Well over our last break from WoW, we have taken up a lot of stuff that limits our availability.  The upside of this is that raiding is not something we think we will be able to commit to on a serious note, which means I can actually have my characters spread around the place and not feel guilty.

So I have a max DH and Druid on Alliance Aman’thul playing with real life friends over there.  I also have moved my max mage to be on Khaz’garoth Horde side to be with my RL friends that started out as guildies in vanilla.  My plan is to max my paladin next on Saurfang Horde to remain in Frostwolves and my friends there.

None of them are even heroic ready, my DH has the highest ilevel at 811 I think?

I moved my mage to Khaz as I didn’t want to play a second druid if I did any runs with them and I would feel bad if I wasn’t playing my mage in some capacity.  Hubby boosted a priest which he is levelling at the moment and is currently 105.

I am playing my mage a bit at the moment, and haven’t logged onto my druid for a couple of days – the guilt is starting to build now!