Raiding: Is it a wipe or a kill?

Woo!  Wooooo!!  You know what that means.  Epicness follows below.

Tonight started rough, we wiped a couple of times due to just random assortment of bad luck, but we improved dramatically on phase 3 with some better set up for adds. It was good to see it coming together. We got him to 4% and I swear it was almost as bad as seeing a 1%.  I was dead so this was the lowest I saw.

It was such a tease. We brought a few other people in from <Old Dogz> guild, I am sorry I can’t remember everyone’s names. We smashed it out a few more times and then BAM!

Ahead of the Curve: Argus

I haven’t decided if this was a wipe or a kill?  The only person “up” was Jason in non corporeal form.  This was at the end of the fight and not the end of phase 3 – I promise.  I have also just noticed whilst typing this, his title is Dragonslayer and I feel that explains why he lets me die maybe?  He dislikes dragons. Heartbroken.

I can’t believe we killed Argus, I can only assume DOT’s did it?

There is just nothing I can say that explains how excited I am about having that achievement. It has been a long time since I was raiding at any time or in any capacity to get the Ahead of the curve achievements.

On a selfish level, I never in a million years, thought I would ever be tanking with a raid team to the point of being able to actually complete content. Tanking has always been one of those things that I watched with awe. How could they do it, keep mobs, stay alive, watch aggro, taunt on time, stay out of stuff etc etc. I didn’t think I would ever be saying that I helped the guild achieve this. I mean they were mostly through the content, and I am not sure how much I have actually helped on some bosses, but it still feels pretty good to me.

There are few things I covet more in game than mounts.   Ever since we did the original quest in legion to ride one of these I said I wanted one.  I had to get it no matter what it took.  Thankfully it was a mount we could eventually get. Once you kill Argus on heroic or above you get The Blood of the Unmaker and all you need to do is hand it in to Khadgar in Dalaran.  He gives you the most beautiful mount (with the exclusion of Ashes of A’lar) in the game – the Violet Spellwing.

Here is a picture of the guildies on their mounts.  As the mounts don’t sit we had to take a flying picture. So much awesome in such a cool picture.

We attempted to get Fred his trinket from the Doggies. We didn’t manage to get that for him…again. We did the council without issue and then went to Portal Keeper Wankbalar.  God I hate him.  I try so hard to not stand in the green stuff and it just gets me like….1 time and it just kills everything.

The raid ended on a downer after that due to my idiocy.  Which makes everything I felt above dissipate into shame and guilt about being crap.  But then I looked at my mount and I felt happy again because I helped the guild get that mount and achievement.

We streamed the night again and still had no issues with my laptop or anything which I am happy about. I managed to put a little overlay on my chat window which Craig believes was crap….but like…my skillz aren’t leetzor dude.

Go guildies!!!!!  I am so happy right now 😀

Finally ending stories

For the longest time since returning to WoW and collecting the pillars of creation I had wondered how to get the last one. The elusive Eye of Amun’thul. I desperately wanted to close off the story and having so many quests in my log I honestly could not work which lead where, so whilst down with a headcold I decided to try and close off the raid quests in my log and run some LFR’s.

I got through so many raids and received exactly zero gear for my mage.  Not one item. Bah humbug.

Anyway I discovered after killing Guldan,  Khadgar makes you carry the thing back to Dalaran with him! How easy is that?  Seriously. It was one boss fight away from me.

I was so happy to have finally completed that story line!  It was bugging me.  Of course after he places the eyes in the Dalaran dungeon, you head back to Suramar and have chat to Occuleth – because nothing every really ends when you think it does in WoW.  I wish I had completed that story before doing the allied races as it perhaps would have made a little more sense.

Either way, you get another mount – The Arcanist’s Manasaber!!

It flies and has gorgeous purple wings and cute little hanging feet. Adorable.  Honestly the entire thing took me maybe 10 minutes from start to finish outside of the Gul’dan killing part, really could have done that much sooner if I had any clue.

After completing that I was also finally, FINALLY, able to complete something that has been irritating me for a while due to the RNG nature of WOW. Yup Defender of the Broken Isles!

It has been one of those things that every single time I see an assault it is one of the others.  This achievement has been sitting like this for a long time.  I am so glad I logged in this morning with a foggy head to see if it was up.

After a short scenario in which I got completely lost and separated from my party because I stupidly didn’t see the stairs to the tower on the left, I finally got this one done.  I was happy to see Cenarious grant me his antler, I am sure he can regen one pretty easily.  My only really beef is that it doesn’t grant us a title.  Blizzard seems reticent to hand out titles anymore but I loved them, it gave my character just a little something different and we should be commemorated for saving the Broken Isles from the legion.

Both these achievements have been in the back of my mind and now they are done, I feel so much happier.  Now if i could just get through the quests for my professions (although I have a feeling they actually never end) because they take up so much room in my quest log.  Both Alchemy and Tailoring give me 3 – 4 quests at a time and they involve a mix of heroic/mythic stuff.  It is just messy.  The quest log should 2 things – a number so you can tell how many quests you actually have – I am sure it used to (?) and it should let you sort by dungeon/raid quests so you can see how many you have in say MoS without having to click through each quest.

Either pretty happy with those two massive plot lines completed. YAY! <happy dance>


Xpac Spoilers: We finally bought Battle for Azeroth

The reason for the delay was simple. Neither of us had the reputation to start the quest chains for the allied races, so we waited until we had that completed.

I know we didn’t have to, but there is nothing worse than buying something you can’t make use of. We cannot decide what characters to boost, Drew is thinking of a mage as he has never been able to level one, and I am completely clueless. I haven’t got a high level rogue, monk or DK. The rest of my toons I have at 90ish. Seems wasteful to boost a level 90 toon when I could boost a level 1…but…I simply don’t want any of those classes at max and that is where I a torn. I am leaning towards my hunter who is 90 and means I could skip Drainor completely or my Shammy who is also stuck at Drainor level.

Anyway, we left them for the moment, but the little 110 circle is calling to me 😀

We logged back in to a summons by the Warchief (FOR THE HORDE!) and past this point is spoilers for the allied races steps.  If you do not wish to know, skip over the rest of this post.

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Fluff about Friday

Quick update on some of my achievements in WoW since I have been overseas.  Yes I have been playing as I managed to get sick and haven’t really been keen to go outside in the humidity feeling like I do!

But, I did manage to get my noble bunny the day before it stopped.  I could have sworn they increased the eggs again this year as I had not trouble at all in razor hill doing laps with a few other people and always finding eggs.

I also managed to finally get enough AP to complete my weapon, and only today have I managed to actually collect enough to select all ranks.  Not sure what I do now, do I just keep any further AP tokens for when I change weapons or do I change anyway so I can complete them <shrug> something to consider anyway.

I have also completed 2 Fel assaults now, one in Stormheim and one in Highmountain.  I hadn’t realised I needed to so scenarios etc and I was wondering why I was not completing them in the achievement.  Now I know. I only have 2 wait for 2 more to pop up.

I did Highmountain this morning.

Overall quite enjoyable and I hope to get the others completed soon.  I am still working on our flying achievements and if we have time we might get the Suramar stuff done this weekend with any luck. It will put us one step closer to getting there. I think we will only need the armies of legion rep to get it.

But just a quick update as you can see – I haven’t really been doing much, no world quests and barely anything useful really, but I am an addict and do miss the game.


I commented about 2 days ago to Lominari that I really wanted the hidden artifact appearance for my weapon but that it required a drop from mobs in Suramar or Nighthold.  My luck with world drops is pretty spotty at best so I resigned myself to the fact it would never happen.  So when I went to my class hall I changed my weapon to the lovely pink option as I felt it was appropriate given we were going to be running around in Suramar for the questline for flying.  We were catching Lominari up on a chest chain that I had already completed and in do so got attacked by a huge amount of mobs, he said to just let ourselves die – I chose to fight because I am like that – we ended up managing to kill them all!  Woo!

I am so glad we did.

I nearly fell off my chair. I stared at it blankly for a few seconds – it was probably really only 10 seconds but it felt more like ha minute until the realisation of what I was seeing dawned on me.

I screamed. Yup, screamed “OH MY GOD!!!!! I cannot believe it!!  I got it – Lominari it just goddamn dropped!” He was all..”huh? what are you talking about!  IN my excitement to explain what it looked like or was I think I may have said a string of nonsensical words in an attempt to form a sentence.

This was also after having just a few hours earlier managing to complete the knowledge levels and spending time trying to work out how you know what level you needed to get to or how many more notes were needed.

Of course this spanking new artifact skin needed a new transmog and since I have always loved the star skins on anything (what I wouldn’t give for the mount!!) I might decide to stick with this for a little while.

Isn’t she so gorgeous!  Awwww my fire mage looks so epic with her starry blade! I like blues and purples as a general rule and so this transgmog makes me happy although I am wondering if I should change my spec to frost to match.

So happy I got my hidden skin – for all you guys farming out there, just keep going.  I still only have one legendary so am not lucky on that front. Swings and roundabouts as they say.  You will get it eventually!

Good Friday achievement run

What do you do when you are not a Christian but have public holidays because of the mainstream?  Find others who are also not doing anything over easter/good friday and spend the day eating, drinking and playing WoW.

I am quite proud pagan and I would happily work on Christian holidays if it meant I could get my 8 main festivals off, however with only just over 40K people in Australia claiming to be pagan on the census I think we are a long way off equality there.  I mean if you take gay marriage as an example of how minorities are screwed in Aus, I think you have a fair idea. Anyway finding other “atheist” friends is not a major issue 😀

I packed up my pc and headed over into the alliance territories of my druid.  Since this is a super long post you have to jump through 🙂

We were deciding what to do as a group of 4 and I suggested we look at doing old achievements for mounts, just chill out and run around.  The reason being one of our 4 hasn’t played WoW in years and so being able to get through heroics/mythics would have been challenging.  However I didn’t mind chasing old achievements though.

We started with The cataclysm raider achievement and figured that would be the easiest, most of us had a lot already completed.

I don’t think that is too bad really, the only one I had the others didn’t was Four Play and Silence is Golden.

We smashed through the instance so quickly that most of the time me and Calan didn’t get a spell off.  My moonfire was getting smooshed constantly but I just couldn’t run fast enough with my little owlbear feet.  We failed on Nefarion as we killed him far too quickly which meant he didn’t get to play out his speech etc. We ran out and tried to come back in heroic to do it again but found we couldn’t.  GAH!  Trying to remember the changes to the raiding situations is insane over multiple exapcs.  Maybe Blizz should look at removing that once the xpacs are a couple of years old, so you can go in and farm both normal and heroic.  It isn’t like you have anything to gain other than pets/mounts/gear now. So we have to go back in for “Keeping it in the family”.

We also did Bastion of Twilight where we were missing more of the achievements for others.

I did not think we would actually get “Double Dragon” as the bosses were losing health without us doing anything and both Fi and Hels were in the other realms trying to kill the mobs.  They managed to get the last mob down and the bosses had about 2% health.  It was an amazing effort.   The other thing I was super excited about was seeing Sinestra, I remember when the raid was released thinking I would never get to see the fight at current level but how cool did it look!!

We had no idea what was going on when we got to her and had no idea how to do the fight.  All of us saying we hadn’t seen it.  Until the achievement popped up for all of us except Fi.  She was very confused about when she received the achievement because she was adamant she had never seen the fight.

Throne of the 4 winds was also needed to complete the achievement and we missed out on”Stay Chill” unfortunately.  It caused a wipe the first time as we tried to go to 8 for the buff before we killed the other bosses, instead that killed us and took Hel about 15 minutes to die.  So we tried it again, but you know what isn’t helpful – demonhunter wings – apparently when you are trying to jump across platforms they cause you to go slower and delay you landing which means more time for the buff to count down.  It caused an issue with Hel and then he dropped his buff but we didn’t realise and so we killed the guys and no achievement.

I didn’t need “Four Play” but the others did so we researched what needed to happen, spent about 10 minutes reading up on the best way to complete it without issue and then headed into the fight.  This was after having bugged out the boss the first time and having to spend 10 minutes rebooting WoW before being able to get get the fight started again.

We start the fight, and Hel forgets that we are attacking a boss from the 1930’s and decides to hit it with one solitary attack. BAM! Boss dead.

I am in fits of laughter, rolling on the floor almost, because instead of auto attacking he went full Demonhunter and went crazy. We didn’t get the achievement as you can imagine.

I only need 2 more achievements now to get the mount – I am happy about that. I could potentially do the Nefarion one but the Stay Chill will be hard without at least 3 people.

You would think we would have had enough at this point, but nope we decided to head to Dragonsoul. As you can see – I don’t need much for this one. Sadly the issue is my druid doesn’t have any of the Chromatic Champion completed however my mage has 2 done.  Sadly that isn’t account bound 🙁

Fi and Hel only need 1 more run through to get the last chromatic platform which will be awesome for them in a week’s time.  I might see if  I can find a raid going to get one more platform done on my mage.

The only one which caused us grief and took about 40 minutes (if no wayyyyyyyy more) was Maybe He’ll get dizzy.  We did it over and over and over and over and over again. Each time getting slightly better but initially we just kept killing all the things with splash damage and flying off his back a couple of times.  Only 4 people means that if you are standing just slightly over the imaginary line he rolls.  Was sooo painful.   After a bit of a break for snacks and drinks we came back and did it. FINALLY!  there was much celebration!

The last ones we attempted were Mogu’shan vaults because we figured that would potentially be just as easy as the other ones. We were wrong.  We could not have been more wrong if we tried.

By this stage my hubby was home from work, so we decided to pull him into the raiding fun as well. As he is away in Malaysia at the moment, I am getting him as much as I can to play WoW with me so we get some “time” together.

We all went into the first one with Corgis and pugs out.  We didn’t get the achievement for “Must Love Dog”. We speculated that because the corgis were not around in Pandaland we needed to get out pugs only.  So we excited and attempted to come back in on a different mode… nope. Still not possible in this expansion.  So we moved on to Fend the Accursed and could not get the mimic to happen, however at the end of the fight we seemed to have one part of it done – I will need to read up more about that achievement. It doesn’t help when you don’t really remember how the fights actually go. No achievement.

Activating the Mogu artifact seems like an easy prospect but it isn’t.  I read on wowhead that having more people clicking on it speeds up the channelling – I dispute that vehemently but with only 2 people in the spirit realm it is hard to tell conclusively.  We think we might need more than 5 people for this fight given 3 people are voodoo dolls and unable to go through to the spirit realm. No extra achievement after at least 6 attempts.

Subetai the Swift we all danced with after he did pillage and then nothing happened, no achievement so we will have to find out why – we must have done something wrong.

We did manage to get this one though – yay us. Probably not the most difficult to get completed really.

Then we failed miserably on the last one with the constructs that do so much damage which you are supposed to avoid but have no actual way of doing so easily.  I have no idea.  We all spent ages and ages and ages killing adds on this fight and only a couple of us getting 1 single stack of the debuff needed.  This one made me angry as I couldn’t avoid the damage at all. In any way. This one is a lie!  I don’t see how anyone completes it.

I am sure there is a trick and I will try and find out how to complete them all and see if they are possible solo or with just 2 people etc.

Kudos to the group – we did so many achievements it was awesome.  Sorry about the Mogu’shan ones being horrific!! But I had such a great afternoon playing and doing old content. It was so much fun!

Pet Battles: Taming Draenor

Wow!  Just what a bunch of bastards!  Can I say that? Don’t tell Cymre I called her in game tamer that name.  She wouldn’t like it. But, oh my goddess!  She was hard.  So so so hard. That stupid idol was unkillable.

I did however manage to defeat her with this team above. It was a couple of days in the works and planning but I eventually got there.

We also need to briefly discuss this mod called “Rematch” – it is so brilliant!  So So So So So So brilliant. You can save teams, you can create a list of pets to be levelled, search by type, Strong against and tough vs.  It shows you what pets the trainer/tamers have etc etc etc.  If you pet battle and don’t use it – get onto it – and why did I not get this mod sooner!!

Veshan wasn’t too bad, I just seemed to have good luck with him and only did the fight a couple of times with the above group.  I don’t remember even using my cub on this fight fight.

Taralune was not the easiest but my pets were not all level 25, so it was a little bit of a challenge, ultimately better for my Whelping though.

Gargra was not as great for my leveller pet, I must have messed up the order to pet her into the battle, either way I managed to defeat her as well after a few attempts.  I think RNG works against me a lot more than some other people.

I didn’t take a photo of Tarr the terrible so I have zero recollection of the fight! Go Me! So I am sorry as I have no idea how I did it.  I think it only took me 1 attempt as well so it was super easy from memory.

Now I don’t know what else to chase.  I have to start working on the achievements to kill heaps of trainers with a team made up of each type.  That may take forever. Oh and the celestial tournament will be a focus soon.

The stresses of new bosses

So, iron maidens….

What can I say about them that don’t involve more off colour words than  If only they were as awesome as these ones? Maybe they are if you are into Orc girls….

Anyway last raid week was wipe fest on them.  I missed Thursday and figured they would have killed them since we were close already, but I found out they hadn’t :(  So when I got in there Monday I felt pretty good that we would have it.  I cannot tell you how close we got.

Multiple times.

This is the consistent view. One boss dead and the others almost there.  I don’t believe we are really doing the third phase right in that we are sacrificing people for the penetrating shot, I think we should continue to do them as they really aren’t that hard, but having said that we are not far off.

People are getting a little stressed about the entire fight and frustrated with people dying but it gets harder each attempt to not make mistakes as you know people are getting angry.  I know I am not one to generally fail on mechanics and even i stuffed up at one point because I ran the wrong way and straight onto bombs on one attempt. Then I had a death on a pentrating shot even though I had invised out of it, my cooldown got burnt – i watched myself go phased and then I died. It was all within a few seconds and even other people said they saw me go so I shouldn’t have died.  I would suggest it was just a timing thing. No idea but it causes a problem.

Crooked then messaged me afterwards and asked why I wasn’t blinking when I had blood ritual and I had to ask myself the same thing.  I just had not even considered it. I have become to used to using Ice Floesand casting when moving now that I very rarely use blink unless I have a long way to go. I admit to feeling particularly stupid on that front now. Thanks Crooky!!

I also decided to simcraft msyelf again as I noticed my DPS is still somewhat questionable.  On heavy movement fights according to simcraft in my current gear I can do a maximum of 20k…on patchwerk fights I think it said 23k ( I will check when i get home). Either way I am exceeding those figures based on the fight – it just sucks to be down the bottom most of the time. I am seriously considering changing to fire next week to give that a belting in raid if they will allow it.

I am tightly crossing my fingers for a kill this week – which will be epic!

Pet battle Mania

ok, so I am slightly going crazy with the pet battles, but I have been sick and I couldn’t get any sleep yesterday due to the contraction works happening on our street.  I couldn’t even watch TV they were so loud, so I figured I would update my blog, and then that got me hankering to be in game, so I jumped in with the intention of doing nothing, but it didn’t hurt my head too much….so I did some pet battles…it took the least amount of effort.

I scored some cool achievements as well, which always makes me happy.

My team is now 23/22 level and I am pretty close to getting that one to 25 which will help the rest get there.  I went off and did my 2 dailies before I headed to outland.

perts lvl 23

Given that outland is such a small place I figured I would just collect everything in every zone I needed to.  That was my goal.

On the way to getting my Safari achievement I got an extra pet without much effort on my first capture in Outland:

More pets!!!

feral v

He is a cute little bugger isn’t he?  Especially those bright red eyes?

So deciding to just fly to every zone in Outland didn’t sound that hard….but was horrible :p However I have managed to maul enough animals in zones to make it worthwhile before I had done much in Nagrand.

Master Pet Hunter


Then after travelling around trying to find a Brown Marmot and a rat, I managed to get these little puppies.

Outland Safari


Outland Tamer

Now, I have 2 more levels to get…2 MORE!!!!  OMG!!!  SO darn close :)

5 more of these levels to go!!

So, I officially have 2 pets at level 20.  Woot!  Slowly but surely I am getting there, only 5 more levels to go and I can start smashing through the other pets I have…I hope…I have spent this week on early shifts at work which means early to bed and no time for raiding.  My game time therefore, has been pet battles.  I think I am doing quite well :)

My current team, I was really enjoying using a Sand Kitten, but their health was just too low…whilst my other pets were at 1100hp, the kitten was barely at 900…so I swapped for the mechano-bear you see here:

Current battle team

The group leaves a lot to be desired if I am honest, but I haven’t found any pets to replace other lower ones with yet, maybe now that I have the quest for outlands??

I completed eastern kingdoms and scored my first daily quest!!  YAY! Included with that win was a battle stone for a mechanical pet – squee!!

battle stone and daily

I then completed the Kalimdor ones as well, but sadly, we don’t get an achievement for completed the EK ones, so I will only ever have this as proof.  The old timer was my Oozling hitting 20 – I had wanted Onyxia to hit 20 first but she died on that fight, sadly..but she got it on the next fight so in my head I will consider her pretty close to being my first to 20.  I want her to be my first to 25 if I can wrangle it.  No deaths!!

Level 20 pet!!

I also noticed I was pretty close to getting all the types collected, so I dashed off to undercity to catch some ghosts and didn’t realise I would get these two achievements:

200 achievement points

I was just aiming for this one :

Collecting one of each

Overall though, I am pretty proud of my tenacity to keep going with this, I am not sure how much longer I will do it for, but I like collecting the animals in an area, so I may keep going for a while, but at this stage…I have two daily quests which will be worth it for the bandages.  Tempted to leave one of my other 90′s at the daily spots so i can just log between them to get to each spot easily….but I shall think on that.

Pretty impressive for a couple of days work if I do say so myself!

Slowly getting there

It is a very sow grind to 25 for me, I am doing so many things wrong because I can’t bear to see my little guys die…I probably could be 25 with a pet by now if I was made of tougher stuff.

I had some time before raid to spare and so I spent the afternoon just chilling out catch rares and levelling.

At un’goro and level 15, I discovered that I now have to battle 3 pets with the massive annoyance that more than one can be a blue quality in each battle…this was horrid.  HORRID design on blizzard’s behalf to tease and torment us like that!!  I am trying to collect pets here…don’t make it harder than it already is by making multiple pets of a nice quality. It happened multiple times, so heartbreaking!

Time for a leash

I now have 2 pets at level 16 – and one almost the same level,  I don’t really have a set team at this stage, I am just switching out collected pets for each fight that have higher health – only an issue as I am farming Tanaris because goblins don’t like me so I can’t use the stable and un’goro doesn’t have any stables…so…it was mighty painful trying to conserve the 2 pet bandages I had.  I wish I could buy more of them!!  I may be able to do the next pet tamer now though and fingers crossed score some more, I have to check that out.

However all is not lost, because my capture rate is pretty high:

High Quality

Given the amount of wild battles I have done I should hope so though!!

Master pet battler

So, now I will continue onward…I am not overly far away now from level 25…surely it gets faster…LOL…fingers crossed anyway.  I need to collect so many more animals – it is such an effort to not leave a place before I have them all…I do need to go back to Tanaris as I left before I had them all as my pets had outgown the area.  By outgrown, I mean I am trying to always be in a zone that is 1-2 levels higher than my pets for better xp…it is challenging and it means they are losing heaps of health each time, so maybe it is a waste of time actually…LOL…

I can’t wait until I get to 25!

60 reputations!! Holy Cow!

I noticed the other day that I had less than 3k to go to reach exalted with the Sunreaver Onslaught and so I decided to just do one more day and see if it boosted me over.

Clearly it worked.  I must start doing some more dailies actually, I am quickly running out of money due to all this mount buying I am doing :p Yeah…The sunreaver onsalught got me to the 60 exalted achievements! Woot sunreavers!! 60 reputatations at exalted and all I got was 10 achievement points – ripped off – that is effort baby!!


This also makes me want to go back and get the reps I haven’t gotten already – Black temple (gah), firelands, frenzyheart tribe etc…surely there is another rep level after 60 – 65 maybe?  No idea, but I would like to aim for it anyway.

I managed to buy this little guy with my rep, which is pretty neat, he doesn’t have a completely awful run, which means I may actually add him to my list of useable mounts :)


I also like the back of the mounted seat – pretty awesome looking I think, I do love the details they add…I really do!


This never happened….NEVER!!

After my excited post about the 25 man Garrosh kill (WOOT – I am still on a high about it!!)  I was informed that I am even more of a numpty than I originally thought, there is a mount.  Yes…a mount!!!!

Can you believe it!!?!?!? I knew all along of course, I was just keeping you all in suspense.  I mean, I am certainly not a numpty – ever! I have a proven track record for always doing things correctly and without any errors or mistakes.


However when I logged back in the next day after delaying the suspense of posting about it, I found this armoured guy sitting in my journal.  I think I forget about mounts now because you never know you receive them, I prefer the old days of at least opening your mail to see the new things you win and then having to learn the actual spell/item.  It gave me a sense of ownership.


I have never been a fan of the wolf loping, so he will be relegated to the rest of the wolf pack as never to be used again, but he is very handsome and aggressive looking. The other thing, this mount did for me – which I was not expecting was :


I honestly thought I was a couple more mounts off that, but woot!  I am now sitting pretty on 151…no idea how I am going to get to 200 – honestly…I am missing a fair few profession based mounts which I could spend some time farming, and also achievement mounts from clearing content…but I just need friends willing to help with clearing old stuff and doing achievements.  I also need to buy the Anglers mounts still and all the cloud serpents!

The Jade kite isn’t as nice as the original one, imho, but it is still pretty, must be because I have a soft spot for blues and greens.


I didn’t know I even had it because I never got the achievement actually popping up to advise me, I only noticed it today when I logged onto my pally, happened to see the achievement glow and catch the last part of the notice fading from sight.


Raiding mojo

I lost it…or misplaced it….or left it completely behind somewhere this week….not raiding for one week really kills any mojo I was building up.

We did a combined run with a guild that is looking into merging or combining or something….they seemed ok, had a fascination with kitties and licking – I won’t go into too much detail but I am sure you can all figure that one out.  They had a couple of completely filthy minds, which I loved 🙂  I of course Ninjad some images of everyone grouped up before boss pulls :)

They also had a couple of of very lovely voices on vents…I like nice voices…they don’t have to be deep like this study suggests, for me personally, but I do have a thing for voice.  Anyway, off topic :)

I sucked last night, in fact I was struggling to get above 170k consistently.  I died. A lot. on Thok – I was just in the wrong place all the damn time and getting chomped is not fun!!  Siegecrafter – I actually did fine survival wise on – funny that used to be my worst fight and now I actually understand what the hell is going on I stay alive!  Paragons was fine as always – easy peesy fight. paragons finally finally dropped my damn pants…and you know what happened….I lost them on my epic roll of 6 to someone who rolled and even more epic roll of 7.  Yes.  That was the epicness of my role.  The winner then advised he rolled on the wrong pants and someone asked for the OS and then said thanks in chat.  So i figured he had them.  In typical fashion I got annoyed – I hate loot distribution that is not fair and MS vs OS is not fair – I said it in guild as well – because I was incorrectly thinking they had just handed out the loot to the other person old school style :) .  Turns out…I am retarded…and my illustrious GL gave me the pants after the other guy said he rolled on the wrong pair.  So…I missed that bit of text as my chat window had scrolled well up from there after the event.

Anyway after feeling like a right royal twat for about 1 minute, and people then telling me to check my bags – and blaming my alcohol intake on my ability to function coherently, I found my pants!!  **Point to note I was not actually drunk raiding last night!!  and I don’t generally drunk raid…just a couple of times I have…I would say less than 30% of my raid time is spent drunk…i swear!! My guild won’t believe me – but I swear it is true!  I am also now terrified that my stupidity will be immortalized in a faily frostwolf comic and that terrifies me beyond imagining….but you know….that is the life of a stupid person!!  HAHHAH.

We then prepped for the monster man!  Butthole of the century.  Dickwad of the moronic!  yeah….what other names do you have for Garrosh???


Garrosh – we killed you.  In NORMAL!!!  Do you know what that means!!  I can die happy.


Sunday Share: Achievements

Sometimes I need help with achievements, how to get them done, what ones I can do, what I have yet to do. Yes, wowhead has comments etc, but I like how

lays out their site. I enjoy wading through the achievements and deciding which ones I can do – or need to do.

It seems to be pretty regularly updated as well, which is nice to see.

If you are an achievement junky like myself – what sites do you visit?