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Treasure Maps

If you haven’t grabbed yourself the treasure maps for each zone, I suggest you get cracking. It is a lot of fun chasing down objects and finding new things on the map.  I picked up the Frostfire Ridge map first as I figured it would be easier given my Garrison location.

When you read the map, this is what it looks like :

Treasure on map

So you head off ad collect everything! You find little gems like this Discarded Lucky Coin which after picking it up, you get a buff :

Lucky Coin

I also managed to get this little achievement  - Nice!!  I am a master treasure hunter!

More treasure

Also whilst scouting around I found this lovely little location, which I may go back to soon.  It was a nice seat to sit down and relax for a few minutes.  The shame is that is is right near an arena of blood, so I am sure it will start smelling bad eventually.

Arena view


I have found all of the spots for Frostfire now so I will go and pick up the rest this week and work on all the areas.  I have managed to get some weapons/gear and even toys out of it, and for the 100g to buy them it is pretty cheap for the collection nuts amongst us.  Most of the spots hold small amounts of gold or garrison resources which is a nice addition to the slowly dwindling amounts of both.

I was initially worried the points would disappear when I logged out, but they didn’t :) Simple things make me happy!

Pristine professions!

profession maxxed

I am just going start with this! I am no longer a slave to my professions and I have some more freedom!! whilst getting my last couple of levels for archaeology I came across some more pristines!

archaeology spot

That is what it looks like when you head back to the garrison and the spot is highlighted for you to click on.

Placing treasure

Plus my second one – my little room is starting  to have some cool items in it now and that is making me happy.


I also discovered, pretty late to the party, that the restored artifacts allowed you to buy crates of different race fragments. That was an awesome discovery, I will likely continue with archaeology now since know I can buy the fragments for whatever I want to complete.




Heroically High

I was feeling a fair bit better about my DPS  heading into a heroic run with the guild, knowing I could not physically do more than what I was doing – based on pure maths.

I don’t like going into runs knowing I am below and certainly I don’t want to let the team down.  I certainly don’t like doing heroic bosses with blue gear, it feels wrong and unfair.  I have no control over my RNG though, but hopefully luck will change soon!

We did Butcher much better this time than when I went last time, it was really smooth and fast. We headed to Brackenspore and I grabbed a flame gun.  The attempt was going so perfectly and then suddenly my flame gun wouldn’t turn off and everything started lagging and ping went crazy. We wiped. Perfect attempt foiled by servers. But we smashed him on the next attempt.

I forgot to take a picture of my first heroic kill, so instead have some of our skeletons!!

heroic Brackenspore

Tectus was about the same as normal, I didn’t really notice it being much harder, but it was slightly crazier than usual.  He dropped Spire of Tectus and  since it is one of the top pieces I decided to throw my EPGP at it. I won!

Heroic Tectus

The Twin Ogron apparently just hurt more in heroic. I have tried multiple times to do the easier fire dance, and I fail every single time.  I just can’t seem to find the perfect gap that apparently exists like in the youtube video. I(If you haven’t seen it – here is it!)

And my very own heroic kill shot!

Heroic Twin

Kor’ragh was ok, nothing overly horrific. I go into the centre and collect buff during that fight which means I have to spend the rest of the fight chasing balls.  They can sometimes be hard to see and it is hard to co-ordinate with everyone else to avoid going to the same one, but we were all communicating well on vents which helped a lot.

Heroic Ko'ragh

I used a coin and won a piece of gear..AMAZING! Cloak of Searing Shadows, I was hoping for something else, but you know upgrade is upgrade. WOOT!!

We left it there for the night however we did manage to clear all the bosses to that point which.  I think had we not wiped on Brackenspore and had issues with people having to log in and out earlier, we would likely be able to clear the hole thing in one night.  Pretty impressive for a casual guild :)

My DPS most of the night was sitting on the 17.6k mark for fights according to my recount at the end of boss fights.  I was ecstatic that all my fiddling earlier had paid off and that i was doing what I could in DPS. I am right on target for a good player.  Maybe with all the help from the comments on my recent post I can start to switch to a presser not a clicker (thank you to everyone who commented and encouraged!)

I am pretty happy to have cleared normal and almost done heroic.  I didn’t realise but last week the guild was playing in Mythic as well, and they did get down the first boss down this week!!!  YAAY!! I volunteered as tribute to sit out as they had enough people and I was already feeling guilty about going into heroic with blue gear there was NO way I wanted to go into Mythic with it.


I now only have to replace my trinkets as my necklace got replaced with my very first high maul garrison mission! I scored this bad puppy – Odyssian Choker!!

I claimed an enchant of Navi for my weapon (a few weeks ago I made her a whole bunch of flasks and payment was an enchant when I got an epic) and I sent her some mats for my necklace and cloak. Apparently the top end cloak chant isn’t really worth getting for 10% speed so we just went with the cheapy.  Damn expensive to get the temporal crystals if you don’t have any enchanter toons (or huts) at high enough level!

I will re-sim myself some time this weekend and see what I am aiming for now.  What a big week!!

2014 in review :)

yeah in review 2014

I am late to the party I know, but if anyone i interested, click the above image and see my stats :) Nowhere near the amount of some others, but I avery proud of my blog, my readers, followers and friends.

I am grateful that in the last year you guys have been a part of my life, and I look forward to even more time with you all.  I would like to make more time to comment on your blogs, but I do read them in return

Maging it up

So after the frustrations of my DPS I decided it was time to start from scratch.  I have spent the last few days on multiple different forums trying to understand frost mages – maybe that is my issue, I should spend some time trying to understand fire…anyway…let’s focus on the one I have gear for shall we :)

This is a long arse post so feel free to skip it!


This hearthstone image is the SHIZZ!!!!  OMG!! I want this as a huge arse poster in my computer room! (hunting the original artist!)..anyway back to my post.


Working on the last profession…archaeology

So…decided it was time I focused on my archaeology.  It is the last of my professions I need to get maxxed on my mage and it is always the one I leave the longest because it is just so painful.

In theory I don’t mind it, but when you dig a spot and it is green, so you move forward a few steps and it goes green behind you and it is right in the middle of the two points you did – annoys the hell out of me.  I hate how you can go round in circles and end up where you started to find one piece.  Really??

It isn’t so bad when you are on a flat surface with no animals attacking you, but when trees, grass, rocks and beasts get in the way it just makes it painful!!

However, to lighten up the boredom, I have managed to find a pet out of it:

GhostWolf Pup

The Frostwolf Ghostpup!  Isn’t he adorable, especially when he scratches himself!  I have him out a fair bit, he is a frostwolf afterall.

I also managed to find my very first ever Pristine fragment!!

My first pristine

I was very confused as I couldn’t figure out where I had picked up a quest item from in my bags, and then I read the actual title and nearly fell of my chair! Finally a pristine!!  I was excited – only 19 more to go.  I thought I would have to head to Panderia to hand it in, but as you can see – it mentions a display in my garrison!?!?  Sweet!

I headed there and the hammer was glowing on the shelf in the little side room. So I clicked it of course!


Placing artifact

I wonder what else will be made visible over time?  I am wanting to find out now, so it may have given me enough of an interest to pursue it for a little while.  I haven’t looked into what I am supposed to do with the restored artifacts I am making though, do we still hand them in at Pandaria, do we get anything for them…I will check it out this week, but I may have to head back everywhere and get cracking on all the things I am missing!

And I got this achievement which made me giggle – I do love Indiana Jones so this made me appreciate it just a little more!  One of my all time favourite movies is the Last Crusade!

Belongs in a museum


Apparently I am only a few points off being maxxed as well – 694/700 (if we trust armory)…just a few more dig sites!

Finally a normal clear for me :) (and an LFR one)


After a week of non raiding I was pretty excited to get back into it.  So I managed to squeeze in an LFR run and score some little pretties. Some new bracers which were an upgrade on the blues I was still wearing – Rotmonger Braceers  and Captured Arcane Fragment offhand which also replaced a blue.   I have had pretty bad luck in LFR recently, so I was very happy with my score.  I also got some boots as well, but I already had them :( I refuse to use my coins on flex no matter how tempting it may be !!  I also got my legendary quest item and that just leaves me another 100 stones to collect.

I also was pretty excited to get this achievement spam up:)

LFR Margok

It would have been nice to have that from normals and not flex, but you know…I am happy either way.  The guild has been doing really well and so I figure it wouldn’t be too long before I got a clear with them as well.

Then, would you believe we did a normal kill – so I did manage to get him anyway!

Normal Margok - complete

I was dead (so were some others) but it was a good fight and as you can see I think Aimei was about to take a dirt nap.  For some reason the waves in the last phase hurt me far too much – even with a shield up.  So painful.

Normal Mar'gok

I was soooo excited to have cleared normal with the guild, I know it is old hat for them now, but for me it was still exciting!!  So hence my new pictures of the same boss in the same position….LOL

Once again I was horrified at my DPS – doing less than 15k dps…

14k dps

and even less on other attempts..the tanks beating me is hard to come to terms with, but I am doing absolutely everything I can.

13k dps

My issues with my DPS are directly correlating to how much I don’t want to raid right now.  I miss raids every couple of weeks due to work, but am otherwise there on every run, but the weeks I am not there they seem to progress the most – from a gear perspective it sets me back – hell even one week of raiding sets me back – the good thing  to that I suppose, is that most people will have what they need now and I am less likely to see gear competition. From a DPS spot though it sets me further and further back and makes it harder to be a worthwhile addition to the group with the amount of health an extra person adds to the boss.  All of these things combined make me hate myself because I don’t want to let the team down, I don’t want to be a crappy player  – and I know I am not.  I don’t stand in the mines, I keep the moss under control, I take the debuff, I do whatever needs to be done, I (mostly) remember to use my personal CD’s and defensive spells….I don’t see myself as a bad or even average player. My DPS is just woeful though.

Of course this also adds to my lack of wanting to talk to people much, because I spend most of my game time playing with the target dummy or reading forums to figure out what the hell I am doing wrong.  I don’t want to talk much because people are probably tempted to tell me how much I suck and ask me a million questions about why I suck and I don’t have an answer for them.  Other than I am a pathetic clicker….I tried…I really did to be a presser, but there are too many spells – I can’t do them all on buttons…So it is easier to just be alone in a  guild with so many lovely people – I feel so lost.  I appreciate the help and the trying to work it out with me – I wish I had more of it, but people seem to be so good already they don’t need to work anything out with people like me.

**Edited to add**

The problem with having an open blog like this; a blog my guildies can read is, they can see my neurosis on display and how awful I really am.  The good thing is I also get to show how things have improved as well because this is a few days old now and the posts that follow this one will entirely change how I see myself and my mage.  You will have to wait for those to be published though :p  I promise it gets better….


Challenge modes again…

My very first WoD challenge mode has been done.  We started with Auchi because someone said it was one of the easier ones.

I dispute that whole heartedly!   LOL It was not awful per se, but it was long and I have no idea how anyone gets gold for it! Or Silver. Or even bronze.

I was just hanging around fishing for the Angler achievement and Navi messaged me to see if I was interested – and HECK YES!!

Auchi CM - Aim/Nav/Nok/Sars

How is that for a timer!!!  :(

Thanks to Navi, Aimei, Punchynok and Cptsars for running with it and putting up with the noobness :) It was nice to be doing something a little challenging and still just having a nice time doing it.  Well I had a nice time anyway :)  Thanks to Nok and Aimie playing double death touch on the horrible horrible boss..Azzakel the Arse, we managed to get through the instance mostly unscathed.

I would like to get some of these done sooner rather than later so I am not getting carried.  I may have to see if anyone has a team starting up to push them.  I know a few people have been getting medals already and that is quite impressive.  I wonder if anyone in the guild is keen to help improve on that time :p



Draenor Angler!

Finally got my 100 enormous everything!

Blackwater Whiptail

Fat Sleeper

Draenor angler

They were all pretty uneventful really.  Just found a good spot without any mobs attacking and stand there for 40 minutes throwing a line in.

jawless skulker

This was the most exciting thing I found.  Gorgorek an NPC that is apparently part of  the garrison campaign questlines at some point.  He was a nice fishing spot. No mobs whatsoever that attacked and a lovely sunset.   I could have fished there for longer in truth, it was just a nice spot.

So I went back to my fishing shack and then picked up the questline for Nat Pagle and managed to complete that as well.  I had no issues getting the Lunkers needed, maybe 10 casts in each area was all it took for me, I didn’t even realise I had one of them originally. So I now have Nat in my shack.

I still need to find a group to do Leeroy and Croman…one day. I am excited I may be able to buy other followers, however we still need them to increase the amount of followers from 25 active to at least 35….even 40 would be great!!

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