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Raiding mojo

I lost it…or misplaced it….or left it completely behind somewhere this week….not raiding for one week really kills any mojo I was building up.

We did a combined run with a guild that is looking into merging or combining or something….they seemed ok, had a fascination with kitties and licking – I won’t go into too much detail but I am sure you can all figure that one out.  They had a couple of completely filthy minds, which I loved :)  I of course Ninjad some images of everyone grouped up before boss pulls :)


Getting my raid on!

It has been an epic few weeks with the guild! I had never really figured we would be raiding with their normal raid team, but here we are!

We attempted Garrosh last Monday night, and we nearly had him, nearly had my achievement, but we just couldn’t quite get it with slightly lower that optimal dps and healing. I was quite happy with my dps, I had one attempt where I was sitting at about 200k (great string of crits thanks RNG-jesus) but mainly I was sitting at 170k, which is much better than my crappy 120k previously. We decided to call it rather than keep going as we would be back in the this week anyway.


Saturday Fluxxing

Yeah, we were not flexing, we were fluxing, we started with the last wing on Saturday – we wiped – a lot.  It was good. Yeah, I love wiping – it means I am raiding and doing what I love.

The trash before Blackfuse was horrific – I was told when I first went back to raiding that the trash was really hard – and I can’t dispute that.  We almost wiped, but a couple of us survived and so I therefore say it was not a wipe, just a lot of the raid died.

Blackfuse – was a pain in the buttski more because the first couple of times people were dropping their shit all over the place, but you know some people haven’t seen the fights, weren’t on vents etc so I can forgive that – but next time….yeah next time I will spank them!!

Garrosh finally makes sense now, I asked what the catalyst was for movement and that cleared everything up.  So I managed to do about 160k on the fight, given that is my 3rd time on him in Flex, I think that will only increase when i get better at it and know what I am going.  On one of those attempts I actually had DPS at about 220 for a sustained period!!  Woot!! (Thanks to the swanky meta gem I now have!)

We killed Garrosh and then decided to do Wing 1 – I got an upgrade to a trinket I already have which was pretty cool, but other than nothing else, I used my rolls a couple of times hoping for better leggings, but managed to score gold every time.

We smashed through wing 1 and survived one boss with 30 seconds left on enrage and Sha with a hunter attacking the boss whilst we were all buffing after a trash wipe, if we can survive those things we can survive anything.

I do wonder though if there is something that changes between flex and LFR – as I can do much better DPS in LFR on the same fights – I wonder is there more movement in Flex and so you lose some measure of DPS, or do the bosses take less damage in LFR then Flex?  Not sure, I will investigate though as it sort of bums me out when I can see much higher numbers in LFR on the same fights.

It was a good night, I tried to talk a little more on vents so as to not freak out my raid leader again, but I was just enjoying my time in raid, I didn’t get any Titan runestones at all!!!  All those boss fights we did and ZERO!!!!  Devastated!!


How to freak out your raid leader!

I have made some significant improvements to my mage with regards to my build, and I noticed it in LFR where I mainly in the top 1 or 2 position with 200k (or anywhere from 180k+) DPS.  I have gone for a full haste build as my gear allowed me to stack the haste needed to be maxxed out in raid with the 5% extra buff – super quick and mobile essentially.

Not very exciting I know, but I am still without the meta or my cloak, and I think those figures are quite enjoyable to see for someone with a medium level gear score.  Maybe I could do better, but I think that is highly improbable, I am playing at the best I can right now..the only thing I am missing a little too much is my evocation buff…I tend to miss it about 40% of the time, which means I am missing out a fair bit of DPS increase.  Anyway, that is something that will just take practice given I only recently added it to my rotation, I am not going to beat myself up about it just yet.

Anyway, this post was about freaking our my raid leader, which I think I did superbly last night, by just being my usual raider-self.

After spending 5 years as a GL/RL, I do enjoy sitting back and just raiding without having to contribute to the conversations going on in vents, however this is the complete opposite of me when I am doing almost anything else….you generally can’t shut me up!

Nav was a little worried last night that I was unhappy with being pulled into raid in a normal….I was more like this behind my vents microphone:


and secretly I was not talking much because I was so nervous about being in the raid I was more like this with the rest of the raid team:

dont let me fuck up

I did ok DPS on some fights – like the Shamans I was at about 160K and I am not sure about the scorpion one, on Gen NAz I did approx 170k as well.  Of course that isn’t everything, but I need to get my DPS up above 150k if I want to kill Garrosh on Flex (and perhaps one day as normal) consistently with all the moving.

My love of raiding means I am completely focused when we do bosses…no talking, no laughing, no joking, I spend the entire boss fight forgetting to even breath because anything else might make me lose my rotation.  It has always been this way and even when raid leading I used to get so focused on what was going on I would forget to actually raid lead sometimes :)

The larger issue is that I am still essentially new to the guild – and certainly to their raiding team.  I am nervous around them – they run heroics…and here I am hoping to be in the same raid team as people that I have always aspired to be like, that I have read about for ages and amazed at their progress.  I see myself pushing everything I can to get to 160k DPS and then end the fight to see me sitting at 4/5th spot due to their heroic geared DPS doing 250+K dps…I feel stupid.


It won’t be that way forever, I know…I am only one secret off the next part of the legendary which means I get the meta gem, and miles off the actual cloak..but it is one step closer.

Anyway, TL;DR version is if you want to freak out your raid leader be very quiet in vents and too scared to talk :)  eheheh





Blowing my mind in dungeons!

Last week before shut down whilst I was on holidays and hubby was out for the evening, a couple of guildies decided to run some old content (they do this regularly chasing mounts) and I tagged along as I wanted to get some achievements, mounts would be awesome – don’t get me wrong – but I am more concerned with getting my achievement mounts first – they do have a much higher drop rate :p

Anyway, to cut a very long eventful night short, we ran ICC (H 25 man), Uld (I think it was H 25 man), Firelands (H 25 man) and then ToT (10).

I kid you not – I KID YOU NOT!!!!  We 5 manned all of it and I scored so many achievements!  I have added them all into a gallery because let’s face it, you don’t need a huge long arse post with every single screenshot and let me tell you there were heaps of them!!

I am now only one achievement off my second ICC mount – SOOO CLOSE!! I can taste it!  I still need every Ulduar one in 10 man for my drake, I am now 23/25 embers off for my legendary staff and I am now halfway through the achievements for the mount in FL as well.

It was pretty exciting though as Owl managed to complete his legendary staff quest – and bug it out whilst trying to pick it up – it worked in the end though – and I was soooo excited and completely jealous! So I am going to try and find some way to get into FL more regularly now just to get this done and perhaps the achievements for the mount.   He kept saying he was going to delete it or trash it, and I may have to kill him for comments like that – I would give my left..well…body part for it!

We had very few wipes overall and seriously some of the DPS these guys can throw out had me in just complete and utter awe!  I just felt so completely outclassed! I mean I know my gear isn’t great, but seeing people hitting 800k or more just makes me feel useless at 160k….really useless.   I hope that playing with awesome players will help keep me on my toes and wanting to improve my playing as well.  I can’t guarantee I will ever be as amazing as those guys – but I will be damned if I am not going to try my hardest!

So here is the gallery of all the shots I got today!


So how is the new guild you ask?

I figured I should post a quick update about the move to the guild and how it is going.

We have been slowly moving toons across – the latest were our shammies, which took 3 days to process thanks to the Blizzard backlog .  Hubby feels really happy about this guild (not having ever spent much time with them like me) and he really likes their raiding environment from the few flex raids we have done with them.  There is the general banter but also the ability to ask questions and receive answers without being made to feel like an incompetent idiot who can’t tell a tank apart from a DPS because they are wearing a skirt…oh, excuse me…a kilt.  (TL;DR version – I gave a debuff to the tank because I didn’t check the name of the person I was giving it to….never going to live that down).


We missed Garrosh flex last night but got in on the Wing 1 – they went in reverse order, I scored a couple more secretes but no gear upgrades :(   Their raid times are probably too late for us to realistically be part of any raid team, however we are doing flex with them on Saturdays when we can make it.  Saturday night has never been an ideal raid night simply as that’s the night we organise to see friends because we can’t see them during the week due to our travel times (fingers crossed that may change in a couple of months), but we go to the raids we can make.

They are fun to chat to and they have a laugh and really we have been enjoying our time with them immensely.  I am not sure about their normal raid team which was running heroics…they didn’t run the other night due to lack of numbers (this concerns me as I don’t want to be cursing this guild with my presence!! (TL;DR version of this one – every time me and hubby join a guild together it quickly flies downhill and disbands :( even when people say there are no issues ), so I just hope it was a once off and that even the silence below was not confirmation…LOL.


I wish I had the timestamps on the above as it was about 5 minutes, in the end she never did message me back :p

On a more fun note I have been ninjaing as many photos of guildies I can during raids – it has been funny to try and sneak piccies in without them knowing…I am sure they think I am only slightly crazy, but they don’t know they full extend to which my madness flows!!  LOL

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Anyway, I have been enjoying my time with them and I hope against all hope….that everything continues to grow because I do not want to want to find another home when this one seems to be so great  :)


Flexible frosties

We did our first flex raid on Saturday night and we did the first and second parts as we didn’t have our normal tanks online.

I must see if I can get a bit of tanking experience in SoO for my tank so I can help out if needed. That’s for another time though.  Our tanks tonight were fantastic and we didn’t wipe, or have any issues worth mentioning. I did score an achievement so that puts it as a plus in my coloumn. :)


Hubby and I survived the fights, which is an improvement, so hopefully now, we can start focusing on our DPS and ways to improve it.  After a quick look tonight I discovered I was doing something wrong on my mage and I am not sure how it was improving my dps in numbers yet.  I am sure it did help, but having to add something into a rotation will take me a few raids to get the habit formed.

Anyway, I took a video of one of the boss kills, but it was recording sound as well and I have a feeling Navimie may kill me if I publish it…I did however manage to ninja some photos with people for our first raid with them, I was trying to get others, but certain people were jumping around and I couldn’t get one!

Hubby and I, not that you can tell...

Hubby and I, not that you can tell…

Navimie and I

Navimie and I


Aza and I

Aza and I

We went flex again with them last night for the last three bosses, but I am sad to say we had to drop out as we couldn’t pump out enough DPS for the fight.  I blame my crappy playing skills and also my complete confusion with the fight because they do it slightly differently and I felt like i spent the entire time just running between spots and trying to figure out where to go next.  Every guild does things slightly differently and until you learn the way they do it you just can’t expect top notch dps. (not that mine is top notch but it is medium notch!).

Anyway it was fun to be in there with them again, so we shall just continue to push through our legendary quest line and maybe a cloak will help us up a few notches on the metres. (Not that they are everything, but some fights need a certain level – especially when the 4 people that dropped were causing a huge amount of health to be added…he was at 309 or something very similar and he dropped to 267….that is a HUGE difference in HP).  He was almost dead on our first attempt – given you don’t have to actually kill him to zero health…we were soooo close….

Anyway…I am home tomorrow night alone, so I might look at trying for a 10 man PuG – however all I have seen so far is people wanting levels of 570+….  I am baffled by this  - I am at 549 now and I can’t get much more from LFR…so I am intrigued to know how I am supposed to get another 20 levels of gear????  It really really really pisses me off.  Who has 570??? Is that even possible without already having run 10 mans multiple times and scoring all the gear??  GAHHHHH. That is a problem for another night!

Shared topic: most memorable boss kill

Another topic suggested by me….seriously…are we flogging a dead horse or something???  Get onto it people!!!!

I was mentioning to my friend I needed more Shared topics and she threw some at me :) So although these are posted by me, they come from an ex-wow player :)

What was/is your most memorable boss kill? The one which sticks in your memory and gives you happy fuzzies…or the one that makes you cringe with disdain?? Do you have one of each?

The one boss which sticks in my mind – to this day – Blackheart the Inciter!!


This is possibly my most pathetic story, however, I once spent 3.5 hours trying to kill that boss. Yes, you read that right.  3.5 repeatedly dying to his stupid RNG, stupid MC, stupid knock back , stupid everything!

After that day, I could never enter SL again without breaking into a sweat and fearing for my life.  Even now I have not managed to convince myself to go back in and lay smack down…It terrifies me!

On a more positive note, the most memorable kill would have to be in MC – although there are a couple in that raid, it lead me onto a second memorable fight.  Back to MC though, I was so amazed on the Garr fight that we had to ensure we had enough warlocks to banish the mobs so we could kill one at a time and not die horrible explosive deaths.


I was in awe that people were entrusted with such an important job and I had hoped that one day I would be trusted to do something similar.  It wasn’t until much laster on High King Mulgar that my Mage shield would become a key point of the fight and require me to hold a key position.  I completely freaked out the first time I was entrusted with that job as I was really nevous about stuffing it up.


I loved having to do something other than just standing back and DPSing. I enjoyed he feeling that I had to contribute something extra to the fight to ensure we got it down!  All the nerves were present every time, because I knew if I missed one shield I would make us wipe. Yup, HKM will be the boss I remember fondly the most.





Obligatory post about the new WoD gating

Yes, I know this is old news now, but I have read so many posts on the topic in the last couple of days I felt it only appropriate to add my thoughts.

I am never going to be in a random dungeon again.

Yup, there I said it.  I am never going to get a silver in the proving grounds and that means I am not likely going to be raiding in WoD…sound a little dramatic?  Well you know me :)

Here is the post from WoWinsider, and below you will find some of the blog posts about it that I have read.

I have always considered myself a decent player, I don’t hit top level dps or bottom, I am in the middle somewhere, I follow my rotation, I gem/enchant all the thingz and I don’t stand in the fire.  I also don’t go around abusing people for being dumb arses or not knowing their classes.  I help where I can and offer tips if I see something can be done differently.

So far, with my current gear of 545 ish, I managed to get a bronze the other day – on my second attempt, just.  I tried for a silver and missed it by about 15 seconds.  Did it make me a better player knowing I had a timer ticking down ??  No, it made me bat shit nervous.   I also couldn’t decide if I was to AOE or single target – because in heroics….who the heck single targets after the first week??  Let me rephrase, who has a chance to single target??  Am I better at my class now that I have a bronze..nope, will I be better if i get a silver – highly unlikely – if I can’t get a silver it will mean I get annoyed and stop trying because I don’t need to pass a timed event to know I can play my class well enough for LFD/LFR and yes, even normals!!!

I might go back and do some more practice in the proving grounds, but honestly it didn’t do it for me, and I have vague recollection of attempting it when I first hit 90 and not even getting through the first round because I was CCing and being careful..turns out the mobs don’t move in bronze so I wasted precious seconds faffing about – but how am I supposed to know that?  If soloing content, I CC as much as possible, that is my shtick, it is one of the reasons I became a mage, but the proving grounds does not allow for that.  (I have not attempted the grounds on a tank or healer so I have no idea about what happens).

I am not saying I dislike the proving grounds – I like the concept, just because I don’t enjoy it doesn’t mean anything, however, I don’t think they should be used as a gating into heroics.  Maybe you have to complete all the normal modes before doing heroics so you at least know the fights, or maybe you have to do some number of scenarios – but I always felt 5 mans was where you were supposed to learn how to play in a small raid situation.  As other people have said, this is going to make the abuse even worse because people will expect a certain level of skill by having a silver, but I will guarantee you people will still pull extra mobs, stand in the fire and will not kill the healers first – even when they have a silver – and it will not make heroic get completed any faster.  It will make for much more abusive players.

There is no right or wrong to this, clearly Blizz are listening to the player base whinging about the crappola in 5 mans, but I can honestly say, I leave runs more for the abusive wankers in runs than if we have a bad tank/healer/dps.  When I think back to a few months ago, that was me when I was starting out and had no gear and was nervous about tanking in front of non guildies ( I still won’t do LFR on my tank) I cut people some slack and allow them time to learn.

This is a game to me and I don’t want to have to produce a resume to get into an instance because it won’t happen.  With 10 million players you are bound to run into scrubs, perhaps if people stopped being arseholes, it would be better. Consider heroics used to take 30-40 mins to complete, now we are lucky if they take 10 in some cases.  Instead of abusing someone perhaps offer some tips to people that run would only take 15 minutes to complete and you would not be in such a tizzy.  Also consider that most people are unlikely to be logging off straight away (I did say most) and so it really is not going to affect you overall if you spent an extra 10 minutes in a heroic – the world will not end, hell will not freeze over and cats and dogs will not be living together and causing MASS HYSTERIA!!!!

We don’t need gating, what we need is for people to show just a centimetre of tolerance.  That is all.  Just show some respect to a fellow human being who loves this game as much as you and start using the kick function for the cyber bullies in this world who feel it is ok to abuse people. (Tangent : the last sentence spoken to us in a pvp match last night – “you are all fucking idiots and suck” – that sticks with me even now as I was trying to do what the rules dictate but others weren’t – why am I the idiot?  It is hurtful and not needed, we lost – surely it doesn’t make you feel good to abuse strangers?!)  To be this entire thing is about cyber bullys and we – as a collective – need to stamp it out.  We need to take back the 5 mans and we need to start telling people it is not ok.

** Edited to add** I decided to go back on my tank and try out Bronze level, just to see what it was like.  I sucked. I kept getting caught at one spot because I didn’t self heal, being a pally and all.  Honestly, I have run a few heroics on my pally and I have very rarely had to worry about self healing other than from my Seal.  I had to try the Bronze level approx 6 times I think and after the 4th time I was ready to throw my computer.  I tank heroics now, quite well and without issue, I have even tanked some raids on my pally.  Why the hell was I struggling with PG?!?!  Because it is a test – and I have to pass that test.  I do not do well under pressure.  Has that experience made me a better tank – nope….because as I have said before – PG is not live.  It is not being in a raid/heroic.  It does not allow for the fact that if I was to self heal – the healer would be pissed at me for wasting their heal/mana/cast – in some cases.  I have even been told by some healers to turn of my seal because it messes with them (not often – I will be truthful – but it has happened).  PG doesn’t allow for the intricacies of play which need to be learnt for heroics  - using CC on mobs, actually picking up the god damn bombs and throwing them at mobs, or jumping to avoid the sticky goo, or tank switching on 3 stacks or bouncing a stupid random ball.  Playing a class is not simply about DPS checks or holding aggro – learning the basics won’t mean anything if you can’t understand the boss fights in heroics – which is normally the main reason for abuse.  I stand by my statement that you need to have done the normals (in that spec as well?) before you can do heroics as a better option, but I am not Blizz :)

I am not sold on it and I am one of those people that are likely not going to be able to get a silver without some serious man hours involved…..but I guess it all depends on this re-tune they give it.

**Edited to add – before you all go crazy at me – my plan is to do this on a healing toon some time this week and see how badly I go.  I say that because I have never done healing on a toon before (2 weeks on a shammy in BT does not count) – so it will be as though I have just been given a toon with timeless isle gear and told to jump into a heroic.  This will give me a better practical understanding of how this may help better prepare people for roles.  Let’s see how I go and if I manage to do it before this post goes live :p


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Raiding and guilds

Since we last logged on and were advised raiding was being stopped until WoD, we have felt a little reticent about logging into game. Personally mine is guilt based; I could not reconcile the fact that we were gearing up with a guild who were being held back by lesser geared people.

Now don’t get me wrong gearing someone up is very easy, as I have said before I was impressed with my progress on boss kills, but I cannot help the RNG factor of gear.    According to my armory, I have only seen SoO in 10 man at a maximum of 3 times on some bosses. That’s a lot of learning one has to do when they haven’t previously done bosses during the start of the release.

Now given one night we got through 9 bosses – to me…that is huge.  Laugh all you like, but given my gear is still well below the others, I am surprised I was not more of a liability – imagine when my gear is comparable (given my current DPS is not completely horrific compared to the others) how much more I can actually help the raid team.

I could have possibly spent more time online collecting valor points to gather gear that had an increase of 2 ilevels but I just didn’t feel it was worth the time. By time, i mean, get piece of gear, redo entire gems and reforging to get another piece that night.  I burnt through over 6k in 2 weeks with gearing up, because I was constantly changing gems/reforging and doing enchants.  Under normal circumstances you gear up slowly over time and in comparable effort with everyone else in the team, you have to be pretty damn lucky to get all the gear and therefore you just wouldn’t be spending quite so much in such a short period of time.

Anyway, I got a message last night telling me to jump online because “where the bloody hell was I”? Well I logged on to discover all hell had broken loose. I mean it…all.hell.had.broken.loose.

All hell breaking loose!!

All hell breaking loose!!

I looked at our raiding roster and was devastated at the carnage – such is drama – we had quite a few people leave.  My immediate thoughts were it was all entirely my fault for not spending more time getting better gear and holding us back, my fault for not learning the fights better or being more confident on my mage to push out more DPS – irrational – yes (completely!!).  But the world does revolve around me and my insecurities :p  and antyhing that happenes behind the scenes in guild drama is completely irrelevant!!!  Forgetting my craziness for the moment, let us focus on what happens next.

It looks as though we have mostly a raid team to proceed with and they are hoping to get a run off the ground on Sunday night. I will be there because I want us to succeed and prove to all the deserters that I am not a liability and my being in the raid team will not prevent us moving into heroics. I think that is the stance each and every one of us who stayed behind should take.  We have the skills and know how to do it – so we will.

I spoke to one of the GM’s last night about what we needed for a raid team, I figure I could always switch if times got desperate, I would rather not switch from my mage given she is my best and only geared toon, but if the team needed it I would…consider it….maybe…HAHAHAH

Anyway, let’s see what happens this Sunday – fingers crossed we have enough and fingers crossed we can spank the crap out of SoO!  I have all my fingers and toes and bits and pieces all crossed.




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