With Lominari being sent off to a foreign country, we decided to start some little low level toons to just run around on together when time permitted as it would potentially be easier than running mains in dungeons etc.

I started a monk (another one…again…) since I haven’t managed to get past level 32 previously I figured it would all be new territory for me if we make it past that point.  Lominari created a shaman, which he has a level 90 I think on a different server.

We decided to pick toons which would cover any role so we could more easily run dungeons later.  Lominari is ok with healing and I am ok with tanking so we have everything covered. For the moment.

Of course we started with the generic – heading to town and spending way too much money on heirlooms.

I bought way too many items “just in case”. LOL

Level 10 happened faster than you could say, “Hey we started new toons!” which meant the drag to level 20 and mounts felt super super long. It felt like we would never get there.  We started to reminisce about waiting until level 40 and having to pay 80 gold for training ans another $10(?) for the actual mount.  Quite a difference now to level 20, 3g 60s AND account wide mounts. LUXURY!!

I also managed to get some sort of Hearthstone achievement which I have absolutely no idea about, but yay (?).

We managed to get the level 30 achievement tonight and I believe we are at level 32 now? Apparently we only have 10 hours played on these toons so far.  I don’t think that is too shabby at all!

We did do some dungeon running when the quests were too low in a zone but we weren’t sure where to head next.  So we have completed Stockades – in which I died to Hogger.  This toon will have a death to that monster even though I was so proud of my mage never having one.  To be fair- Hogger was just a mob in the Elwynn forest when my mage was levelling and not a boss in a dungeon, so I guess it is only reasonable.

We also did BFD – some of this is as I remember, but most of the end bosses are completely different. It is a weird sensation to go into places we knew so well and have them be so similar in some ways and in other ways a different dungeon entirely.

Then of course, there is hell on Azeroth.  Gnomeregan.  Worse than Uldadoom? Possibly.

I had NFI where I was going – thank god for maps in dungeons these days – it saved my bacon while running around.  I didn’t think this one was as bad when we ran it.  So either the map helped heaps or I just remember it being worse because the characters we were playing were completely incapable of wiping the floor with mobs the way we do currently.  Thank you heirloom gear and changes to the actual classes over the years.

It has been quite a bit of fun just playing little toons and not having to worry about too much like stats/rotations etc.  I can’t do much with my 4 spells  🙂   It will be interesting to see how far we actually get them.