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When the universe plays nasty tricks on you for patch night

I spent all day at work on Wednesday excited about going home and logging into the new content.  Seeing some actual bag space would be amazing!! I was chatting to Drauka all day about it.

Finally got home at 7.30pm, fed the dog, got dinner started and then logged into WoW….and then….reconfiguring files for patch.  That alone took approx 40 minutes, and then it said it required a 6Gb download.  My face was complete devastation.  I had been running the background downloader so I was quite annoyed that I had even more to download as I would have checked again before I left for work.  Yes my fault for assuming the downloader was up to date…GAHHHHH.

So I let it download, I was getting pretty good speeds so figured it wouldn’t take too long – it was 10.30pm and it still had approx 1.5Gb to go.  I went to bed devastated.  I did log on briefly when it hit the green portion of the download, but as Lominari had to download 11Gb – I was sitting at approx 6k latency.  I was almost in tears. Almost.

Anyway, that’s fine…I can handle it. I am tough.

I got up on Thursday morning and checked that my download had finished.  The launcher was advising it was up to date.  I was excited to come home that evening so I could finally get online.

So again, 7.30pm rocks around, I am walking in the front door (dinner was to be microwaved because in my excitement of the morning of having an up to date patch, I had forgotten to grab our lunches for work – making an excellent dinner choice!). I decided to quickly jump through the shower so I can get into my comfy clothes and not worry about it before bed time.

As I am about to get out of the shower, Lominari walks in (looking crestfallen) and says; “I don’t want to upset you, but….the World servers are down.  All of them. I had you logged in, then we both just got DC’d and I can’t get us back in!”   I honestly thought he was just messing with me because of the night before, he was adamant – and he wasn’t doing his usual cheeky grin…so I was half hoping and half completely lost.

I headed out to investigate and the notice on the front screen advising maintenance had appeared – one hour.  I figured I could handle that right?  We ate dinner and then….would you believe it…


I had to re-gem my mage and alter my gear because of the recent weeks doing brawlers. I also had to rejig my buttons and talents.  Find my toybox and open up some bag space – ZOMGWTFBBQ – 46 free slots (and i haven’t opened my second void storage yet!)

Toying raround

Lominari logged in and we started the quests in Blasted Land – for some reason our latency spiked to over 5k, but then slowly started to come back down without any interference (thank god it did – because my anger levels were starting to peak at that point).  We didn’t finish the quest chain because raid started for the guild but that is an entirely different post!





Clearing out old achievements

I tend to always leave the achievements alone throughout an expansion that require the eating and cooking of foods and finding things. I figure that during the course of the xpac I would discover them and only have a few left over when it came time to actually do them.

I haven’t actually finished the cooking ones yet – I still need to get a student etc – but the thought of farming for those damned ironpaw tokens just drove me to the mental institute in anger and frustration.

So, here are the ones I finally completed after going through my bank toon and stealing all the mats.

I downloaded the addon to help with the treasure finding and there were dots ALL over the place!!  It was crazy, I had to do about 3 loops to complete the achievements as they were not spawning in any of the locations. I still missed quite a few, so I am tempted to try and get some more done – if I can be bothered now.

About the only thing I really really want to do now is make sure i attend the Wanderer’s festival in the Wilds on Sunday night – I have to collect the pet and get the achievement.  I want to do it before I leave pandaland.


Saturday flex

and a new crowd shuffles in….

Well sort of…some regulars and some new people in the flex this week, and only 13 of us again, pretty much a ragtag bunch of misfits if you ask me, but you know we are legends.  well they are, I am not.  I cannot do the belts on Blackfuse to save a soul.  I am not sure I will ever be able to do it. I simply cannot cast, avoid fire and move backwards at the same time.  Simply impossible.  I need to be standing still….and last night my frost bolts were doing nothing to the hp of the  mines.  I really have no idea how to do them.  Honestly, and even after researching some information the next day I still can’t find any information – most people say to stick melee on it….

I was trying to get ninja pics with Thohand…and the bear jumps around more than a….something that jumps a lot…drove me mad…eventually after one of our wipes I caught him in a brief moment of sitting peacefully…and I managed to capture Koda as well, with the lovely blue wings of awesome.  Thohand looks like an evil panda though – he is really quite nice, don’t let his outfit fool you.

Thohand Koda

Anyway, after a few attempts we got him down, and Paragons was  cake walk (I didn’t think it would be an issue ) it isn’t a hard fight really, focusing on one boss at a time is pretty simple if you ask me.

Garrosh however was…promising to be an interesting fight when I am 2nd on DPS know we are in big trouble.  However we actually had only two attempts and the first attempt I thought we were going to do it.  It was very smooth. I forgot we were doing Flex though and was waiting for achievements…LOL…Duh. I was quite happy to see us kill Garrosh with the group we had, it would have been  a little crappy for the newer/social members to have had a wipefest night.

I managed to ninja a pic whilst faith was eating her noodles and I was going to sit down next to her, but I didn’t want to interrupt her Laksa :p


And since I haven’t gotten many pics with him, I ninjaed one with Lominari on his rogue, I believe that Lominari and Morz were getting a little snuggly there…maybe they needed some comfort from each other :)

Lughna Morz

Finally a friday fun run

I missed a couple of these recently – in fact most – but we went to Throne of Thunder with approx 13 people to attempt some 25 man achievements.  We kicked butt mostly, although Horridan was horrible and in all fairness I hate that fight in any mode. I hate him almost as much as Immersius, although he is the overall winner for boss fights I dislike.

I must have already had the achievement for the first guy, but it was funny watching people trying to get it.  Watching people running around on mounts to avoid balls that are following them is quite hilarious especially when someone gets a ball and then runs directly into it…heheh  no names mentioned here…..


Crea collector

I am not sure this one should have even been an achievement, it is so easy to get.  Well I thought it was, maybe it didn’t used to be…*shrug*


We went and did one attempt on Tortos, but that was crazy bad, so we called it there and some people went off to do Deathwing for their platforms.  I have no idea how many achievements I need for some of the mounts etc – I know I am well behind on most of them and when I hit 100 I will make a concerted effort to get back through all the content and get them done.  I want to clear the places and get the achievements.

I didn’t do very well on DPS and I realised I still have my gems in from being fire – so I am not really geared optimally, but at this point in the game we are about to lose a few stats and I honestly did not want to waste hundreds of gold for a little DPS when next week I am going to have to reforge and regem all over again. I did ok…but it felt good to be using my mage for something other than pet battles.


Heroic: Mogu’shan Vaults

I have been wanting to get clears of MoP content done as I have only done LFR. I feel I should make an effort to see all the content – well as much as I can. Since I always seem to luck out with the guild doing them (the friday nights I have been online recently have had mixed results with only 4-5 people wanting to do anything) and I didn’t realise they were going to be doing old content due to the raid team having a break. Co-incidentally that break lasted barely any time at all, since they have reset and are still doing SoO.

I have been using Oqueue and having no luck, I sign up for so many raids and am just never ever selected. OK, so I exaggerate, of the 40 I sign up for – I might get one invite…but I finally managed to get into a HMSV run. We did a full clear.

Great bunch of people, really tolerant and relaxed, no screaming or abuse or anything, just good fun.  It took us a while to get through all the bosses, we wiped on a few, and the 4 kings took us the longest. But I am so happy to have knocked that off my list.

Stone council

I caused a wipe on this because we pulled some trash and I hit my frozen orbs as they all suddenly off my orb went straight to the bosses. Oops, we got most of the way through that attempt, but we died with a double overload.  We did try for the puppy achievement, but for some reason it failed.

Feng Accursed

Smashed through him with no issues whatsoever.


Spent ages explaining this one, only to kill him before the first special attack was apposed to happen. It was pretty funny and quick.

Four Kings

This one took us a little while, I think maybe 5 attempts – each time that little bit better – was not overly difficult, but I would have hated to have done that at level.  It has very tight timings which I could not even begin to imagine.  This would be a raid team breaker I think.


Elgeon was constantly getting bugged for us, we were just DPSing everything too quickly, but in the end, we did score a neat little achievement Straight Six.

Will of the Emporer

Last but not least – I got me a new title and a full heroic clear! This was a very easy boss to do, once you figure out how to start the encounter. We had logged a GM ticket, until I asked what happened if I touched the pipes that had cogs…heheh.

Now I have to clear a couple more and I will be ecstatic.


Beta playtime

All the previous discussions about raiding and toons made up decide to jump into BETA and have a play with the classes to see what we were still keen on. Lominari having a tougher time than me.

He played his SP and a rogue for approximately 20-30 minutes each, not really enough time to make a solid decision either way, but it has perhaps helped him decide? I don’t know as he hasn’t said much about either since.

I jumped in on my mage and was quite amused with all the changes..minimal they may be, but they have changed the game play enough.  I actually really enjoyed it even without doing very much reading on best rotations etc etc…i was just having a flutter.

I also decided to try and find a new background for my blog…Not sure I succeeded to be honest. I like it on my mac, but on my pc it looks like crud.  I noticed whilst trying to find a background I had my graphics set to “good”, I changed them back up to “ultra” and noticed a massive difference in the artwork and a drop in my fps.  Simply running around on my mount with nobody else in an area I was struggling to stay above 20fps. I can only imagine what it will be like when questing or doing dungeons.  We may need the upgrade sooner than we thought.


We both did some minimal stuff on our garrisons, I felt really overwhelmed with the amount of content thrown at you when you head to beta as a level 100 toon. I think it will be much better whilst levelling (based on information around the place).  We killed some mobs, even some rares, ran around a little for a couple of quests and that about sums up our beta experience.

I really like the favourite mount thing – that is awesome! Never have to see the crappy ones again!! I am not sure about the glowing on mobs – but that is neither here nor there for me.  I like the bonus quests popping up when heading to new areas and I am not sure about the map within the quest log, but that could be because my eyesight is not so good with very small texts.

Either way, I think once 6.0 drops it will be the start of something that is either going to win people bak over or it well send them away in droves. Only time will tell on that front.


Guild Raiding and 6.0 onwards

Lominari and I logged on to see the guild message advising that the Frsotwolves Chieftan wanted people to advise if they were keen on raiding for WoD.

We spent the day chatting about it randomly to see where we were both sitting on the idea.  We both want to raid, we missed out this expac because we came back late, such is life, we weren’t focusing on raiding this time round. We both want to raid in WoD.

I basically said to Lominari that if we wanted to raid at some point in this expac, we would have to go from scratch with the Frosties or find another guild when we wanted to.  Not for any other reason than our guild has a very solid team, and that very solid team stays that way for a very long time.  If we decide in 6 months we want to start – it will be too late, we will be subs spending most nights waiting to raid and not actually getting to.


Neither of us find that appealing…so our other options are suck it up and raid with the frostwolves or find another guild. I know which option I was going with, turns out Lom was going for the same one.  As I have mentioned many times we are planning on selling the house, that plan is much closer now than it was 3 months ago…we are maybe 2 months off putting it up for sale (pending all things going well) so our time availability should jump up significantly once that is done.

This leads onto the next part of the raid hours, 9pm actually suits me really well as it means I can make the start every single time, but the 11pm finish will be hard on the weeks I am on early shifts. However as I mentioned to Lominari, even when on early starts now, we go “to bed” at 9.30 however it is closer to 10.30 by the time we actually get to sleep when we potter about getting stuff organised for the next day and then watching TV to fall asleep to, let the dog out etc etc…so what is an extra 30 minute really?  We just need to make sure we jump off and go straight to bed, do not pass go and do not collect $200!

What is a little sacrifice for a few months? Providing we can get into the raid team to start with and continue to be a valued contributor.  I can’t wait to get back into having a purpose on my toon, perhaps I can get my DPS back again with some constant practise…that’s what I am hoping anyway.


This entire discussion then made us wonder what toon would we raid on.  Lominari has a tough choice to make – I don’t envy him – I am much easier…I keep saying I might change one day – but in the end it will always be my mage. Always.

So based on that discussion Lominari sent a in game mail and the response was about us not being online after 9. As I have said before though, we have no need to be online now…originally I was online hoping to get pulled into a raid, but after a month or two when it was quite obvious their team was solid again, I started jumping off. No point hanging about doing nothing but waiting.

Anyway our current thinking is that we want to be part of the team from the start, we just have to make sure we can make that work without it interfering in our real lives.

Pandaria Safari!!!

Finally managed to get all the way through this tough one!!

I still have a huge amount of pets to collect that are not part of the safari like the carp  and the elementals from the pet battle guys.  But I am happy to have this one done.

I was struggling towards the end, because I was just so tired from all the battling that I was starting get over confident and was dying more than I was winning.

Trying to level pets at the same time as capture is a pretty difficult thing with some of the battles I had.  Patience NOT being my virtue and all that :p

Pandaria Safari

Now to just wait for the season to change and get my snowy owl, by farming/hunting the minifernal and level up what I can.


Pet Farming…slowly

I have been, very badly, farming pets from Naxx, AQ and SSC/TK. Well to say I have been means, the last few weeks I have been doing a many of the instances as I can, and I have been having completely awful luck.

I started with AQ20 and had my only issue of floating bosses:

Up in the air

I did AQ40 and couldn’t kill I asked for help in guild chat and Crooked came out and helped me. The pet didn’t drop, but once again Crooked blew my mind and gave me the pet anyway!! ZOMG!  That fight also gave me the exalted status I posted about the other day.

We then headed to the Twins and would you believe – the idol dropped!!! No idea what to do with it now..LOL. Crooked didn’t want it back…

I headed to Naxx and had some more luck, I got the Stitched Pup off Gluth. I was standing in the tunnel too scared to jump down because he was freaking me out.  His red eyes boring into me when he targeted me.  I was actually freaking out a little bit…such a woosy pants.

Gluth Pet


I also got the little guy off Loetheb which is pretty adorable for a Fungal Abomination:

Loetheb pet

I headed into SSC and had no luck on pets and I went to TK as well and my Ashes of A’lar didn’t drop either.

So I will continue to farm as I am missing a couple from the older places and mostly everything from Kara/SSC/TK – however I haven’t figured out how to get through Chess in Kara…I may have to figure that out so I can start farming in there as well.

Raiding with Leashes

Only 2 more to go!!  Woot!

Raiding with Leashes 2


A few more to go there, but I will slowly get them if I am diligent with my farming each week. Wish me luck!!

Reputations 9 years in the making….

After the slowest reputation grind under the sun, I have finally achieved exalted status with the Brood of Nozdormu!!!

Exalted Brood

I am pretty excited about that to be honest. I am getting so close to my goal of exalted statii with as many factions as I can.

So for Classic factions, I have to work on my Goblin reps…I killed them when I initially thought I would one day try and farm the Insane title…I got as far as getting the Admiral title and figured I didn’t want to spend that much time on a crazy pursuit…but now that things are account bound, I could perhaps do it on another toon… hrmmm

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 9.09.37 am

Classic factions above, needs some focus on the goblins soon – I hate dying wen going into the towns.

Burning Crusade rep


I am all done with Burning Crusade, everything I can at exalted!

Lich King Rep

I am slowly doing the dailies for the Frenzyheart so I can get the achievement of having had both at exalted, but honestly, I keep getting the daily to do the chicken chasing…and I really suck at it.  So I get annoyed and hearth out.  I should just abandon it and do the others…LOL.  But once I have that all the Lich King reps will be complete.

cataclysm rep

Cataclysm had barry any reputations to worry about and so they are all done. I don’t even remember any of them being difficult to complete.

Mists of Pandaria rep

Mists of Pandaria has been a struggle  - there are too many reps to grind when you include all the Tillers extras and Nat Pagle.  I am not doing well with them because they are jut far too grindy.  I have not really enjoyed it.  I have done all the major ones though except Shadow-Pan assault, which I need to run some LFR – at least 7 more times to get that exalted.

So as it stands I have only 61 reputations at exalted of a possible 72 (and yes my PVP reps are crappolla!!), but I have the highest achievement for it. I am pretty proud of myself actually.

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