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Getting my raid on!

It has been an epic few weeks with the guild! I had never really figured we would be raiding with their normal raid team, but here we are! We attempted Garrosh last Monday night, and we nearly had him, nearly had my achievement, but we just couldn’t quite get it with slightly lower that optimal […]

Get mounted!!

Yes!! That titles sounds wrong, but soooo right, I am going to leave it! I was home along the other night and attempted LFR which failed miserably, so was standing around when I got a message from my friend Aza to say I could tag along with their mount farming! HELL YES! I asked, hopefully, […]

Challenge Modes with Gods

Yup, I started doing challenge modes.  The first time I saw the ancestral phoenix mount, I knew I wanted one…well really I want all of them, but I think it is going to be hard to find a group willing to get the silver on 4 different toons.  However I will be happy if I […]

Master of the way!!!

One of the issues we faced moving our guild bank with us to the new server was that it was chock full of stuff that needed to be sorted through, so whilst doing that I realised I had most of the stuff needed to get the last 3 cooking things completed.  I needed to buy […]

Liebster Award

It seems this blogging award has finally made it into the wowverse.  It has taken a pretty long time to make the skip from personal blog land to Azeroth.  I was handing out Liebster awards (and a multitude of other ones) a couple of year ago on my old personal blogs, it is really nice […]

Week 10 starts

You know it..we only have 3 more weeks to go for contests, and then the final winner will be judged and announced. We are getting very close now guys!! Here is the list!

How to freak out your raid leader!

I have made some significant improvements to my mage with regards to my build, and I noticed it in LFR where I mainly in the top 1 or 2 position with 200k (or anywhere from 180k+) DPS.  I have gone for a full haste build as my gear allowed me to stack the haste needed […]

Shared Topic: Questing with alts

I am leaving this until the last minute I know, but, you know…so many things to write about!!!  So this week, I bring you another topic to discuss which is also our first topic to have gone fortnightly!!!  Yes, the executive decision was made to give the blogosphere a chance to get back into the […]

Week 9 Ends

So, Week 9 is at an end!!! I will be able to get the judging up faster this week (last week was horrific) so we should have a winner soon!! We only have a couple more weeks to go – this is going to be an epic fight to the death!! Yeah I want to […]

8th Winner of World mogging

This week is very very late, and I cannot apologise enough for that.  I have had a very hectic week and am working OT at the moment as well as being on late shift, so I have been pretty short of time. So with no video and limited time to gloat and build up the […]