Not having much time to do any raiding I was pretty keen to jump into the Normal run the guild had going on Friday night.

They are pretty close to getting the next boss down – Tichondrius I believe, but decided after a few wipes to pull in some alts/noobs and let them gnash their teeth against Elisande and Guldan.

However, before that happened, I got my lowbie Monk invited to the guild.  She is called Dragonhorn. This lead onto suggestions of horny monks and warriors, then slash fiction and sexy Draenei tail swish.  Whilst trying to find a gif of the swish I have discovered the dark side of the internet.  I have seen many things I cannot unsee – including a porn site dedicated to wow hentai.  I just am boggled.  I know I have spoken of the mod before that makes everyone naked in game but sometimes people see that line and instead of stepping on it gingerly, they just remove the line completely!

The point being I am not writing some dirty slash fanfic about a Tauren and  Draenai!  I said I would in guild chat and so I am.  I will likely not post it up on here unless my dear readers want to actually read smut like that.  Providing I can ever get it to a level I am happy with.  I am not an author by any stretch of the imagination and the only other short I have written was for a competition Cymre ran (which should be in the Competition tab under “Let’s Celebrate!”). Anyway I am having a little bit of fun with it. I will let the guildies know I have written something though.

The whole point was I went into the raid feeling pretty excited and in good spirits after the smattering of highly suggestive guild chat.  It was funny.

Before we went in Nibblepie asked if i had done them before on LFR – which let’s be honest…are not even in the same league as normals.  However I knew enough to fumble my way through the fight for about…hrmm… 45 seconds and then the first wave of the balls happened and I died.  I would guess – I do not have anywhere near the stamina levels needed to survive – I assume it was not a healing issue.  So that fight was fantastic with me sitting on the floor dead for the entire thing.  EPIC!

We then headed to Gul’dan and basically the same thing happened. I was dead about 50 seconds into the fight.  I was in one of the circles that requires 3 people, I thought we had 3 so I moved out. Nope. Nope. Nope. Just nope.

We wiped anyway in the end and I was happy to jump out, I know with the flex raids how much HP it adds to bosses for no real gain in DPS when carrying nubcakes through.

However on the second attempt I survived. YAY.  I actually really enjoyed it on normal, it was basically the same but a little more deathy for me – I think the lower ilevels causes more issues with stamina and armour than anything else. The damage hits are just so much of my HP that the healers were likely having to give me much more focus.

I am extremely grateful to the people in this raid group for putting up with me and my shocking DPS and death.  You can not really ever appreciate how awesome it felt for this ex-raider to be in on an actual raid again.  I am so grateful for even being given the chance to run with the main group.

Although my DPS was low, I was also 30 ilevel lower than Batty who was top DPS for fire. Batty was reaching over 400k dps in some parts and that was pretty epic to see from fire.  Fire has always been my favourite spec so I was always planning on playing what  like.  It is nice to see it can actually pull some great numbers in raids again and it was great to be able to chat to another raiding mage about stats etc – even if only briefly. I need to get into chatting more with the guildies – especially the mages. They are my people after all.

The link for our logs are here if you are the type who wants to analyse 🙂 I would if I was anywhere near raiding suitable but I don’t even have enchants on my rings!

I was actually chatting to a friend at work and saying how I wish I could find a group of people who want to raid but only on a weekend morning for like 3 hours.  You know, just extend the lock out if needed for the week, no pressure, clear whatever content we can and then move onto the next.  Better gear is so easy to come buy in this expac that you could conceivably be able to get through content without too much issue but it would give those of us with lack lustre mid week time a chance to still see content.

That is my raiding want talking of course.  I would raid every single night if time permitted. I love it that much, and I tend not to get frustrated with wipes – it makes me want to kill it even more when we can’t.

I miss it.