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The Great petscapade!

That is what I shall call it!!

The other night, whilst doing the brawlers guide, incidentally where you can find me every night until I get to Rank 10, one of our guildies (who is aware I am chasing ALL THE PETS!!) and I started up a conversation about battle pets, which I had and didn’t have.

Then suddenly:


BEST PRESENT OMG!!!  Needless to say, I could not focus on my next few rounds as I was just soo excited!!!  Of course this required a picture with every single pet, which you will find below :p  Bless his little cotton socks…actually…someone quickly draw me a kick arse picture of a big Tauren male in little cotton socks!!  So adorable!  I will leave him nameless unless he doesn’t mind in which case I will tag him later :)  I was sooo unsure if I should take them off this hands, took me a few attempts to make sure.  WOW!!!


So without further pre-amble …here is my squee fest!!

Chrominius – which is the pet I currently have out as he matches my challenge mode transmog gear.

Howling at the moon!!!

Howling at the moon!!!

Death Talon Whelpguard

Death Talon Whelpguard

Phoenix Hawk Hatchling

Phoenix hawk hatchling

Pocket Reaver

Pocket reaver

Revving his little engines!

Untamed Hatchling – I may create a transmog with this colour scheme, because he is fantastic!!

Untamed hatchling

Lil Bad Wolf – Taking on a turtle because he is tough!

Lil Bad Wolf

Thank you so much Mr Tauren, you brightened my night so much and I will adore these little guys forever :)  I have to come up with names for them all (I only name the ones given to me so I can always remember them).  I have to level them all, but I have to get the Anubasith idol dude as he apparently makes it super easy to level pets in like 4 pet battles.  I need that before I get too stressed about levelling!!




Eastern Kindgom Safari!!

Finally have my Safari down.  Hubby and I went out the night and by the time we got home it 11.55 and I decided that would be perfect timing to jump online and catch myself a little Shadeling.

I seemed to be the only person there, and I tried every little guy in the area, the best I could find was a green one.  I captured 2, a white one (my first one) and then a green.  Every other pet was grey or white and I didn’t want to just kill them for no reason.  I was happy with my green!

I figured it wouldn’t be that bad to just go and try and capture my showshoe since I was online already. So I headed to Alterac, hunted around for the 3 mice I needed to kill, then found a showhoe, I got so excited about it that I forgot to check my pets and I couldn’t complete the pet battle without killing it.  So I forfeited.

2233f9928e22e7a4e8c43dd323889fc2Then it disappeared.

Every other time you forfeit the little bugger pops back up.  EVERY. SINGLE. TIME! Not this one. So I had to fly around for another 30 minutes, killing the rats and trying to find the hare.

EK Safari

I had also received this achievement earlier in the week, which I had forgotten about, so I took a quick piccy whilst ingame of the most ugly pet I have seen yet.  So, disgusting!!

Lot of Pet FoodI present to you…Venus!





Raiding 25 man…briefly and with vigour!

With the influx of people into the guild and the fantastic second raid team we have had running, Navi decided to try a full 25 man raid with just Paragons and Garrosh.

I confess to being pretty excited about it.  25 man again.


Something about it just makes me feel home. I enjoy it. Initially the main team was going to do some heroic paragons for practice but it was decided against.  I was trying to get sneaky ninja pics again, but seriously everyone bunched up so much this was the best I could manage.  I shall have to try harder next time. Ravz, Luxy and Kahrax got into this one, the rest looks like LSD-inspired pixelated art.

Raiding 25 man

If the object was to test out how we all handled being thrown in together I think we did well.  There were some minor issues but overall we all got along, everyone was far too quiet in vents if you ask me, but then for some people this would have felt very different to 10 man.

I have no idea what my DPS was like, possibly one of the lowest, I really am starting to believe that  you need to be raiding to keep in practice. I was failing horrifically as I only raid once a week (and even then that is more rare than real).  My fingers were fumbling over everything, however I stayed alive and did my job. So I was happy with that.

Until, on Garrosh,  I got MC’ed and Exray decided to kill me.  AFTER I WAS CLEARED OF MC!!  Can you believe it?  I started to turn my toon to run towards the designated spot and as I turned I died with an overkill tick from him. His timing must have been impeccable. I cried tears of despair.

After that, whilst laying face down in purple goo, I started giving Navi a running commentary on who was alive (she had sat out for an attempt), I thought I was helping her out – and then eventually she says “I can see the fight!”…. …..


We did get him down and I got a offhand which I need to chant and gem and upgrade etc. I may have to actually valor cap myself this week, I have received a few new pieces and I don’t have the VP.

I know it was only 2 fights as 25 man, but I was enjoying myself so much – I wish I could do that every week.

Archaeology – sure is easy….

So many people I know have been working on their archeology that I thought there must be some reason for it that I was yet to discover. A little achievement called The Seat of Knowledge!  Looks awesome having all your little items in the hall (Thanks Navimie for posting the piccie), you get a title “Seeker of knowledge” – it sounds very cool.

Looked easy enough, do some arch, discover some pristine items and hand them in. How hard could that possibly be?  I should have read the comments first.  I REALLY should have read the comments first.

I spent about 3 hours perhaps, flying around Pandaria and collecting dohickies and putting them together. I don’t know how many I collected, but I scored a Gun and a Sword and a whole bunch of other stuff.

stone servants

Instruments of cruelty

symbols of strength

But I didn’t discover any pristines at all, so then I thought perhaps I was doing it wrong and headed back to the Lorewalker Cho, and could find nothing of use at all.  So I kept going for a bit longer and after gathering somewhere between 20 – 30 artifacts I gave up.  I only gave up, because I read the comments, the comments which state that it took people like 400 + items to find all the pristine items.

400+!!!  Just let that sink in for a moment.


ain-t-nobody-got-time-fo-dat-sweet-brown-31241125-480-330It will all depend on how much time I have left over after getting my pet battles done and my Challenge modes.  Honestly I have plenty of time – I still have months so I can’t think I won’t have time, I am just not sure I have the patience to do it.  That is a buttload of archaeology to do and it isn’t the most enjoyable of things, I find it horrible boring.





Chasing the Challenge Modes

This is one heck of a long post – I decided to even put it behind a cut.  I could have split it into two, but really…I just wanted it all in one!!  Don’t yell at me for it ok, just sit back, get a coffee and possibly read these whilst flying to Tasmania. (For the non Aussies – via plane from Melb to Tassie takes about 1.5 hours and therein lies the awful joke I just made!)

So, I had decided to start to harassing Exray/Aza/Nav for some time for Challenge modes.  I really wanted to get them done, but I am not really much for pushing people. I really don’t like requesting help (problem with playing an MMO really) and I hate that I don’t play as much as others because I feel like I am using them – and I am genuinely not – it just irks me a little to keep at people.  So I decided to stop negative talking myself out of pushing the issue and I organised for everyone to help me Friday night!  Woot Woot!



Crazy Cat Lady

Yup, that’s me!!  I am slowly working my way through all the pet battling achievements.  It is a slow, painful, thing to do, but eventually I will get there.  I am not sure I will get it all done before WoD as some of the pet collection is dependent on their seasons and not ours.

However I am now a Kalimdor Tamer, so I have tamed a creature in every Kalimdorian county.  Pretty sweet because it also means I have most of the pets from the area as well, I didn’t move on until I had all the pets in the one area.

Kalimdor tamer

Aside from the Silithid Hatchling (sandstorm my butt!), minifernal – I just can’t even! and the Showy Owl which I can’t get until Summer (our time), I have every pet – not the best quality but I will upgrade or hunt later. I am glad that the AQ guardians are up though so I scored one of those in my travels due to it being Summer in the US.

World pet Mauler

I also have tamed a pet in 60 different places, which means I maul pets anywhere apparently I can :( Poor little blighters…mind you, they are only poor when not killing my little babies. They get quite aggressive and I don’t like it.

The other achievement I was not expecting to get was my crazy cat one, I thought I needed at least a couple more cats, but turns out a little savannah cub in the barrens tipped me over the edge.

Crazy for cats

So I am happy about that I am slowly but surely getting through my bucketlist – it is just taking a little bit of effort each night, mostly whilst watching TV with the hubby.

Ahoo’ru, you Suck!

A few people that I have spoken to have told me this fight is pretty easy…I beg to differ in the loudest of voices!!

This fight sucks!  I would prefer Hexos…IN FACT I would even prefer NIbbleh!  This fight is stupid and stupid and hard and impossible!  YES – IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!  I have been going off WoWhead’s guide – Ahoo’ru.



I have not given it too many attempts as yet, because it is annoying me quite a lot.  I can survive – that isn’t the issue, until the Beserk kicks in.  I don’t have enough time.  I can’t cast and avoid the bobbles.  I can’t cast and avoid the bobbles and make sure they stay near him and stay out of the charge.  I can’t do it.  I don’t understand it.

I have understood most of the fights that I have struggled on, you learn the pattern or the how, just need to then practise the execution.  This one just makes no damn sense.

Ordinarily, this post would be filled with swear words and bleeped out sections, but I left it a few days to write it.  I am so annoyed by this fight.

My best attempts have been getting his rebuff off (once) and my health was so low he came over and hit me, I died.  I would have died anyway as the berserk was about to happen.

I have tried single Angels, AOE angels, multiple angels, freezing, them running them and everything in between that I can think of.  I don’t get this fight.  I can’t find the pattern in the glittery things…I thought it would 4 circles, but I think that changes.

They hit me for far too much health, I only have 640k health.  The orbs hit for 200k.  That math just doesn’t add up. I can’t avoid every single one and get to the mobs in time and then try and cast and GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH



I just want Rank 10 :(


General musings about WoW

Lately, at the onset of another expansion, the general question of should I change toons has loomed large in my life.

I wonder, honestly, how hard it would be to learn to heal on a toon.  Can you spend 10 years playing a game as ranged DPS to switch to something as difficult as healing? Is it difficult?

My healing experience is as follows:

  • 2 weeks on a Shammy in Black Temple
  • approx 2 week in 5 man dungeons (mainly Well of eternity) on my pally with friends only
  • approx 2 weeks in Cata PVP on my Paladin
  • 1 week in LFR Dragonsoul on my Druid
  • 2 levels in Dire Maul on my Priest

That sums it up.  Can you combine that and become an effective healer?  I don’t know.  I am not even sure I want to be a main healer in WoD, but having said that healers are always useful if they are good at their role.  I am not sure I would ever be good.


I also have a lot of history with my mage – not sure I am willing to give that up.I am thinking it might nice to go Fire again, but it will depend on the spec come WoD.

There is also the question of what I will be doing in WoD.  Since the release date is November, I have less time to muse over whether I will be a raider or not.  I want to be a raider…and once we move back into the city I will be able to handle the raid times with the Frosties.  Just…unlikely we will have sold and moved in time.  Beginnings of expacs are always a time of changing and moving though, so I will cross that bridge when we come to it.  I want to raid though.  I REALLY hate missing out!! Being in game now and watching the others raid and having to find other things to do has been a real eye opener for me…I can’t handle it!!!  HAAHAH  I need the raiding fix that LFR just doesn’t give me – I think LFR just devolves into name calling and abuse whereas a guild normally just keeps going. The jealousy is just unbearable some nights…


In the end I know day 1 will rock around and I will jump on my mage and I will start questing, but I don’t want to regret that decision.  Last expac Lominari leveled a monk from scratch, we helped as  much as we could and he was ready before half the other raiders in our guild.  We stopped playing and when he came back, he picked up his Shadow priest again….I don’t want to do that.

I know two things for sure, I love my guild and I can’t see myself ever leaving it by choice and secondly that I want to raid this expac.  I want to see all the content.  I have to make those two things work for me.

I must make a concerted effort to find whatever the money maker is in WoD and be fanatical about it on my toons. I must gather funds this time round so I am not constantly scratching around when I want to buy mounts.  I mean I still can’t afford the repair mammoth (that is half my current stash) and I not even close to getting the 108k Yak….I couldn’t even contemplate buying it…I can’t buy all the other mounts like the cloud serpents (too darn expensive – 7k!!!  pfft)

I need money!



Sticky: Bucket List of Death.

OK, so I am finally giving in and doing a bucket list.  I need some way of working out what I need to get done.

Here we go!


Forgetting how to raid

I felt it was about time I updated about the little 10 man raid we have going on Sunday evenings.  I have missed the last few due to real life (weekends are the absolute worst for us to do anything!) and have been leaving them in the highly capable hands of Exray.

There have been a few grumblings and rumblings from people, so I was approached by Navimie and told to suck it up and be online for the next one or she would come to Melbourne and slap me around the ears.  So…I made sure I was going to be online Sunday night – I avoided everyone I know (phone calls included!) and on top of that, earlier in the week Exray had advised he was unlikely to be around as he was out all day (and he had also had the Fear of Navimie applied), so I was determined to be online even if I was falling asleep at my desk!


I had a good discussion with Exray about the whole situation and I think we cleared the air a little bit, but it seems as though this team is being used a sort of trial framework for people to either move into the main team or see if they are ok players.  I am not overly excited about either of those prospects, as I have said before, I wanted this to be a stress free no pressure environment for the non raiders to get their interests piqued…but things change and morph and opportunities come up which can’t be denied when running a guild.  So we proceed forward with kicking arse and switching toons – and trialling everyone by fire!!!

All I can say is OMFG for our latest run!  I am soo out of practise. It was hard to remember to do everything I needed to and to not die (which I did enough of) and I forgot about my CD’s and I was just sucking horribly!  It was not my best effort, in fact I would go so far as to say it wasn’t even an average effort.  I was very overwhelmed, not something I have ever felt much of on my mage in a situation I know really well. Exray was playing his mage and beating me in some things, sooo devastating….


The run went well overall though, and they have been going well from a progression point of view.  Last Sunday they got to Paragons and only had 2 bosses left before calling it.  That is a very impressive night!

We wiped a couple of times on Sunday but we had some new people in and our other tank Asuna was DCing a little so it was a little messy and disjointed.  But that happens in an online game.

Some of the guys are still being pulled into the heroic team which just tears at my soul from a completely stupid jealous point of view.  I have to temper that jealously though and mostly I manage to do it…just sometimes I get a little soul tear out of it.

Overall the runs have been successful and we have managed to get a lot of people gear and that has been pretty exciting from my point of view.  I got a lovely new ring (Thanks Ravz!).  I confess to being nervous about next Sunday if we do the second half – I really hope we can pull it off because Garry is not easy and he is not very forgiving!  BRING IT ON!!





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