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Garrosh rumble

Raiding has been an ongoing theme lately, Wednesday night is generally for the heroics so I just chill out, I normally get pulled into the next nights run to do whatever is left – generally from Juggernaut.


This never happened….NEVER!!

After my excited post about the 25 man Garrosh kill (WOOT – I am still on a high about it!!)  I was informed that I am even more of a numpty than I originally thought, there is a mount.  Yes…a mount!!!!

Can you believe it!!?!?!? I knew all along of course, I was just keeping you all in suspense.  I mean, I am certainly not a numpty – ever! I have a proven track record for always doing things correctly and without any errors or mistakes.


Raiding mojo

I lost it…or misplaced it….or left it completely behind somewhere this week….not raiding for one week really kills any mojo I was building up.

We did a combined run with a guild that is looking into merging or combining or something….they seemed ok, had a fascination with kitties and licking – I won’t go into too much detail but I am sure you can all figure that one out.  They had a couple of completely filthy minds, which I loved :)  I of course Ninjad some images of everyone grouped up before boss pulls :)


Challenge Modes with Gods

Yup, I started doing challenge modes.  The first time I saw the ancestral phoenix mount, I knew I wanted one…well really I want all of them, but I think it is going to be hard to find a group willing to get the silver on 4 different toons.  However I will be happy if I can get just one.

Blizzard advised they were going to close the season on challenge modes soon and I really want my mount before that happens, so I begged a few people to help me out with my goal. I think it may include a few last nights, but at this point I am willing to do that if it means I get the most beautiful mount on game.


Master of the way!!!

One of the issues we faced moving our guild bank with us to the new server was that it was chock full of stuff that needed to be sorted through, so whilst doing that I realised I had most of the stuff needed to get the last 3 cooking things completed.  I needed to buy a couple of things off the AH, and I had to farm some crockolisk belly, and I needed Jade squash – thanks to McTacky’s reminder – I completely forgot you could buy bagfuls from the guy at Halfhill, so I spent as many motes as I had left (after the soy sauce purchases) to buy more tokens to buy bags of squash.  I was nowhere near 250 and so Mctacky gracefully provided the rest for me :)  I really do owe him so much!!

So finally..




Cooking with a fantastic view!


So, now all I have to do is continue the questline and make the rest of these recipes…which I need black pepper for – which means more tokens – so I have to start doing my dailies again to get the tokens….or make motes….either way…time to collect more stuff…I really hope there isn’t much more after this…I dislike the cooking this expansion…really really really dislike it.



Saturday Fluxxing

Yeah, we were not flexing, we were fluxing, we started with the last wing on Saturday – we wiped – a lot.  It was good. Yeah, I love wiping – it means I am raiding and doing what I love.

The trash before Blackfuse was horrific – I was told when I first went back to raiding that the trash was really hard – and I can’t dispute that.  We almost wiped, but a couple of us survived and so I therefore say it was not a wipe, just a lot of the raid died.

Blackfuse – was a pain in the buttski more because the first couple of times people were dropping their shit all over the place, but you know some people haven’t seen the fights, weren’t on vents etc so I can forgive that – but next time….yeah next time I will spank them!!

Garrosh finally makes sense now, I asked what the catalyst was for movement and that cleared everything up.  So I managed to do about 160k on the fight, given that is my 3rd time on him in Flex, I think that will only increase when i get better at it and know what I am going.  On one of those attempts I actually had DPS at about 220 for a sustained period!!  Woot!! (Thanks to the swanky meta gem I now have!)

We killed Garrosh and then decided to do Wing 1 – I got an upgrade to a trinket I already have which was pretty cool, but other than nothing else, I used my rolls a couple of times hoping for better leggings, but managed to score gold every time.

We smashed through wing 1 and survived one boss with 30 seconds left on enrage and Sha with a hunter attacking the boss whilst we were all buffing after a trash wipe, if we can survive those things we can survive anything.

I do wonder though if there is something that changes between flex and LFR – as I can do much better DPS in LFR on the same fights – I wonder is there more movement in Flex and so you lose some measure of DPS, or do the bosses take less damage in LFR then Flex?  Not sure, I will investigate though as it sort of bums me out when I can see much higher numbers in LFR on the same fights.

It was a good night, I tried to talk a little more on vents so as to not freak out my raid leader again, but I was just enjoying my time in raid, I didn’t get any Titan runestones at all!!!  All those boss fights we did and ZERO!!!!  Devastated!!


Wrathion’s next chapter!

I forgot to post about this until I noticed the images in my library were unattached to a post!! Bad blogger!!!

Wrathion II

I had been struggling for a little while in getting the PVP matches completed (No, I will not bore you with my tirade of anger at having to do PVP matches for a PVE cloak – grrrrr).  Alliance is not known for being good at PVP and that was very very clear from the matches I did.  Some were absolute slaughter and others we only lost by a small margin.

However I was on late shifts one week and I decided to jump in before 6am!  Best decision ever!  I finished both the matches in about 30 minutes and was on to the next part of collecting Trillium and Secrets.  I have to move my warrior over as he has all the Ghost ore which I will need to transmute…I also must get onto my farm and start farming motes of harmony so I can have enough to maybe boost through the daily transmute…

Silvershard Mine

Silvershard Mine


Temple of Kotmogu

Temple of Kotmogu


Since I have now switched horde I would have preferred to see this from their perspective – just means I need to start it on another toon now so I can :) I wonder what the story is about and who is relevant to the Horde.


I did get to see this horde side as hubby completed this section the other day and he to told he was the soul of the horde!!!! I didn’t get told I was the soul of the alliance!!!! Man, horde just have better involved stories I swear!!! :p

So how is the new guild you ask?

I figured I should post a quick update about the move to the guild and how it is going.

We have been slowly moving toons across – the latest were our shammies, which took 3 days to process thanks to the Blizzard backlog .  Hubby feels really happy about this guild (not having ever spent much time with them like me) and he really likes their raiding environment from the few flex raids we have done with them.  There is the general banter but also the ability to ask questions and receive answers without being made to feel like an incompetent idiot who can’t tell a tank apart from a DPS because they are wearing a skirt…oh, excuse me…a kilt.  (TL;DR version – I gave a debuff to the tank because I didn’t check the name of the person I was giving it to….never going to live that down).


We missed Garrosh flex last night but got in on the Wing 1 – they went in reverse order, I scored a couple more secretes but no gear upgrades :(   Their raid times are probably too late for us to realistically be part of any raid team, however we are doing flex with them on Saturdays when we can make it.  Saturday night has never been an ideal raid night simply as that’s the night we organise to see friends because we can’t see them during the week due to our travel times (fingers crossed that may change in a couple of months), but we go to the raids we can make.

They are fun to chat to and they have a laugh and really we have been enjoying our time with them immensely.  I am not sure about their normal raid team which was running heroics…they didn’t run the other night due to lack of numbers (this concerns me as I don’t want to be cursing this guild with my presence!! (TL;DR version of this one – every time me and hubby join a guild together it quickly flies downhill and disbands :( even when people say there are no issues ), so I just hope it was a once off and that even the silence below was not confirmation…LOL.


I wish I had the timestamps on the above as it was about 5 minutes, in the end she never did message me back :p

On a more fun note I have been ninjaing as many photos of guildies I can during raids – it has been funny to try and sneak piccies in without them knowing…I am sure they think I am only slightly crazy, but they don’t know they full extend to which my madness flows!!  LOL

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Anyway, I have been enjoying my time with them and I hope against all hope….that everything continues to grow because I do not want to want to find another home when this one seems to be so great  :)


Flexible frosties

We did our first flex raid on Saturday night and we did the first and second parts as we didn’t have our normal tanks online.

I must see if I can get a bit of tanking experience in SoO for my tank so I can help out if needed. That’s for another time though.  Our tanks tonight were fantastic and we didn’t wipe, or have any issues worth mentioning. I did score an achievement so that puts it as a plus in my coloumn. :)


Hubby and I survived the fights, which is an improvement, so hopefully now, we can start focusing on our DPS and ways to improve it.  After a quick look tonight I discovered I was doing something wrong on my mage and I am not sure how it was improving my dps in numbers yet.  I am sure it did help, but having to add something into a rotation will take me a few raids to get the habit formed.

Anyway, I took a video of one of the boss kills, but it was recording sound as well and I have a feeling Navimie may kill me if I publish it…I did however manage to ninja some photos with people for our first raid with them, I was trying to get others, but certain people were jumping around and I couldn’t get one!

Hubby and I, not that you can tell...

Hubby and I, not that you can tell…

Navimie and I

Navimie and I


Aza and I

Aza and I

We went flex again with them last night for the last three bosses, but I am sad to say we had to drop out as we couldn’t pump out enough DPS for the fight.  I blame my crappy playing skills and also my complete confusion with the fight because they do it slightly differently and I felt like i spent the entire time just running between spots and trying to figure out where to go next.  Every guild does things slightly differently and until you learn the way they do it you just can’t expect top notch dps. (not that mine is top notch but it is medium notch!).

Anyway it was fun to be in there with them again, so we shall just continue to push through our legendary quest line and maybe a cloak will help us up a few notches on the metres. (Not that they are everything, but some fights need a certain level – especially when the 4 people that dropped were causing a huge amount of health to be added…he was at 309 or something very similar and he dropped to 267….that is a HUGE difference in HP).  He was almost dead on our first attempt – given you don’t have to actually kill him to zero health…we were soooo close….

Anyway…I am home tomorrow night alone, so I might look at trying for a 10 man PuG – however all I have seen so far is people wanting levels of 570+….  I am baffled by this  - I am at 549 now and I can’t get much more from LFR…so I am intrigued to know how I am supposed to get another 20 levels of gear????  It really really really pisses me off.  Who has 570??? Is that even possible without already having run 10 mans multiple times and scoring all the gear??  GAHHHHH. That is a problem for another night!

I am a pet snob!

I really need to do some reading about pet battles, because I discovered today you can tell what rarity the creatures are when battling them.  Yes, I am clearly a very observant person :p  I though that was an unknown until you actually captured them. After that discovery whilst killing a rare creature, I didn’t make the mistake again:

WoWScrnShot_022214_124550 (2)

A mountain cottontail did it for me :)  Cute little evil bunnies!! and then i also got :

WoWScrnShot_022214_123933 (2)

I tried, I really did try to do some today on my mage, but the leveling process is simply so boring.  I would much rather they had an arena area where you could go to level quickly with the pets.  I don’t mind doing the hard slog, what I don’t like it having to fly around so much and and be inefficient in my leveling.  I am sure I will have a max level by the time WoD comes out, but I really wouldn’t hold your breathe for it!!

However I did do more collecting and battling whilst leveling a lowbie toon, it seems to be much easier to do whilst leveling in an area, you spent 2 seconds doing a battle between places, well that’s what I have been doing.  I noticed however somewhere between disliking pet battles and collecting them like crazy – I became a collecting snob!!  If it isn’t rare I am not collecting it.  I was collecting one green one to just add to the collection in some cases after attempting battles many times with common/grey levels, but as a general rule I kept battling them until I got the rare.  My panda got a Tiny Harvester and a mouse, I was chasing a prairie dog and sand crab and snake – but couldn’t get a rare :(

This led me to go slightly crazy and I have even downloaded PetTracker, which shows you the pets on your world map that you need to collect, where to collect etc.  I think I went crazy for collecting….and not so much for the actual battling…but that will need to happen if I am to collect anything past level 6.  uh-oh!!  It adds the below to your objectives, so when you change zones it tells you what animals you need to collect in the area, when you select the animal it opens your pet journal up so you can see all the details about it.

WoWScrnShot_022314_043918It is also pretty cool, because it lists what pets you have in an area with their respective quality, so when you go to a new area and see the list change, you can spend some time trying to get higher level animals if you want.

Those animals are then shown on your world map and you can mouse over to see what is where.  This has made it much more fun for me now!


I wish I had something that told me what order I collected the pets in…a date of collection even would be cool.


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