Design your own zone…

If you could design a zone in Azeroth what would be there? Would it be a haunted zone with castles and ghosts floating around or  one where all the food vendors of Azeroth could be found in one place offering you daily cooking quests? Are there specifics races or environments you don’t feel get enough attention? Use your imagination and tell us what zone you’d really like to see in WoW.

Ok I know I am a week behind, but don’t judge me!  I really wanted to write about this topic after reading Zerirah’s post.

I was thinking along the same lines as her with one part – and that is the constant change.  However I wanted my zone to actually be a massive old stone dragon which a city was built into.  If you imagine something like Minas Tirath but in dragon form.

I would like to see dragonesque NPC’s perhaps affected by old lingering magic so they have changed over the thousands of years to become more draconic.

I was thinking you could have a quest hubs within parts of the dragon so quest hub between the claws, then another quest hub on the tail end, some on the wings etc. I would incorporate the grappling hook function as that is awesome!!

I was thinking something like this because of the dragonsoul fights, if you remember the size of Deathwing, we were very small compared – especially since you could fit so many people on his back at one 😀 Living/walking in and around a massive dragon would be cool – I don’t want us to be like, living in his internals, but you could build over the stone dragon and live within the folds of his wings/legs/tail etc.

If I had any skills with art I would attempt to draw it but there is no way i can even attempt it!  Any artists who want to have a go – feel free 🙂 I would appreciate it!

I would have very old trees/rainforesty so it looked a lot like this:

I would like to see the constant evolution of story or change etc to the zone as well so it wasn’t always the same due to the magic of the dragon but even the world quest type situation would be better than nothing. I would prefer the quests be more pacifist than fighting style etc so perhaps hatching dragons, planting trees, locating scales with problems for rectification etc.  Non violent means of questing!!

Well I like it as an idea!

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