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Shared Topic: Fantasy Smart Phone

Matty has brought us this topic for the week:

Fantasy Apps!
What Smartphone/i-phone apps would your character have on their ‘fantasy phones’ Azeroth?


Shared Topic: Fav raids/Dungeons

Amer brings us this topic this week, and works quite well off the back of the previous topic about boss kills:

Likely, its a simple topic that everyone can join. What really was your favorite raid or dungeon so far since classic to end game? explain why? screenshots share too maybe? What your thoughts about it. Thanks

I have always been a pretty happy blizzard player, I adore the game they provide and although there have been some instances I have disliked I am going to focus on the ones I really liked!

Molten Core was my first and favourite (which I have mentioned many times) and I will never forget the epicness of the creatures and bosses in my first raid. The dogs scared me – they really scared me!

Onyxia is my next favourite raid. Original Onyxia. Whelps, dots and deep breaths – she is what got me addicted to the dragons in WoW! I don’t like the remake ;(

Karazhan was also fun and interesting which puts it up on my list, Dragon soul was another very enjoyable raid in my honest opinion.

As for dungeons…Blackfathom Depths, UBRS, Blood Furnace, The Underbog, Temple of the Jade Serpent are my favourites just to name a couple. What concerns me of that list is that I cannot think of any Wrath dungeons. They had dungeons didn’t they? What were they? Clearly not any I enjoyed….lol.

After looking through this handy list there are sooo many dungeons I had forgotten about.  So after a quick review of those dungeons, I can also add Zulfurrak and Sunken Temple to that list.  ST was always a case of getting lost for a few hours before finally getting it done :)  It took me years to be able to navigate that place properly :p  Also found the Wrath dungeons!!!  I liked Violet hold and The Oculus (even if people always got lost on that first flight) and even the nexus – had a lot to it, but seemed to be able to get completed really fast.

How could I forget Maraudon as well.  From my shady recollection, I believe Mara was one of the first dungeons I actually run and Princess was one of the first bosses I killed during my levelling process.  I know I had run Deadmines with one of my guilds level 60′s and BFD with another one, but I remember Mara more vividly and Princess.  She was awesome – and deadly!







Twisted nether!!

Yup!! It is happening today!!  Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the joy!

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 9.28.31 am

For the Aussies – it will be approx 4pm today which is a public holiday in some states so I expect you to all be there!!!   ;)  (Please note I have been advised that daylight savings is coming into effect in USA on the weekend, so it has been moved forward an hour – from the original 3pm time!)

I would dearly love to see some friends in the chat room since I am so nervous about it.

You need to head to this site for the show!!


Please spread the world and support the Twisted Nether guys!!!! (and me!)

See you at 4pm – ish :)

Shared topic: most memorable boss kill

Another topic suggested by me….seriously…are we flogging a dead horse or something???  Get onto it people!!!!

I was mentioning to my friend I needed more Shared topics and she threw some at me :) So although these are posted by me, they come from an ex-wow player :)

What was/is your most memorable boss kill? The one which sticks in your memory and gives you happy fuzzies…or the one that makes you cringe with disdain?? Do you have one of each?

The one boss which sticks in my mind – to this day – Blackheart the Inciter!!


This is possibly my most pathetic story, however, I once spent 3.5 hours trying to kill that boss. Yes, you read that right.  3.5 repeatedly dying to his stupid RNG, stupid MC, stupid knock back , stupid everything!

After that day, I could never enter SL again without breaking into a sweat and fearing for my life.  Even now I have not managed to convince myself to go back in and lay smack down…It terrifies me!

On a more positive note, the most memorable kill would have to be in MC – although there are a couple in that raid, it lead me onto a second memorable fight.  Back to MC though, I was so amazed on the Garr fight that we had to ensure we had enough warlocks to banish the mobs so we could kill one at a time and not die horrible explosive deaths.


I was in awe that people were entrusted with such an important job and I had hoped that one day I would be trusted to do something similar.  It wasn’t until much laster on High King Mulgar that my Mage shield would become a key point of the fight and require me to hold a key position.  I completely freaked out the first time I was entrusted with that job as I was really nevous about stuffing it up.


I loved having to do something other than just standing back and DPSing. I enjoyed he feeling that I had to contribute something extra to the fight to ensure we got it down!  All the nerves were present every time, because I knew if I missed one shield I would make us wipe. Yup, HKM will be the boss I remember fondly the most.





Shared Topic – Throwback expansion

Shared Topic this week is brought to you by Amerence (we seem to be taking it in turns!! – bring some more ideas people!!!)

I know we heard the word “Throwback” many times around the net, but as part of World of warcraft expansions. I want to know what is the best expansion in game that really highlights a lot of your accomplishments in game especially that the new upcoming expansion is coming its nice to look back it could be the one when you started playing with your main character, getting a cool mount, being in a great guild, or your very first screenshot in game if you still have it or being in PvP battlegrounds or Arenas, even your raiding experiences back in BC or PRE-BC, Cataclysm, etc. You can be creative how you want to do this it could be storyline, poem, screenshots up to you it is pretty much a throwback experiences you can share to everyone.

I have been thinking about this topic since she posted it and I honestly am really struggling to pick one.

So let’s work through this logically:

BC – was awesome, it took my favourite game and made it even better, gave us more content and the storylines were fantastic.  Started our first guild – worked on current content and almost did final bosses for most raids. Karazhan – best raid ever :)

Wrath of the Lich King – Arthas (nothing more needs to be said). Arthas. Frostbrood dragons. ICC. Raiding with Inexorable.

Cataclysm – Deathwing. Firelands – legendary caster weapon which I have never made.  More dragons with the aspects and dragon fights. Ultraxion.

Pandaria – pandas!!!  haven’t really done much in pandaland so hard to call.

I think realistically, I have to say BC.  BC was the start of me getting my feet in WoW, starting a guild and raiding Kara, SSC, TK etc with them.  Finding a home and developing – shame most of them were crackpots :p

BC was fun times and good memories. It was new and shiny after having been in vanilla for so long. It was fresh, exciting.  It was also the expansion that provided me with many many friends -which I still speak to do.  It also inspired me to start blogging more specifically about WoW because of the running of a guild was so mentally and emotionally demanding – I needed an outlet.  BC also taught me about betrayal and how childish adults can be, it taught me that this game is home to so many people that get offended by so many things and you have to be prepared that every day someone will have a bone to pick with someone else.  It taught me that some children can be more mature than some adults and can be an asset to a guild of “only adults” because they take this game even more seriously.

BC was when I felt we were only slightly behind the 8-ball and we were doing current content and feeling the rush of boss kills the most. I felt it more deeply because it was our guild and I wanted it to succeed – and every boss kill we made was proof we had it in us.  That I had succeeded as a GL with 2 best friends pushing people onto new bosses.  It was 25 man content – not as epic as 40 – I admit, but it was cool, and awesome, and I loved every second of it – especially after we killed a new boss.  It made it all worthwhile.

Yeah – Definitely going with BC :)

Here are some piccies of our boss kills which I could find from Kara and SSC :) (Thank god for cached pages is all I can say!!) My hubby did all the artwork for the boss kill shots – they were awesome!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.



Shared Topic: Garrison Professions

This week I suggested another topic :

I noticed – or could not find – any topics relating to the information about WOD!! I don’t understand!!

So with that in mind, here is one of my first questions: With you being able to build a third profession area – what are you likely to choose? Have you got all professions covered by alts so are just going to focus on money making? Did you take professions specifically for mounts/raiding or some other purpose but didn’t really want to? Is there a profession you want for specific reasons?

I have a plethora of alts – and I would say 80% of them have herbing/skinning – I have 2 toons with them both maxxed out in fact.  The plan when I start on another server is to make money, so I go with easy professions.  So I really have a few professions to choose from that I have never done on a toon – JC, BS, LW, ENG – are all professions I don’t have maxxed as yet.  I have a Pandaria level BS in my warrior (he also has mining at almost max as well), and I have a midlevel LW on my hunter.  I do believe I may choose JC or Eng for my garrison.

My paladin has level 12 engineering or something pretty low and maxxed out enchanting, and I am not entirely sure I am ever going to level engineering on her.  I know they are changing gems in gear and doing other things with JCing, so I will probably wait and see what further information comes out about WoD before making a solid decision but at this point – the mounts/pets I can make with engineering are slightly more appealing at this point then making gems.  I know, the mounts aren’t cheap to make…but I would like to try !!!

My Mage is Tailor/Alcy,  Druid is herb/skinning, priest is inscription (maxxed)/mining (not maxxed), shammy is herb/skinning, Hunter is skinning/LW, Warrior is BS/Mining and Pally Enchant/Eng (not started)….I need some more variety in there!!!  LOL



Typhoon Andrew

Shared Topic : Background Music

Amerence brings us today’s topic:

Hi guys, I know that the World of Warcraft game has its own music to play either we are in the caverns, the city, battlegrounds even in raids or pretty much anywhere. The background music loops and plays wherever you go.. but I know some of you prefer to mute and listen to your own music while playing the game.. So, I want to know what World of Warcraft Music Background you choose to hear or your own flavor of music while playing the game. Please share this however you like it could be your own composition of songs, a youtube machinima musics related to World of warcraft, any song or videos, this is a fun topic to share because I know you are also curious as I am to know what background music WoW players around the globe listens to besides the default one or even radio stations you listen to. Feb.14 is also the hearts day maybe you plan of listening some love songs who knows! lol

I have to confess, I generally play without music.  I also mostly play without ingame sound on as well.  I have found over time that if I have music going I can’t hear people on vents and if i can hear people on vents I can’t hear the music…so…in the end i generally just don’t even think to put any on.  If both the hubby and I are playing lowbie toons and running around smacking the crap out of things, he normally loads up youtube and starts playing whatever songs are “in the moment” Things like Lindsey Stirling, Pentatonix, The piano guys etc.



Generally he just goes through the recently played/ similar lists and we just find new things :) We don’t have a particular theme or type of music for specific things :)




Typhoon Andrew


Shared Topic: – Australia day transmog

So, yes, another lame topic from me for blog Azeroth – but I swear this is what gave me the idea for the Mog the world in 80 days idea!  You have to remember guys, I came back after 12 months and BA seemed to have stopped doing shared topics, so I was really just trying to think of quick ideas that others would add to.

Please add some more topics to the mix, so we can start moving dates around and having blogs other than mine being thrown in the deep end :p

I created this outfit for both the Shared Topic and the Mog the World comp, I wanted to looking like the sailors who would have descended on this land – including the ship!! Thank god for Stormwind Harbour :p



I am wearing the Bloodsail outfit basically, but am disappointed to realise you can’t actually transmog it.  I have to find other items that look similar, because I actually really like this transmog overall, so I shall hunt down the Bucaneers cloths soon – unless I can make them…hrmm….must investigate tonight.

On a more serious note – I know there is a lot of argument for and against national days that involve the slaughter of the indigenous population, however I sit on the fence because whilst I am against the slaughter that occurred in some cases hundreds of years ago – I am still a patriot and love my country.  Every country has faults, and a history – most countries have been involved in war – including killing innocent people doing what they are ordered to do.  Human society is not one built on love and respect and happy feelings, it is built upon fear, control and domination.

To use Stargate as a reference – we are not the Nox, or even the Asgard and even with our arrogance as a species; the Tollan are even more aware of their issues and had better control.  Yes, TV is written and this is real life, but they set a better example of what we should be trying to achieve within our tiny corner of the universe.  I don’t doubt there are other intelligent species out there, but if like the Asgard, they could watch us – I would stay hidden as well.

How does my tangent even relate? I love my country because it is where I was born, where I grew up, where my friends live, where I have a house, warmth, work, food and (sometimes) safety.  Australia may have done horrible things 200 years ago, but I have only been alive for 34…I have seen much worse in other parts of the world in the last 10 years compared to my 34 years in this country.


Other transmogs:



Shared Topic: Warcraft books/comics

So, I wanted to know if I am the only one reading the warcraft books/comics or if there are others out there for the shared topic this week from Blog Azeroth.

I managed to get my hands on almost every single book and comic (including short stories) for Warcraft and I have only just started to read them. I have spent more time trying to find an actual chronoclogical order of reading, than actually reading, but they all seem to be different. I am at the point now where I am just treating them all as single stories and trying to just read them as such.

I started with “Rise of the Horde” – loved it, I wanted it to go on much longer, reading about Durotan and Ogrim was so cool and obviously where the cities names came from (although the time line doesn’t go that far) and Durotan is Thrall’s father which makes it even more awesome.  I wish that book had a few more.

I then read the 5 books that form the Dawn of the Aspects, which was about the dragon aspects, so any book involving dragons had me hook, line and sinker.  It is about Galakrond and how the aspects became the aspects – Ysera, Nozdormu, Malygos, Nelfarion and Alexstrasza – it is pretty spectacular reading learning how they started out.  They are the guardians of Azeroth – everything stems from that book and it is both heartbreaking and inspiring.  I and am currently reading the first of 3 books for the War of the Ancients Trilogy, which as far as I can tell is about the first time the Burning legion attacked Azeroth and the Well of Eternity – I just keep imagining the instance whilst I am reading the novel.  I also started reading Vol’jin, but it wasn’t gripping me, so I left it and will pick it up later.

I have so many books left to read, plus the comics – I may be reading them for the next few months, but it is so awesome to know the names and places that are being referred to and then understand the characters more – like the complete back story being revealed.  There is something very enjoyable about it.  I can’t wait to get through more of the content!  If you haven’t read any of the novels, I suggest you do, it really does help flesh out the stories and motives of people and events.

I love this world, Azeroth, and so reading the novels brings more of it to life for me especially when I can’t be playing.  I can still be in the world reading and imagining the areas and feeling like I am in game. Go and get yourselves copies today! You won’t regret it!!


Rollercoaster week of fame!

I say fame, but really…there was not really any!

I was/am stoked with the huge response the mogging competition is receiving – twitter went crazy and so many of my blogging friends have spread the excitement to others. I cannot thank people enough for the interest shown so far and I am so excited about the comp starting on the 26th!

I was amazingly asked to guest on twisted nether but sadly, my greatest dream (remember starstruck?!?) hasn’t come to fruition because of timing – I cant do live shows at 3pm my time :( but I would give my left arm to be on there!! Being asked to be on podcast is such a nice feeling, I just wish we could tee up a time – slight devastation on my part! I have been listening to TNB for a while and part of the BA community for years silently hoping one day I would get noticed, finally it happens – and I can’t do it!

(Yes, that sounds as pretentious to me as it does to you!!!! But I swear it comes from lack of confidence rather than arrogance!)

Speaking of podcasts, the mogging competition was mentioned on another podcast and linked back to the main page! It was a quick and to the point mention but had me blushing all the same! Thank you Group Quest!

Of course the shared topics on BA have had some responses as well – fantastic to see people commenting about missing them being available, but I am busting brain cells trying to think of more topics so they can keep going! We need moar!!!

What’s that saying about fame being a harsh mistress? Is that right or have I confused two and melded them together? Either way, it has been such a boost for me to see the interest and excitement I have managed to create since coming back and I hope others continue to build the community back up!

Thanks everyone! I adore every single person who visits me, reads me and gets something out of my blog.

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