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Raiding mojo

I lost it…or misplaced it….or left it completely behind somewhere this week….not raiding for one week really kills any mojo I was building up.

We did a combined run with a guild that is looking into merging or combining or something….they seemed ok, had a fascination with kitties and licking – I won’t go into too much detail but I am sure you can all figure that one out.  They had a couple of completely filthy minds, which I loved :)  I of course Ninjad some images of everyone grouped up before boss pulls :)


They also had a couple of of very lovely voices on vents…I like nice voices…they don’t have to be deep like this study suggests, for me personally, but I do have a thing for voice.  Anyway, off topic :)

I sucked last night, in fact I was struggling to get above 170k consistently.  I died. A lot. on Thok – I was just in the wrong place all the damn time and getting chomped is not fun!!  Siegecrafter – I actually did fine survival wise on – funny that used to be my worst fight and now I actually understand what the hell is going on I stay alive!  Paragons was fine as always – easy peesy fight. paragons finally finally dropped my damn pants…and you know what happened….I lost them on my epic roll of 6 to someone who rolled and even more epic roll of 7.  Yes.  That was the epicness of my role.  The winner then advised he rolled on the wrong pants and someone asked for the OS and then said thanks in chat.  So i figured he had them.  In typical fashion I got annoyed – I hate loot distribution that is not fair and MS vs OS is not fair – I said it in guild as well – because I was incorrectly thinking they had just handed out the loot to the other person old school style :) .  Turns out…I am retarded…and my illustrious GL gave me the pants after the other guy said he rolled on the wrong pair.  So…I missed that bit of text as my chat window had scrolled well up from there after the event.

Anyway after feeling like a right royal twat for about 1 minute, and people then telling me to check my bags – and blaming my alcohol intake on my ability to function coherently, I found my pants!!  **Point to note I was not actually drunk raiding last night!!  and I don’t generally drunk raid…just a couple of times I have…I would say less than 30% of my raid time is spent drunk…i swear!! My guild won’t believe me – but I swear it is true!  I am also now terrified that my stupidity will be immortalized in a faily frostwolf comic and that terrifies me beyond imagining….but you know….that is the life of a stupid person!!  HAHHAH.

We then prepped for the monster man!  Butthole of the century.  Dickwad of the moronic!  yeah….what other names do you have for Garrosh???


Garrosh – we killed you.  In NORMAL!!!  Do you know what that means!!  I can die happy.


Getting my raid on!

It has been an epic few weeks with the guild! I had never really figured we would be raiding with their normal raid team, but here we are!

We attempted Garrosh last Monday night, and we nearly had him, nearly had my achievement, but we just couldn’t quite get it with slightly lower that optimal dps and healing. I was quite happy with my dps, I had one attempt where I was sitting at about 200k (great string of crits thanks RNG-jesus) but mainly I was sitting at 170k, which is much better than my crappy 120k previously. We decided to call it rather than keep going as we would be back in the this week anyway.

The heroic team cleared out the first bit on Wednesday night and we were pulled in to start from juggernaut. We cleared up to General Naz and then called it so we had something to come back for on Monday.

Flex on Saturday was….interesting :)  We usually have the same people, so it becomes quite routine.  We had a few hiccups, but nothing we couldn’t handle after.  Nav told me I had to learn the belt on Siegecrafter, and poor Nova was to be my guide…I sucked…SUCKED!!!!!


I struggled to actually attack anything because well, I needed to stand and cast which got me caught in the flame walls, then when I tried to avoid the flame walls or jump off..I died….I looked as graceful as this little fellow:


Anyway, we cleared wing 4 and then Wing 2…After all this raiding I have done, I have managed to get ONE!! ONE titan runestone….ONE!!!!!  I am actually pretty annoyed to be honest :/


I can’t raid this week either, I am on early shifts this week at work, which means I need to be at work by 7am!! So for me that requires me to up at about 4.45am so I can leave by 5.30 (at the absolute latest) and that means that finishing raid at 11.15 ish does not allow me enough sleep.  Unlike some crazy people who can cope with like, 20 seconds of sleep, I need a bit more than that.  So more than likely I will be in bed just after they actually start raiding.  9.30pm is pretty much my bed time when on this shift, the sacrifices we make :)  Thankfully hubby gets to work whatever time he wants and so he comes in at the same time as me and we get to spend a little more time together.

I won’t be around on Saturday either because I am going to be in Sydney visiting a friend for her baby shower on Sunday.  So it means I need to spend some time this week doing LFR this week to see if I can get some more runestones…more…as in…more than one!!!  GRRR.

Get mounted!!

Yes!! That titles sounds wrong, but soooo right, I am going to leave it!

I was home along the other night and attempted LFR which failed miserably, so was standing around when I got a message from my friend Aza to say I could tag along with their mount farming! HELL YES! I asked, hopefully, if we could do my last ICC achievement on LK.


We did! It was messy and hilarious, Lushen died, I died, Owl was doing 2k wrath bolts whilst trying to heal and Aza tanked! But you know – LOOK WHAT I HAVE!?!?!?!!!


I was squealing on voice comma just a little too much!


We did ulduar as well; no mount, we knocked over the Throne of the 4 Winds as well for some giggles:




and then my lovely guildies helped me with 2 achievements I was missing for this ugly monstrosity! As it is a dragon, I can forgive it for being drawn ugly, but I am likely not going to use it.




I am now 3 mounts off the 150 mount achievement, to be fair I could spend sometime farming dungeons/raids on my pally and doing this like archaeology to increase it. I certainly am not likely to ever have the money to buy the big mounts, like the repair mammoth/Yak or the mechanohogs etc. I have to find other ways to get my numbers up.

I want to farm anzu and malygos…but am too chicken to attempt solo malt, and there is skaadi as well…I should start farming. I have enough level 90 toons, I could leave them at each instance!

Anyway, thanks to my awesome friends for making my dream of owning this dragon a possibility!


Challenge Modes with Gods

Yup, I started doing challenge modes.  The first time I saw the ancestral phoenix mount, I knew I wanted one…well really I want all of them, but I think it is going to be hard to find a group willing to get the silver on 4 different toons.  However I will be happy if I can get just one.

Blizzard advised they were going to close the season on challenge modes soon and I really want my mount before that happens, so I begged a few people to help me out with my goal. I think it may include a few last nights, but at this point I am willing to do that if it means I get the most beautiful mount on game.

Out first run through Jade serpent and we probably could have had silver, but we wiped one too many times.  It was damn close though :)  I thought it was heaps of fun and let’s face it my first time in a challenge mode was not as terrifying as people had made out.  We even managed a guild achievement (but I didn’t get a screen of that) and we got it at Bronze level – yeah we are awesome!  Very big hugs for McTaky, Aimei, Navimie and Faithless for doing my first ever challenge mode with me :)  I was super excited and nervous but overall really surprised that it wasn’t all that freakishly hard.



A couple of nights later we went in again (pretty late at night actually), but we did Gates of the setting sun and I believe we were only a few minutes shy of gold on that one – and if I remember correctly, we actually started the last boss fight just as the gold timer ran out.  That is pretty cool I think.  My first silver – only a million more to go!!



We then decided to re-do Jade serpent because why not, we were having fun and the temptation for another silver was too hard to pass up.



And whilst writing this post up, I discovered the most terrifying screenshot that I have seen in a long while, I think it was great timing on my screenshottter, but terrible time to complete the challenge mode :



I have to thank Sonofalitch (Blackrock) and Kobosi (Nagrand) for the above two little gems and for helping me continue with my little Silver mode challenge. You guys were great staying up so late to help me out and I really appreciate the time you spent doing silvers with us.

I had not really pushed the challenge modes thing before hand as I had always assumed they were god awful and horrible, and really they aren’t – certainly the challenge of silver is well and truly doable if you play well enough to essentially not die or waste time.  Even gold could be achieved by a pretty normal group if you pushed just a tad harder than what we were.  I think to get silver on all of these will be easy, providing I can find a group in time to get them all done before the season expires.  I may even see if I can pre-organise a morning for everyone to be around so we can smash through a few of them in one sitting.


I can now wipe 2 of those little puppies off my list and focus on the 7 others I have left!


Master of the way!!!

One of the issues we faced moving our guild bank with us to the new server was that it was chock full of stuff that needed to be sorted through, so whilst doing that I realised I had most of the stuff needed to get the last 3 cooking things completed.  I needed to buy a couple of things off the AH, and I had to farm some crockolisk belly, and I needed Jade squash – thanks to McTacky’s reminder – I completely forgot you could buy bagfuls from the guy at Halfhill, so I spent as many motes as I had left (after the soy sauce purchases) to buy more tokens to buy bags of squash.  I was nowhere near 250 and so Mctacky gracefully provided the rest for me :)  I really do owe him so much!!

So finally..




Cooking with a fantastic view!


So, now all I have to do is continue the questline and make the rest of these recipes…which I need black pepper for – which means more tokens – so I have to start doing my dailies again to get the tokens….or make motes….either way…time to collect more stuff…I really hope there isn’t much more after this…I dislike the cooking this expansion…really really really dislike it.



How to freak out your raid leader!

I have made some significant improvements to my mage with regards to my build, and I noticed it in LFR where I mainly in the top 1 or 2 position with 200k (or anywhere from 180k+) DPS.  I have gone for a full haste build as my gear allowed me to stack the haste needed to be maxxed out in raid with the 5% extra buff – super quick and mobile essentially.

Not very exciting I know, but I am still without the meta or my cloak, and I think those figures are quite enjoyable to see for someone with a medium level gear score.  Maybe I could do better, but I think that is highly improbable, I am playing at the best I can right now..the only thing I am missing a little too much is my evocation buff…I tend to miss it about 40% of the time, which means I am missing out a fair bit of DPS increase.  Anyway, that is something that will just take practice given I only recently added it to my rotation, I am not going to beat myself up about it just yet.

Anyway, this post was about freaking our my raid leader, which I think I did superbly last night, by just being my usual raider-self.

After spending 5 years as a GL/RL, I do enjoy sitting back and just raiding without having to contribute to the conversations going on in vents, however this is the complete opposite of me when I am doing almost anything else….you generally can’t shut me up!

Nav was a little worried last night that I was unhappy with being pulled into raid in a normal….I was more like this behind my vents microphone:


and secretly I was not talking much because I was so nervous about being in the raid I was more like this with the rest of the raid team:

dont let me fuck up

I did ok DPS on some fights – like the Shamans I was at about 160K and I am not sure about the scorpion one, on Gen NAz I did approx 170k as well.  Of course that isn’t everything, but I need to get my DPS up above 150k if I want to kill Garrosh on Flex (and perhaps one day as normal) consistently with all the moving.

My love of raiding means I am completely focused when we do bosses…no talking, no laughing, no joking, I spend the entire boss fight forgetting to even breath because anything else might make me lose my rotation.  It has always been this way and even when raid leading I used to get so focused on what was going on I would forget to actually raid lead sometimes :)

The larger issue is that I am still essentially new to the guild – and certainly to their raiding team.  I am nervous around them – they run heroics…and here I am hoping to be in the same raid team as people that I have always aspired to be like, that I have read about for ages and amazed at their progress.  I see myself pushing everything I can to get to 160k DPS and then end the fight to see me sitting at 4/5th spot due to their heroic geared DPS doing 250+K dps…I feel stupid.


It won’t be that way forever, I know…I am only one secret off the next part of the legendary which means I get the meta gem, and miles off the actual cloak..but it is one step closer.

Anyway, TL;DR version is if you want to freak out your raid leader be very quiet in vents and too scared to talk :)  eheheh





Shared Topic: Questing with alts

I am leaving this until the last minute I know, but, you know…so many things to write about!!!  So this week, I bring you another topic to discuss which is also our first topic to have gone fortnightly!!!  Yes, the executive decision was made to give the blogosphere a chance to get back into the topics by spreading them a little more.  Fingers crossed this helps get people involved.

I am sure this has been done years ago perhaps, but I felt I should ask again as it is particularly relevant to me now that I am back :)

What sort of method do you use for leveling the multiple alts? Do you follow the same quest chains each time, do you avoid a certain quest section, do you only dungeon etc?? I am leveling my 5th to 90 now – from 85 and I just wondered how you guys do it??

I am not talking about the oddball leveling like just herbing to push yourself to the limit of insanity, but the more run of the mill levelling.

I have to confess, I sort of forget to buy heirloom gear for my characters, so aside from my warlock, stuck at level 23 and my hunter who has two pieces of heirloom gear, I pretty much only level with the guild bonus.

I find leveling a real struggle if I have to go through the same area – for example, my monk is now doing the Ashenvale area, which my rogue has only just started doing as well….do you think I can find the energy to log onto my monk anymore?  Nope…I need to get him across to the eastern kingdoms and quest there for something different, because I can’t even be bothered logging onto my rogue and doing it either.  Both toons are stuck at level 23ish because I am too lazy to log on and spend the time moving one to the other continent.

My higher level toons, I always try to find a different quest zone for.  My mage – of course did everything :) My druid was leveled with dungeons and herbing  (and some skinning as well just to get some xp but only if the bare minimum quests required it) I think she has only done about 200 quests in her lifetime, for leveling purposes. My warrior did Kun lai and some of towlong steppes (I think), my pally did Dread wastes – and I struggled to find a starter quest, but no way was I doing Kun Lai or steppes again :p, my Shammy has been doing kun lai – and dragging her feet about it, but again, only because  I can’t be bothered flying to dread wastes and doing those damn spider quests.  My priest will probably head to dread waste to be honest once she gets past the first few levels, but I will head to the wilds with her instead of pangs stead…so sick of that place!!

I do LFD as much as possible and generally am queuing up the second I am online, it just helps so much, especially those first couple of runs when you have quests to do and hand in.

I have found that I hate doing the same quests straight away, if I have to do it later – like a couple of months, that is fine, but when it is just one after the other, I don’t really enjoy it.  I think this time round it is worse as I have nothing to do but level alts, so all of them are getting done in pretty quick succession.  Normally I level my mage straight off the xpac and then my next toon takes months as my mage has my focus for rep, gearing, re-learning etc, I would say that I don’t really even level an alt until my mage is at a point that I can’t get anymore upgrades before raiding or anymore rep for the day.  That takes a few months at least, so the pain of leveling has somewhat diminished by then :)


Other particpants:




Transmogging my own

So, I got sick and tired of never having enough space in my mages bags, since I came back in December, I have been running with under 10 bags slots free due to  my bank, void storage and bags all carrying transmog gear. Yup. All full…well not just transmog gear, tabards take up a huge percentage of space as well, but I can’t bear to part with them.

Either way, I decided to ditch some of the Tier gear that is relatively easy to come buy in game and this opened up some space – I now have like 20 slots free in my void storage, which I can start shuffling gear into!!  WOOT!

Of course during this winter clean, I decided I should probably actually create an outfit for my took me a while to come up with something I liked.  But thanks to Luxy the weapon I needed was pretty easy to come by (she was my own personal cheer squad – telling me I could get the weapon!)  after about 30 minutes of camping; the rare appeared, died and dropped the Pathwalker Greatstaff I wanted.

So here is my mage, all sexy and spruced, what do you think?  The only piece I am still needing is the gloves – which are currently being made by a guildie – they require dreamcloth…Don Tayo’s inferno mittens – yuck!  So the gloves will change eventually..but it doesn’t really change the look much at all anyway.





Brawlin’ again

After hubby dinged 90 on his rogue, we decided to do some LFR (first failed one since the boosters so we have been lucky) we had been waiting almost 15 minutes by the time Faithless said she were heading to the Brawlers guild for the first time!  It had been a while since I had been back so I thought I would go and lend some moral support and maybe give a shot or two.

Mctacky turned up as well and between the three of us, I am sure we annoyed the raiders in the guild by waffling on about brawling :p But we were having so much fun cheering each other on and kicking butt.

The Brawlers

Don’t mess with the brawlers!!

Faith was moving through the bosses at a breakneck pace and sounded pretty excited to be doing it – I think the expectation was worse then the actual doing :) I know I was nervous my first time, but now look at me:

Rank 7 Brawler

Rank 7 and still dying to bosses :)  The first fight in rank 7 was really annoying me…I think lag plays such an issue in this arena, my character would be out of the circle on my screen and away from damage however I got blown up multiple times as if I was in the circle…I know 500ms isn’t that huge but I reckon it may be enough.  In the end I just continually ran around the boss basically and ice lanced him….LOL…was stupid but effective.

Even Sev popped his head in for a spin after raid time, but he is on the boss I am fearing the most – I have seen it before and I agree with Sev, it may be the boss that stops me from continuing!!  The Hex one with the pink maze you have to face or something…EEEP!!

In the end, our queue took 45 minutes to pop, and we were in there for about 15, we left after the second wipe because they wouldn’t wait for a second tank, hubby went off to pick some more flowers and I went back to brawling.  Such a fun night!!  I really enjoy doing the other things in the game with guildies and just having a laugh.

Blowing my mind in dungeons!

Last week before shut down whilst I was on holidays and hubby was out for the evening, a couple of guildies decided to run some old content (they do this regularly chasing mounts) and I tagged along as I wanted to get some achievements, mounts would be awesome – don’t get me wrong – but I am more concerned with getting my achievement mounts first – they do have a much higher drop rate :p

Anyway, to cut a very long eventful night short, we ran ICC (H 25 man), Uld (I think it was H 25 man), Firelands (H 25 man) and then ToT (10).

I kid you not – I KID YOU NOT!!!!  We 5 manned all of it and I scored so many achievements!  I have added them all into a gallery because let’s face it, you don’t need a huge long arse post with every single screenshot and let me tell you there were heaps of them!!

I am now only one achievement off my second ICC mount – SOOO CLOSE!! I can taste it!  I still need every Ulduar one in 10 man for my drake, I am now 23/25 embers off for my legendary staff and I am now halfway through the achievements for the mount in FL as well.

It was pretty exciting though as Owl managed to complete his legendary staff quest – and bug it out whilst trying to pick it up – it worked in the end though – and I was soooo excited and completely jealous! So I am going to try and find some way to get into FL more regularly now just to get this done and perhaps the achievements for the mount.   He kept saying he was going to delete it or trash it, and I may have to kill him for comments like that – I would give my left..well…body part for it!

We had very few wipes overall and seriously some of the DPS these guys can throw out had me in just complete and utter awe!  I just felt so completely outclassed! I mean I know my gear isn’t great, but seeing people hitting 800k or more just makes me feel useless at 160k….really useless.   I hope that playing with awesome players will help keep me on my toes and wanting to improve my playing as well.  I can’t guarantee I will ever be as amazing as those guys – but I will be damned if I am not going to try my hardest!

So here is the gallery of all the shots I got today!


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