I could write a thesis length document on what I love about WoW and why I keep coming back to it. So I will try my absolute hardest to write short succinct points.  I may even do them in bullet point so I am forced to keep it more simple. Here are my top 6 though.

1 – Dragons.

I know we kill them as well, but we do a lot of capturing, riding and helping of dragons as well. Being as obsessed as I am, I love them. I love being able to have different types of dragons to ride. I like the colour variants. I like the stories behind each colour and the aspects.  I love they have history and purpose and they are actually a huge part of the world historically.

2 – Graphics I love.

Yes, I love the graphic style they have used. It speaks of high fantasy to me. I don’t like the other styles of LOTRO or Skyrim etc.  I love this cartoon, style which makes you feel as though you are in another world with magic and elves and dragons.

3 – Non game content

The world of Azeroth is well formed. It has books, comics, fan fiction and so much legend and story all tied into it.  The books are well worth reading for extra information and character building.  They are fun and really give you added depth to the game.  I am nowhere near finished reading them all but I do plan on reading more when I get some time.  I also like to write super short back stories for my characters and play with longer stories about their lives.  I like writing about it in that world.  Blogging also comes under this as well.  The blogging world has been a massive part of my gaming joy. I have made friends, I read about things to do in game I wouldn’t have done previously.  It is part of the joy.

4 – Social

It has not been unusual for me when I find a great guild to spend time in game doing absolutely nothing but standing in a town and talking in guild chat. I am a firm believer that friendships in game can develop out of (I have proof it does, as I am sure many others do as well) and I love making new friends with interests in the same sort of fantasy/dragons/gaming that I have. I just like people who like WoW.

5 – Team work/ Raiding

I am not currently raiding but I do always remember and appreciate how I feel when I do raid.  The sense of friendship built when killing big baddies and spending hours wiping to finally getting them down after discussion, fine tuning and communication.  I love that as a team you have to work together and get positive results immediately.  I spend all day at work in teams that are not effective and we don’t succeed in our goals because there is no communication or concern about morale.  So watching a group come together and make it happen is epic to me.  The gratification of the kill, the 1% wipes of excitement and dread, the whooping, cheering and distribution of loot keeps me wanting to be in the game to relive those sensations. I am one of those sick puppies that actually has no issue with wiping all night – I don’t get frustrated or angry because I know that eventually someone will spot the issue and we will be on our way to the kill.

6 – Blizzard

They cop a lot of flack that is unnecessary.  They spend hours creating beautiful art, questionable tier gear and mounts for mages, fantastic storylines, more and more interesting quests, constant refining because of feedback the community provides.  I mean the useful feedback, the bugs, the imbalance, the actual testing of issues.  They have created  a fantastic game based on feedback.  Do you remember the days when raid groups were 40 people?  Do you remember when you had to spec into 2 different trees or for basic spells like arcane explosion? Do you remember mages having to have empty bags to spend 60 minutes before the raid creating food and water for everyone?  Or what healers had to go through to rez 35 other people (and how long it took)? Quest items didn’t sparkle or glow or tell you in any way where they were.  Alliance had to deal with getting Shammy loot and Horde had to deal with Pally crap.  Such a waste of an item.  All of these changes occurred because of feedback over time. And ultimately Blizzard are not going to want to make a game that is shit, but they do have to keep trying new things to make the game interesting.  Can you imagine if 12 years later we were still playing Vanilla style.  It wasn’t anywhere near as good as it is now, I promise you. The current version we have is spectacular and it is constantly evolving.  I love them Blizzard for constantly trying to make it just that little bit better.  They aren’t always going to get it right, but by far they have made it a much better game now and I will keep coming back for that.