I am not entirely solid on what I should be doing on the shore.  It seems to be rather similar to Timeless Isle in that there are mobs up to kill, but the majority of the time I can’t be bothered just uselessly killing mobs.  It isn’t like the invasion points are active, I have managed to only do half of Val’S and part of Azsuna as each time I get to the spot about 3 minutes later it ends.

GAH.  I just have no idea what I am supposed to do.  I am bored and confused. I feel dumb.

I did manage to build my command centre, and the nether disruptor. Sadly the disruptor has now been destroyed and I have no idea what that means.  Do we get it back? Can we rebuild? Does it mean we are losing to the demons?  I just have no idea and I tried investigating earlier but didn’t find much in my very brief search.  I will continue to investigate.

On the positive side I am loving the 400 nether shard vendor for gear.  Upgrading my crappy blue pants finally got me to epic levels of gear.  Bloody brilliant.  I have perhaps 3 other pieces I can upgrade with shards as well but just haven’t done it yet.

That change to my one piece of gear puts me at 866, which was a fair improvement from a few weeks ago even.  I am still a way off 890 but I am slowly getting there.  I might run some more LFR’s over this easter long weekend and see if I can get any more legendaries :p

Part of the quest chain was to get another champion on my side.  This saw me heading to Crimson Thicket to kill some mobs, collect some scrolls and some other items in my class hall.  All to end up on the top of Dalaran building a weapon out of a caged demon soul.   The slowly purple ball to the right hand side is the demon trapped soul.  It attacks any mobs that come near it.  It is very effective.

Yup, if it fails I will have been directly responsible for the destruction of the entire planet potentially.  I would also like to point out, that in the interim, it was me that protected and saved Malarian.  I came up with the idea and if it wasn’t for me or the mages of Azeroth you would not be able to be cozy and safe in Dalaran.  Yeah, the vending machines still look out for others :p

Here I am looking down from the top spire of Dalaran before performing the equivalent of 789003830 nuclear bombs 😀

I can only assume because I am so bold and sure of myself, Aethas decided I was worth following into battle and potential death. Crazy as that may be, he was willing to fight the demons along side me.  I now have 6 active followers (yay) and need so many more armour sets it isn’t funny.


2 thoughts on “Broken Shore. Broken Lore?

  1. I think the Broken Shore is similar to Timeless Isle in some ways and I was very unsure about it first because I didn’t really like Timeless Isle, but that was mostly because of the item that made you able to attack people of your own faction.

    The buildings will be destroyed and can then be rebuilt by turning in more Legionfall War Supplies.
    I spent a lot of time doing quests, killing mobs, searching for chests and farming Nethershards from Sentinax portals. My goal was to get enough reputation to get flying and enough Nethershards to upgrade my gear which had many 865 pieces.

    I’m not that happy with the Legion assaults in the other zones because I don’t always have time to play exactly when they are up and that’s annoying. But I discovered that Wowhead has a post that shows upcoming Legion assault the next day and other events, on their front page 🙂

    1. I think my major issue is that it is hard to do alone, maybe even super boring without friends online. But I guess we have to do it for flying, I am so far away from it through I will likely be doing the Broken SHore long after everyone else has left it. Maybe that will be better! hhaha

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