You know when you get so wrapped up in life you sort of forget what season we are in, but then because of that you also forget that the season we are in is not the season USA is in?

Every “Winter” I would either forget about or not be subscribed so I could not catch this goddamn annoying pet.  I was fluffing about on my mage when I realised I should get this
Snowy Owl pet now before I forget again!!

I ran off to Winterspring to capture one. Remarkably easy.  Since I was in the area I decided to just go past Felwood and see what my chances were of catching the last elusive pet I needed for the achievement.

I didn’t see anything except rats, so in my frustration I started killing them.  To my surprise I moused over another green paw print on my map and my mind couldn’t understand what I was seeing .

The Minfernal was just over the hill.  I ran over  to it, checked my pets were alive and the right levels and then wouldn’t you know it.  The battlefield was obstructed.  OBSTRUCTED!!  I have not been waiting 3 years randomly camping the spot to have it obstructed.

I kept clicking on him like a crazed person! I was about to go crazy, and then it finally worked.  I was feeling particularly stressed about the situation because what if I killed the thing!

No need to stress.  Look at that!  I am a Zookeeper!!  I am so happy to have this one finally completed.  I am now halfway through the Broken Isles collecting achievement; I am having a tiny issue if managing to kill every Slithering Brownscale I come across instead of capturing them.

I am so happy!!