Winner Week 12


What a fantastic final week of competition, who do you think has taken out top spot!?!??!

The Winner of Week 11!!!

Only one more week of this to go – I will be mighty sad when this is over, I have been stealing so many great pieces of gear for my own toons!

However all good things must come to an end, so as the judges decide on the winner for week 12 – here is the winner for week 11!  Once again, .2 of a point made the difference and just over 1 point separated the leader….this is crazy close competition!

Here are the outfits in no particular order, other than winner down the bottom again!!  Don’t scroll straight past!

Entrant 3 Barbados week11

Entrant 2 Dominica Week 11

Entrant 6 Morocco Week 11

Entrant 4 Suriname Week 11

Entrant 5 Barbados Week 11

Congratulations Syrco again!!!

For producing this flamey concoction of win!

Winner Week 11

So onward to the last week we go – who is going to be the master of this competition after this week?!?!?


Recently I posted about the Warchief’s competition for an outfit (their original post here)

This was the entry I sent through and although I am not entirely happy with the colour of the headpiece (I would have preferred a more pink/magenta one) they do not exist in game.

I have emailed my entry and Garrosh has confirmed we can post them publicly on our blogs, so here is mine :)


My whole career has been as a mage, I don’t know anything else, from my humble beginnings in Goldshire to my adventures in Pandaria.  My thinking with this outfit is that mages don’t need weapons – our hands are our weapons and I feel anything else detracts from that, especially as a baby mage I don’t want anything that will stunt me learning the most basic skills of shooting fireballs from my hands, or icicles from my finger tips.

As a mage, I also have to have some level of class, we are after all, noble and skilled with arcane magics, we don’t want to be slumming it in horrible browns and greys and itching linen.  I always wanted beautiful outfits so people would take me seriously as I was learning my craft. This is simple yet distinguished.

I can’t wait to see other entries to see how other people see baby mages :p  What do you think??? Too fancy to draw?

Mog the world in 80 days!!! It is coming!

It starts this coming weekend!!

Are you ready?  Do you have some outfits already planned?


26th January is the official start date for this competition!

We have an awesome prize of Diablo 3 download and one of the new mounts from the store!! If you would like to donate a prize, please contact me or one of the other judges.

Check out the page for all the information!!  You can also use the menu option at the top to select each month individually to see the countries for each month, and included is each flag for those listed countries – paintstakenly collated by Kamalia!

The judges are all ready to go and are excited to see all your creations, I am hoping we get a few different countries shown, please continue to share the word around with everyone.

Picture: Cymre

Mog the World in 80 days competition!!!

I had a brilliant idea whilst trying to think of things for the shared topics on blog Azeroth, so in summation, we can blame Fimlys and Hydra for what is about to happen here at Azerothian Life.  Inspired by stupidity perhaps, however without further ado –  I have decided to hold a transmogging contest!!

Honestly I think it is a fantastic idea which can celebrate the many different cultures and countries we all spawn from!  With Australia day looming close, I felt it was a great day to get this event started!  You can read about it on this page!

The judges I have managed to wrangle together (no actual wrangling occurred…we were out of jelly and not near any mud :p ) are none other than the brilliant, gorgeous, talented and very likeable trio of Navimie, Cymre and Kamalia!!  Woot Woot!

The event will run over 12 weeks and as it is not starting until the 26th January 2014 you have plenty of time to familiarise yourself with the details, start working on outfits and contact us for any questions you may have.

It will be a tight schedule of an outfit a week, but as most people are transmogging genii, I don’t think you will struggle at all!!  I will be sending out updates and confirmations on twitter, so follow me @dragonray to be kept in the loop.

Please spread the word, we are currently in the process of sourcing prizes so we will keep you up to date. Donations of prizes for winners are also welcome and would be very warmly received!

Sweet weapon and general maintenance

I realised I had not handed in my Wrathion quest after picking up the Chimera of Fear, so I trundled off to do that and discovered things about our leader I think is awfully sexy :p cage match anyone?? But also, he may not be the best person to lead the Alliance…or is he??  I felt he handled the situation with Garrosh well, but I would have preferred to see him slaughter in that lovely cinematic, but I can’t be mad at Thrall for stopping that…I have a soft spot for him.


The creation of a jewel was pretty cool as well, I loved how he added everything to it…such power!!


I am now up to the quest section that requires me to collect Valor points, so I basically will be spending the next few weeks just doing dailies/dungeons to make it happen.  Hubby needed the LFR as well as he didn’t realise he already had all the sigils he needed  So we jumped back there (we are now up to the same section of the quest!) and I was using my golden coins of fortune to roll for loot….I had more than 20 (I had some boxes in my bags that I couldn’t empty) so even though I was not able to receive loot from the usual method, rolling gave me loot.  Cheating??  maybe?

Anyway I scored weapons..every time…one cloak…but weapons and weapons and more weapons; one of them was this hot as hell dragonesque looking sword!!!  Which I stuck my brand new Sha crystal into from Wrathion…I will never get rid of this sword, and in fact I am thinking I may need to design an outfit to suit it…I love it….I had only just decided to get rid of my offhand and use a staff as well….but the second I saw this…I knew the staff was gone and my umbrella was back , until I find a replacement…must look up offhands that I can purchase with points somewhere…


Also discovered in my travels about the Exalted Tillers daily quests for other factions..oh my awesome!!!  I am doing Shado pan and August Celestials daily at the moment including their quests to help me get there faster.  I am still miles off being revered with either of them, but every little bit helps I am sure. If I can get her to revered and pick up the rep token it will make it much easier on my pally to start doing dailies and earning some rep and money.  I will try and log onto her this week and start getting some funds up…I can’t even afford to run LFD at this stage, no repair money, so I might just go DPS,  grab dailies and go crazy, it doesn’t take much to gather some gold that way.

On a side note, I don’t know what happened on my mage, but I have started to improve my DPS on her…on the LFR we were in I was doing in the realm of 120 – 140k consistently, of course not during the periods of crazy moving etc…I dropped to just above 100k, which I still think is ok.  I did some reading and found out 3 very valuable things…I was casting frostbolt occasionally…which is bad bad bad bad…I was also wasting a glyph spot for that and I was not using Alter Time properly. Now that I have corrected those two minor things it seems to be much better.  I am still not sure how it could change it that much…but I am not going to argue with maths and proof :p

I do need to spend some time with my boomy now that I have changed her stats around and see if it improves me or if i still suck at the gameplay aspect 🙂  It really could just be that I can’t play the spec. Of course I would be devastated, but life isn’t always fair is it? hehehe


End of the Mogolympics

The Olympics have come to an end! Check out my page for all my outfits!

I was amazed at the oufits people put in and have found some new items I am going to have to try and find, then replicate outfits.

Overall I won a silver medal for my hammer throw design and I was so ecstatic to even have been considered for a medal.

Silver medal winner!

I also came close on another outfit, but overall I was thrown out of the packs pretty early 🙂

I think the judges must have had a horrible time trying to sort through over 40 entries for each event, I think they did a fantastic job sticking with it.

I guess the thing with transmog is it is a very personal thing, the outfits I preferred were generally earlier on in the events, and didn’t make it very far into the placings.  However I was having fun trying to guess who did what outifts based on their own personal styles 🙂

Overall, it was fantastic, and I think everyone had a great time doing it and participating in the event.  I am jealous that my outfits didn’t win every single event – except for my discus event which even I thought sucked!  I am also jealous that I didn’t get to judge them either…HAAHHA !!  cake and eat it syndrome I know 🙂

JD has even created an entire website dedicated to all the outfits – it will be updated over time so be sure to keep checking it out 🙂

This was one of the most exciting things I have ever done in the community, and I have amazed myself at how insane I got about checking websites for updates, and comparing all the outfits and just drooling over shields, headpieces, weapons…words can not express how awesome this was 🙂

Thanks everyone who was involved with this. You are all awesome.

Trasmogolympics: Fencing

Another result has been released!! Find the full details here:


Congratulations to the winner of Lower City 🙂  My page is updated with my entry as well.

Transmogolympics: Javelin

The Javenlin transmogs are out!



Congratulations to the winners again, seems there were a couple of ties for places and althoughI got close to a medal I was far enough off to be crushed by the competition 🙂  My page updated as usual!

Faction pride Tournament – Go and Vote!

I am not really one for blowing trumpets of my own, so this feels a little weird for me requesting you all to go and vote or me, so I will add a caveat – go and vote for whom ever you think has the best outfit – if that happens to be me…YAY 🙂

Neri Approves – Voting Booth


Blame Matty, I would never have done this had I not seen their own voting post!!  But don’t click that link and decide you prefer that outfit….I will crush you!!