I tried to go arcane for last nights raid, and I have to say I really don’t like it as a spec. I much prefer my fire spec, I really can’t help but enjoy the 15k hits with spells.

FFB is just my spec – it suits my gameplay and I like that πŸ˜€

GOt some new gear as well recently, new wrists and new dagger, so am sitting on 2400 spell damage when half buffed πŸ™‚

New recruits

We have 2 new players to the guild this week, a DK and a Fury warrior.

Teh DK has raiding experience in WOTLK which is good, and is roughly up to the same stuff as us.Β  Teh warrior has no raiding experience but has made an effort to at least read the fights etc so was pretty impressed with him last night when he managed to survive most of the time.

The warrior needs gear as does the DK, but not huge amounts, a couple of runs through ToC/Ulduar and ONy when we kill them shoudl probably get them some gear fairly quickly. Even last night they both picked up a peice each due to the plate drops.Β 

So all in all they seem to be fitting in and we seem to be doing ok. Just need to find a healer unless our druid decides to stay with us again since we are doing well at the moment.

Not sure about it and we shall see what happens in the next few weeks.

Coz we can’t get enough of those damn snakes

Back to ToC again tonight and we got up to the Twins again, we had the new people with us and our recently dinged healer, so I knew it woudl be tough – even if we could manage any of it, but I am surprised, yes we managed quite well.

The faction chmapions were our stumbling block as we got a DK/warrior, hunter/mage and shammy/pally combo…it was very hard.Β  the DK/Warrior were running aroudn 2 shotting everything in sight, the shammy kept chain chasting lesser healing wave and the pally was generally just a pain in the butt πŸ˜€Β  But after some readjustment and using every tool in our arsenal we got them down.

PVP encounters in PVE relaly make you realise how much we don’t use all our spells, for example by the end of the attempts we were having both our warriors use intimidating shouts, priest was fearing whenever possible, the warriors were using their throws as well as our pally healer throwing their stuns in and everyone else was ccing and trapping and novaing everything they could.

It’s very different to an encounter where you really just kind os use a rotation and hope lilke heck you can pull out the numbers to beat the enrage. I really enjoy the faction champions fight πŸ˜€

We only had a couple of shots on the Twins just to show everyone the fight so when they read the strat they have a bette runderstanding of what goes on etc.Β  But not sure we can handle the Twins without our best geared on due to the shield needing 15 seconds and 250k damage.

But we can go to Ulduar tonight and get some gear for the lesser geared players, which will help with that.

We like pain :D

So we went back into ToC tonight, because we are suckers for punishment, but well I think we were all surprised.Β  We spent a little time on the snakes again getting that right, but then we one shit Lord Jaxx and one shot the faction champions.

I know the FC were nerfed but we were surprised at how much. They were super easy. We spent about 10 minutes just talking through which to kill first and one of our PVP junkies was giving us hints and tips etc so I think that helped.

I did a very quick search for Twin information as I had not thought we would get to them from the reports I had heard about FC. So was shocked to the core and had no idea about the next one.Β Β  Did a quick explanation of the most confusing fight I have ever read in my life so no wonder really we didn’t get very far , but it was nice to be seeing them.

So 9 badges in one night everyone wants to go back in there on Wednesday because of the amount of badges we got.Β  We shall see who we have online.


Had a very interesting night tonight in ToC. We spent ages wiping on the Beasts, well in actual fact, all night wiping. We didn’t kill them.

We just kept stuffing up – one little thing ehre and there, people getting killed by bile, spray, mobs etc – it was just a screwfest…nothing in particualr stuck out just everything was wrong.

We also managed to bug the first boss a coupel of times, we had 5 snobolds come out instead of four, which isn’t a huge problem in itslef, but it is when you count to 4, then get an extra one on the healer and no one realises so death ensues.

Anyway, let’s just put that down to a bad night πŸ˜€

Fun times

We had a really good raid tonight, everyone was on the ball and doing their thing. We one shot everything except Hodir and called it after we killed Thorim.

The poor kiwis had daylisght savings,Β  which means they are 3 hours ahead for this week, so we have been calling raids early so as to not inconvenience them too much.Β  I don’t mind at all especially when we are having an awesome night. We cleared so much tonight.Β  We started at about 6.45 and got to Hodir trash by 7.50pm, so just under and hour and we only skipped Ignis.

Everyone was in pretty high spirits, which is helped by the fact we were doing content we know we can do. Ony was beginning to make us dread raiding I think.

So tomorrow night Freya and Mimron…we are so close on him – then only 2 bosses to go πŸ˜€Β  WOOT WOOT!!Β  heheh

I really do love my guild, i know I bitch when we are having bad nights, but we all do that.Β  I just can’t remember a time when I have had so much fun with people, consistently.

I really think, these guys are the reason I have been playing as long as I have. They are just fun to be around and they really do have me in stitches sometimes, but the upside is most of them can actually play as well πŸ˜€

One ofΒ  the people who doesn’t raid with us anymore because we always had bad nights when they were in the run with us…lol no coincidence I assure you….decided to run with us tonight and they were rather impressed with how good we were going, and as I said to them – they never saw us on our normal nights, they saw us on new bosses – wiping over and over again, which is part of the game.

Anyway I am feeling strangely satisfied with tonight and in a very good mood πŸ˜€Β  eheh

levelling – kill me :D

So haven’t had much time to level my pally, indeed even play, but she is now almost 76 – I have about 20% of the level to go. Hubby helped me do some group quests last night after he got home.

So am pretty happy, she is getting close to the end now πŸ˜€Β  I respecced as well the other week when it was found I was missing 2 really important ret pally skills…have found killing mobs much easier now πŸ˜€Β  ehheh



What a farce is all I can say.

So Ony is exactly the same with one tiny exception, she spawns adds during phase 2 now. ie big fat scaly dragons who do an AOE blastwave thing which hurts. Ony can no longer be targeted by melee when she is in the air and hence the melee need to get onto the adds while the ranged attack her.

The hardest thing has been getting people to watch where she is going to deep breath and then run out of the way. Sadly I don’t think being able to look up at a massive dragon flying in the centre of your screen should be a problem, but apparently it is. I shall have to work out a way of explaining it so people understand what is going on. We get a fairly big warning when it happens so I hardly think spending .3 of a second to investigate which way she is looking will kill everyone in the raid..whereas being stuck in the deep breath will kill everyone.

Basically we were getting her to 42% every time – she lands again at 40%. But the second lot of whelps and the adds and the deep breathing was just all too much, and in all honesty it isn’t a hard fight. But people can’t move…why oh why can’t they move?

We shall go back in later and see how it goes another time, but essentially spending a week on her was just horrific. People were going in an pugging her the day she came out and then linking all the loot, so obviously she is able to be killed by a group of PUGS!!!

There just aren’t enough cuss words some times.


foot in mouth disease :D

So after my little whinge fest, my guild decides to prove me wrong and kill bosses like we are in a level 60 instance.

We killed Beasts and Jaxx this week….both after very little effort. Now I know they are not considered hard bosses like Ulduar, but you have to understand we have a very unsual group of people who can’t seem to move out of the fire or read about the strat they need to perform.

Bot OMG…they have rocked my socks this week.Β  I was saying they couldn’t do it, and they have proven they can.Β  Once again they have risen to the challenge with the group we have and pulled off a massive win πŸ™‚

I relaly am so proud of them and I think I am at the point where I don’t care if it takes us a little longer, we will get there and we will enjoy the trip as we take it πŸ™‚

My pally

is now 73 πŸ˜€Β  Having spent some time on her over the weekend and when I am able, she is getting there.Β  I have to admit, I really enjoy playing her.Β  She is fun and i am beginning to get the hang of tanking more than one mob at a time πŸ˜€

only 7 levels to go and I can raid with the horde guild I am in πŸ˜€

So I am going to try my hardest to get her to 80 before the next fortnight…I don’t think I will do it in a week, but perhaps a fortnight is doable if I just focus as much time on her as I possibly can!

Lord Jaxx

So um, the guys killed Lord Jaxx!!!Β 

I missed the raid again!!Β  LOL but the guys tell me it was nice and smooth, all they did was change the strat on the infernals and voila, easy as pie!

No one had read the strat for the next boss – faction champions – so they were just doing what they could, but it is super awesome they killed him!!

I have to admit I am a little shocked they killed him, I really don’t think I give them enough credit!

2 bosses down inΒ ToC and only 3 more to go in Ulduar, we may not be doing as fast as some others, but we are doing it…and we are cooking with something good now!


So we went back into ToC tongiht to have another play, and we wiped a couple of times on the Beasts, btu to be expetced since we have only taken them down once before.

We did relatively well I woudl say, just the 2 big worms giving us some trouble, one of our frinds ranked tanks can’t tank very well, so makes it a little difficult.

But our DPS was awesome, our healers were doing a pretty good job and all in all was cool to be in the new content.

We spent the rest of the time on Lord Jaxx, and we we re getting the hang of the fight so I don’t think it will be long before we are spanking his butt as well. Just a few minor details to work out, but essentially we have the hang of it, we didn’t really get him anywhere past the 74% mark, but the infernals were spanking the crap out of us, so need to rethink the strat we were using for him.Β  once we have that, I think easy.Β  Everyone was moving out of things that were dangerous and paying attention, so I am a little excited πŸ˜€

enough is enough

We have more people out of action in the guild, I am not entirely sure where this will leave us. I am having to recruit now in the hopes of getting some people in..fingers crossed. But it is just making so much harder to get through anything when people keep pulling out of raiding.

I know we keep say real life is more important, and to a degre it is, but surely playing this game in an environment where other people are depending on you is just as important? Perhaps that is my selfish side coming out.

But spending so much time on getting people into the guild and having to shuffle things around, work out what we can and can’t raid, even deciding if we have the group to raid when some people don’t understand we aren’t in a guild with ensidia. We have people that aren’t brilliant and need back up and we can’t just waltz in with less than our best raiding group and hope to down content. It isn’t as easy as that.

I am frustrated. I am really frustrated with real life at the moment.


So I have recently had a whinge about my guild and to be honest I feel much better.

I love them all as people, but sometimes as raiders they drive me mental πŸ˜€Β  Our healers are not top notch, our DPS don’t know how to watch aggro and some of our tanks are just plain annoying….but well not much I can do about them.

I had considered just giving it up and switching horde full time, but I was told something by a guildie I consider very important to me and he made me understand that we are still downing content, maybe not as fast as some of the uber guilds, btu we still get new bosses fairly often and we should focus on that instead of worrying about it.

So I think perhaps I am being overly harsh and judging my guildies on the opinions of others who want the hardcore gaming experience and who don’t want to farm bosses for gear and who feel they are in a shitty guild if they are not killing a new boss every hour.

Simply put,Β  I don’t want that kind of guild and I don’t want to be under that kind of pressure.

Some of the top top guilds all implode by the end of a hard strecth becuase they can’t handle the week when they don’t kill a boss.

I think I am benig too harsh on them and I think they can do well when they put their minds to it, so I will try and support that in any way I can. πŸ™‚

Northrend beasts

Well i missed the raid, but begged the guys to go in and have a play in ToC, and bugger me sideways they got the Northrend beasts down πŸ™‚ without me!!Β  heheeh

Took them a fair few attempts, maybe 7 or so, they got to a new boss every time they wiped though so shows some progression πŸ˜€ heheΒ  They were all very very excited once they had done it!

Gives me a little hope that perhaps they can do better and I am just being a negative ninny sometimes!

My warrior

is now 77!!

3 levels to go and I will actually have an alt!! HAHAH

I rock!Β  I will probably never play her again after I hit 80, I don’t enjoy my warrior all that much, she is fun to play because I dont’ die as easily, but it just doesn’t have the zing for me…however I will rejudge that when i get to 80 πŸ˜€

Not sure when I will have time to play her since I really want to get my pally to 80 asap so I can raid with the husband, but we shall see…if i get to sit out of raids I will play her I think.

I am excited at almost having an alt !

spanking along

So the other day I wrote about how my guys are impressing me…they did it again with a take down of Ignis πŸ™‚

We had maybe 6 attempts in total on him and we got him.Β  We had always avoided him simply because we failed miserably every time we did try him, so we decided to leave him for a little while πŸ˜€Β  Which was obviously a good thing πŸ™‚

We are having a little trouble on Thorim even though we have gotten him down already – each night just seems to be a little off kilter for us on him…but we shall prevail πŸ˜€Β  We have used the raid lock out this week in the hopes of getting some extra shots in on Freya and Thorim this week – espeically since we have killed ignis now we are hooning along.

Only 3 more bosses to go – the hardest I know…but 3 more to go.

We are also going in on monday to have a look at the new instance coliseum, some have been pugging it already so will be nice to have the experience…the rest of us nubcakes will be freaking out at the fights – they sound sooo complicated πŸ™‚

All in all a very exicting couple of days for the guild πŸ™‚

Freya…nicely done

So we got Freya down, i missed the raid and was listening on via vents and an alt πŸ˜€Β  But was really good, the guys were working together, communicating, throwing ideas back and forth…was excellent to hear :dΒ  I am very very proud of them.

She is a complex fight and I was really concerned we would stuck on her for a while…which is not the case, now we just need to ensure we can repeat the performance πŸ™‚

I am proud of my guys, I asked for some extra from each and every one of them and they seem to be delivering πŸ™‚

faction changes

So faction changes are out now, hubby has moved his toons over already – the minute it came available he emaied me and then as I was talking to him on the phone was in the process of filling out the details…

Sad day but now I have to decide if I want to go horde side or not… πŸ™

I love my guild and I love the people I run with, however I woudl like to play on the same side as my hubby, but well…so we need to?Β  and I do have to remember I have a responsibility to my guild…they all just moved to a new server and i think it woudl be seriosuly fucked of me to turn around as the GM and say “too bad, I am moving sides now”…

So I will think on it before I make any decisions,a nd see how we go as a guild before I do anything as major as that πŸ˜€

Almost there

Pally is now 70% through levle 71……so tomorrow night she should hit 72!!

Have been just churning through quests πŸ˜€

Will post longer update later πŸ˜€