This is going to be a decently long post with pictures for all the teams I used in the Pandaria Fabled quest line; because of that reason I will put it behind a cut for you – so if you are keen to see how dead my pets looked after each fight follow me through the break.  My method was to basically read on wowhead the most recent comments to see if I had any pets that matched  – 100% failure rate on that.  I was mainly 1/3 of the way  so had to make do with variants of pets or just completely new teams purely based on strength against type.

This didn’t take me as long as I thought it would.  I had it completed in 2 nights of solid play which is pretty amazing given I had to make up new teams for most of it.

Basically all this means is that you can do it as well, I wasn’t focusing on speed just if they had little green arrows for the mobs I would be facing.  A lot of them took more than 1 try but certainly not all.  I also only struggled with a couple of fights, and by struggle I mean I had to try multiple groups, multiple times and struggle to the end. The other point to note is that what I find works might not for others due to the type of pet and also the RNG.  I would suggest you always try the fight 2-3 times with the same pets to make sure it wasn’t just a lucky crit etc.

Without anymore pre-amble…here we go!

These are in no particular order either!

I didn’t get an image with Dos’Ryga I am sorry, but he was one I struggled with for a little while.

First one Gorespine; rough and deadly:

Nitun – hardest one by far. I had to walk away from this one as he continually killed my pets before I managed to do anything.

Greyhoof, I don’t remember being hard but I think my pets prove otherwise.

Kafi – was unpleasant at first until I got the right moves.

No-no was again a little worrisome.

The Lucky yi team was Chrominius, Unborn Val’kyr and Cogblade Raptor. Nothing to worry about with this one at all. Except for the 10 attempts and multiple pet changes to eventually win with this group.

Ti’un was a little rough but not all that bad.

Ka’wi was troublesome but eventually went down with a lower group even!

Another rough one for my flyers but that Raven is well worth it!

The brilliant part being at the end of it, I got a Red Panda.  They are one of my real life favourite animals so this made me super happy and excited!  This has also been added to the long list of pets I want to get to 25…never ends. It just never ends.

Look at that little face!!  Just look at it!!