Syrco asks:

Which zone or area in WoW reminds you of your home?

There’s no place like home! WoW’s zones cover a lot of different looks but in your travels have you come across one that just reminds you of home? Or an area that feels like that one special place?

I live in an area that has a fair amount of rivers and creeks around me, so I initially went to Swamp of Sorrows to see if it had the same vibe, but it was more swampy than I wanted. I then considered Zangamarsh but it was too much water and not enough paddocks for me.  This was going to cause a struggle.

I actually live across the road from the main lake in the area which stretches across to some farmland. It is about 3 km’s around the lake and is quite a pleasant walk.

We are on the edge of the development area for our suburb so from one side we can see the lake, and the other is more housing.  I am not sure how much further into the paddocks they will go, but if you drive 3 minutes down the road it is all open fields and more farmland – canola, llamas and other bits and pieces.,

I needed to find a place that had lakes and also farmland.  I found the prefect place.

Look familiar??

Farmland next to lakes and fields of green as far as the eye can see. Yup, this place reminds me of home, this reminds me of Melbourne.

The lack is even a similar shape! or am i just too keen? LOL.  The zone is Arathi!!!  Such a pretty field area with some interesting farming areas etc.

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