Z & Cinder Blog Challenge: Topic 12 – Design your own zone.

Design your own zone…

If you could design a zone in Azeroth what would be there? Would it be a haunted zone with castles and ghosts floating around or  one where all the food vendors of Azeroth could be found in one place offering you daily cooking quests? Are there specifics races or environments you don’t feel get enough attention? Use your imagination and tell us what zone you’d really like to see in WoW.

Ok I know I am a week behind, but don’t judge me!  I really wanted to write about this topic after reading Zerirah’s post.

I was thinking along the same lines as her with one part – and that is the constant change.  However I wanted my zone to actually be a massive old stone dragon which a city was built into.  If you imagine something like Minas Tirath but in dragon form.

I would like to see dragonesque NPC’s perhaps affected by old lingering magic so they have changed over the thousands of years to become more draconic.

I was thinking you could have a quest hubs within parts of the dragon so quest hub between the claws, then another quest hub on the tail end, some on the wings etc. I would incorporate the grappling hook function as that is awesome!!

I was thinking something like this because of the dragonsoul fights, if you remember the size of Deathwing, we were very small compared – especially since you could fit so many people on his back at one 😀 Living/walking in and around a massive dragon would be cool – I don’t want us to be like, living in his internals, but you could build over the stone dragon and live within the folds of his wings/legs/tail etc.

If I had any skills with art I would attempt to draw it but there is no way i can even attempt it!  Any artists who want to have a go – feel free 🙂 I would appreciate it!

I would have very old trees/rainforesty so it looked a lot like this:

I would like to see the constant evolution of story or change etc to the zone as well so it wasn’t always the same due to the magic of the dragon but even the world quest type situation would be better than nothing. I would prefer the quests be more pacifist than fighting style etc so perhaps hatching dragons, planting trees, locating scales with problems for rectification etc.  Non violent means of questing!!

Well I like it as an idea!

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Real Neat :D

I was nominated by Cymre for a Real Neat Blog Award.

This award is actually really appreciated as I have only just come back to blogging after anther hiatus and it is nice to know that someone is reading my blog again.  I have missed the friends I made blogging and I hope to be able to find some new ones.  Thanks so much Cymre for thinking of me!
Here are the rules:

  • Thank and link the person who nominated you.
  • Answer the seven questions your nominator has provided.
  • Nominate 7 other bloggers and create 7 questions for them.

And the questions I have to answer:

  1. How would you pass the time during a blackout?

During a blackout I would probably start using every piece of technology I have to keep functioning online. I would plug my phone/ipad into my macbook to suck as much power as I could from it and I would likely read one of the many ebooks I keep saying I am going to eventually get to.  Depending on the time of day I would likely do some gardening if there was light because no way I am gardening in the dark with spiders etc.

2.  If you could be any superhero for a day, who would you be and why?

Hmm always a tough one but I would have to go with Scarlet Witch.  I mean she was a witch. She uses hexes and magic.  That is me.  I just don’t get to have red swirly magic shooting form my fingers.

3. What is one thing you love collecting or loved collecting as a child/adult?

I wanted to collect the entire car bear collection when I was a child. I still have 1 of the three I had.  My little sister stole my other two and to this day no one will admit it happened.  I did sort of grow out of it, but I can promise even as a teenagers (and they were not made) I would look up places and see if I could justify buying them.  I still wonder now if it is too late to start collecting.  I loved the idea that there was a bear for everything you ever felt.4. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Anywhere – would be Scotland. It is one of those places on my travel plans but I have other places I am going first. I love a lot of things from Scotland and I can’t wait to experience it.  I married a Scottish guy, I love the accent, I adore bagpipes and kilts, I will one day find the Loss ness monster and I would really enjoy learning how to make proper haggis.


5. If you could only take one item to a deserted island, what would it be?

Since I am unlikely to pass off my husband as an item (and he would be my first choice of person) I would probably take a book that I could read repeatedly.  This is such a hard question, i mean why would i voluntarily go, is it permanent, is it tropical or rocky? hahaha

6. Who is your main and who do you love playing her/him?

My main is my mage, has always been and will always be.  I love playing a magic user, I like  throwing fireballs around.  I feel guilty if I am not playing her and even guiltier if I get achievements on alts instead of her.

7. Favourite phone app?

I would have to say Instagram or Imgur are on equal par.  I spend most of my spare time scrolling through both apps favouriting images.  I love photography and memes so the two of those apps basically cover everything I love in the world.

Given I am only recently back to blogging I haven’t really got that many blogs on my feed that are not already nominated for this award.  So if you happen to read this post and you haven’t been nominated please consider this my nomination of you.  Just answer the following 7 questions and link back to me so I can start reading your blog.


  1. What is the most embarrassing in game thing to have happened to you?
  2. What is your favourite TV show and why?
  3. When you were younger what profession dd you want to me that would never have been possible?
  4. When you are reincarnated as an animal in your next life which one will you be and why?
  5. What is a topic you want to know more about but are too scared to find out about?
  6. The best meal you have ever eaten?
  7. Favourite sports team?
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