I have to admit to just not being all that keen to run mythics; for some reason I equate them to something like the challenge dungeons from Panda and feel that I have to be top notch gear wise to get through them.  I do believe gear plays a definite part however based on the runs I did the other night with an awesome group compared to the first mythic I ran which was…how do you politely say difficult?

We did both Halls of Valour and Eye of Aszhara. The first time I did HoV mythically we could not get the last boss down due to the timing of the events (we did get there eventually!), and I mentioned to Nibblepie that I was nervous because of that past history.  It went so super smooth though,  you would have thought we were experts…well…some of them are..just not all of us (me). 😀

I don’t even remember EoA being a very difficult run on mythic – it sort of felt like I was just doing the same as normals.  I guess that is a good thing though hey?  I think I only have one more heroic dungeon I have to do now for the achievement but I can’t seem to make the armoury work so I will have to work out which one it is later.

I didn’t end up getting my 4 mythics for the week but I don’t mind, I am not really chasing gear for any purpose other than to make it easier for me to quest and kill things faster.

The one thing I have noticed both in LFR and dungeons which I love, is that people are swapping gear so freely now.  In the LFR’s I ran earlier everyone would hang around at the end and be passing gear amongst each other and in the mythics I ran we were passing gear around freely to those with worse.  I think this single change to the game has significantly altered the way people interact with each other and I think it is awesome.

I wonder if the chance to get items of people at the end has made it so that the general population aren’t as rude to each other during the run incase something awesome drops they want to see if they can snaffle.  Is that just my hope for human nature maybe? For us to be nicer to each other?