The awesomeness!

Such a brilliant recipe. I have been wanting noodle dishes for a while now and so with hubby being overseas esting curry – i thought it was worth cooking! I am happy I did.

I used lamb as finding mutton is a little more difficult in my area I would suspext either would taste just as good though.

This is the sauce after adding all the ingredients. It smelt delicious at this point. I didn’t know we could get goats milk at my local supermarket so was pleasantly surprised when I could. The fact that it took me about 10 minutes of checking near the coconut milk to consider maybe the recipe meant actual real goats milk is irrelevant.

I also didn’t use soba noodles just the thin vermicelli noodles I had in the cupboard. The recipe says it makes enough for 4 serves – I think I ate half of it. It  was so good.

So so so good.

If you are into curry I would definitely suggest you try this.

There isn’t one flavour that is over powering and teh sauce thickens a little bit with cooling down.