Transmogrification Classic Winner!!!

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!  (I know, I know, we don’t play PUBG…Shhhh) We have a winner!! Look at this stunning outfit! Who knew that cloth gear could look so good – I really want this for myself. Zeirah provided some fantastic transmogs and the judges voted this was the best by the highest tally of… Read More Transmogrification Classic Winner!!!

Transmogrification Classic Last Day!!

Today is the absolute last day to get your entries in for the event! You only need to create 8 outfits – I am sure you can do that in a couple of hours.  I have faith! If you need to here is the original post. I have created a button for you to be… Read More Transmogrification Classic Last Day!!

Transmogrification Classic is at the midway point!!!

The competition closes on the Saturday 17th November 2018.  Make sure you get all your outfits to me before that time to ensure you are not disqualified forever and out of the running for a cute (Or nightmare looking!!) in game pet or mount from the Blizzard store. Please help spread the word by sharing,… Read More Transmogrification Classic is at the midway point!!!

The Transmogrification classic is now open!!!

The classic demo is now live and so is the competition! You can send me all your entries in one hit or in groups if you like. Whatever is easiest for you 😉 Send the files to my gmail account of onyxiia. Please name them something similar to Dragonray_Cataclysm_Mage. Competition ends Saturday 17th November –… Read More The Transmogrification classic is now open!!!

Welcome…to the Transmogrification Classic!

Do you remember your entire WoW Journey? Did you start at Vanilla, or did you join during the earth shattering Cataclysm?  It doesn’t matter when or how you came to be part of the history of Azeroth, it matters only that you had a journey! In conjunction with the release of the playable demo for… Read More Welcome…to the Transmogrification Classic!

Transmog Competition – Update!

Since my previous post about running a transmog competition was so well received  I have decided to actually think about it a little more and I am currently in the process of organising all the behind the scenes details!  It is going to go live very soon 🙂 (Maybe even this weekend!) I am currently… Read More Transmog Competition – Update!

Transmog comp – I have an idea!

So I have another idea for an awesome transmog competition which would be less work than my Mog the World competition, but would still require a fair amount of effort on the parts of myself and the transmoggers.  I envisioned this as a homage to the new classic server experience and have it running until… Read More Transmog comp – I have an idea!


On the back of our very first guest post by Pracey, I thought I would write about my brawling experience the other night.  I had started the brawl guild a few weeks ago and managed to get stuck on rank 2 or something.  My intention was to get it done before xpac hits and thanks… Read More Brawling

I cannot express my surprise at the results of this months winner for ROYGBiV competition!!!  I had been checking the site almost every day, but this week is just crazy as my wedding anniversary, birthday and husband’s birthday all fall – so our focus is pretty internal and I don’t see much about what goes… Read More

Mog the World in 80 days GRAND FINALE!!!

So…here is it…the post you have all been waiting for!! Before we get to the winner, I want to take a long, slow, painfully boring moment, to thank each and every one of you for being part of this competition.  For 12 weeks you have given me outfits of outstanding awesomeness.  You have been fantastic… Read More Mog the World in 80 days GRAND FINALE!!!

And the winner of week 12!!!!!

So, after burning through 12 weeks (which is incidentally 84 days!!)  and thousands of countries we have come to the final week of competition!  The judges now will sort through the hot air balloon and determine who the winner of the entire competition is! There are also some other prizes knocking around so keep your… Read More And the winner of week 12!!!!!

The Winner of Week 11!!!

Only one more week of this to go – I will be mighty sad when this is over, I have been stealing so many great pieces of gear for my own toons! However all good things must come to an end, so as the judges decide on the winner for week 12 – here is… Read More The Winner of Week 11!!!


Recently I posted about the Warchief’s competition for an outfit (their original post here) This was the entry I sent through and although I am not entirely happy with the colour of the headpiece (I would have preferred a more pink/magenta one) they do not exist in game. I have emailed my entry and Garrosh… Read More TRANSMOG FOR SHAY COMPETITION

Mog the world in 80 days!!! It is coming!

It starts this coming weekend!! Are you ready?  Do you have some outfits already planned? 26th January is the official start date for this competition! We have an awesome prize of Diablo 3 download and one of the new mounts from the store!! If you would like to donate a prize, please contact me or… Read More Mog the world in 80 days!!! It is coming!

Mog the World in 80 days competition!!!

I had a brilliant idea whilst trying to think of things for the shared topics on blog Azeroth, so in summation, we can blame Fimlys and Hydra for what is about to happen here at Azerothian Life.  Inspired by stupidity perhaps, however without further ado –  I have decided to hold a transmogging contest!! Honestly… Read More Mog the World in 80 days competition!!!

Sweet weapon and general maintenance

I realised I had not handed in my Wrathion quest after picking up the Chimera of Fear, so I trundled off to do that and discovered things about our leader I think is awfully sexy :p cage match anyone?? But also, he may not be the best person to lead the Alliance…or is he??  I… Read More Sweet weapon and general maintenance

End of the Mogolympics

The Olympics have come to an end! Check out my page for all my outfits! I was amazed at the oufits people put in and have found some new items I am going to have to try and find, then replicate outfits. Overall I won a silver medal for my hammer throw design and I… Read More End of the Mogolympics

Trasmogolympics: Fencing

Another result has been released!! Find the full details here: Congratulations to the winner of Lower City 🙂  My page is updated with my entry as well.

Transmogolympics: Javelin

The Javenlin transmogs are out!   Congratulations to the winners again, seems there were a couple of ties for places and althoughI got close to a medal I was far enough off to be crushed by the competition 🙂  My page updated as usual!

Faction pride Tournament – Go and Vote!

I am not really one for blowing trumpets of my own, so this feels a little weird for me requesting you all to go and vote or me, so I will add a caveat – go and vote for whom ever you think has the best outfit – if that happens to be me…YAY 🙂… Read More Faction pride Tournament – Go and Vote!