I am not entirely sure I have a funniest death. I do have a lot of death though according to my stats – this of course doesn’t include the many many many deaths of my noobness when I started the game. When did achievements/stats even come in to the game?

If this was a game like DnD with the need to create new characters each time I would be so far out of ideas by now! Thank the old gods for their spirit healing abilities.

I have thousands of deaths in dungeons and raids as expected but I was surprised at how many I have from falling off things.

I know I am clumsy and don’t see the edge off the cliff until it is usually too late – but 79!!! I am not admitting to the hours I spent in Zangarmarsh trying to jump from one mushroom to the other. It may have happened but I cannot confirm it.

Although I am glad I have not died to Hogger – let’s be honest that would be embarrassing but I can guarantee you if it was Mor’ladim in Duskwood that figure would be in the high 20’s.

He caused me so much grief in my early days. I sometimes go back there and spawn camp him because I hate him that much! I won’t even mention the screen shaking fear of fel-reavers. Whenever my screen shakes I still have a hit of adrenalin and get freaked out no matter which zone I am in – it sets off my fear response.   The problem is I get so in the zone of what I am doing I forget completely to check if they are in the area.

I think my most embarrassing deaths are the fatigue ones. They are all for the same situation – it looks like I am still flying towards my location but technically I have hit the invisible wall and by the time I realise I am past the point of being able to get back to land in time. It also means that by the time I get back to land after getting my body I am not usually in good shape and am at risk of dying a second time; this also may have happened at some point but without historical records no-one can prove my numptiness definitively!!