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What’s been going on and where am I?


Essentially I have had to step down from raiding with the guild.

To give you an idea why, I have no free weekends between now and July, I have something on every single weekend – including a trip to Adelaide, Wodonga and Tasmania!!  I have a few concerts on and then our yearly cluster of anniversary/birthdays as well.  It is crazy. Especially when in between we have some gardening and house sorting to do so we can put the place on the market – which we are trying to get done at the moment as well.   It has been that solid since the middle of February.

You think I am kidding, but I am not here is the list of my weekends:)

  • 11th April – Hubby is on call so I am doing some photography shoots possibly – weather permitting
  • 18th April – going to a friends place for dinner and spending the night
  • 25th April – friends coming to our place and spending the night
  • 2nd May (my bday) – meeting friends in the city to help run his show both days possibly (photography maybe)
  • 8th May – Backstreet boys concert, Hubby’s bday the next day
  • 16th May – Adelaide
  • 23rd May – Eurovision Party
  • 30 May – Ice hockey
  • 6th June – Hubby has lodge
  • 13th June – Glenn miller Orchestra for M-I-L bday present (going to Wodonga to pick her up and take her home)
  • 20th June – Tasmania
  • 27th June – free at this stage

Top top it all off I have Karate every Tuesday and Wednesday nights now. Funnily enough the raiding on Wednesday worked quite well as my karate finishes at 8.30 and is only 20 minutes away so I generally get home just in time to jump online for raid – if not about 10 minutes late.

So trying to raid Mon/Wed/Thur from 9-11pm and having to be out of the house at 5.30am every morning at the moment is pretty hard. Last time I let myself get too run down I had shingles for 2 weeks so I want to really avoid that.  Whilst I can generally be around for raid, I don’t have time or focus to be online for all the other things you need to be around for like doing daily quests, garrisons, farming crystals or doing Challenge modes etc.  I just don’t have the ability to be a great addition to the team.

I need more time to practice playing arcane, I need more time to make money so I can make all the changes I want to make to my gear, I need more time.  I just don’t have time.  I don’t have plans to stop playing entirely and I may join in on the casual raids, but at the moment I can’t commit to main team raiding.  Just ask the hubby about the tears when I made that decision. I cried for about 3 days whenever I looked at my computer or the login screen.

I am not sure how often this will be updated now, but I will do it as often as I have anything of interest to blog about :)

This is the end

thoth death

I had planned on writing a short story and decided I just couldn’t really articulate what I wanted to convey in story format.  I may go back to to what I have written and make it for something this stage I figured it was just easier to post.

After another crappy DPS night as frost – I have decided it is time to switch.  I am playing it to the best of my ability and sucking big time on it.  That’s not true..simcraft says I am playing it better than I should be – but it is still pretty crappy DPS.  The issue with all the DPS rankings (and please let me know if you know where to find the information) is that I don’t know what stat priority they have given to the classes.  What % of what stat have they given to mages in different specs to determine that X specific class can do Y amount of damage?  I have approximately the right ilevel to do about 35k – according to the rankings, yet simcraft says 20k is my maximum…so…what the hell are they basing mages on – 100% multi and 100% crit or something?

Anyway whilst I know I am doing my best with what I have, I think it sucks being down the bottom of DPS all the time. I know someone has to be there – and as I have said before I could handle it is we are all the same approx but when there is a 20k difference between top and bottom….I feel like shit.  I saw the shammies doing over 50k the other night and nearly started to cry….nevermind what Aza can do when he gets cracking….or the DK’s or balls even the hunters!!!  GAHHHH!!

So, I changed to arcane.  I was pretty tempted by fire in all honesty, but arcane is the best spec.  No harm in starting at the top and seeing how I go. I was arcane for a HUGE percentage of my play time and the style hasn’t changed overly much – I just have to re-learn it.  I used to be pretty good at it (an eon ago) and am hoping to at least get acceptable again.

mage03-fullI went into my first raid last night since being Arc (i had hoped to do some LFR but ran out of time), so I was pretty well going in blind.  I have yet to change my gems/enchants for mastery however I noticed last night that fully buffed I was sitting at 63% mastery…which is my main stat, so changing those last few things may make a pretty decent difference.

On the target dummies, unbuffed i was hitting about 24k consistently…which is neither here nor there.  I went to raid and I still only hit that. I was a little miffed.  I did managed to get 27k on Flamebender and then on a fight with less movement barely hit 22k.  Hanz and Franz was horrific. I don’t even know what I did.  I am going to try and check the logs and see what needs improvement.

I missed burn phases, I didn’t use cooldowns effectively, I didn’t drop my charges as often as I should – have costing me precious mana…overall I did better than I thought I would for my first night, but I need to improve significantly.  I have no plans tonight so I might try and get my UI set up better (weak auras incoming) and do some LFR for practice.  I didn’t do as badly as I thought I would and I have not taken Prismatic Crystal again – maybe that is my downfall – but I hate how it drops target when you use it so you lose cast time and then targetting time – I have never denied having slow reflexes and so that spell really annoys me when actually raiding.

The other massive change – I am button pressing no mousing….a huge change for me.  Flamebender I mostly moused because that fight is and will always be crap. CRAP!!!!!  In fact I wonder how often this happens and we have never noticed, I am generally on the left hand side and that is always completely covered in flying knives. At one point I went to the right hand side and you know what….NOT ONE KNIFE!!!!  WHAT THE HELL?!??!!?  There we are on the left – unable to find anywhere to stand and the people on the right have all the room in the world. Unbelievable.


I look forward to seeing what I can do and will change some more things around tonight.



Who is stressed now…sitting on 8/10


We did kill them last night!! I knew we would :) I was feeling it in my bones. Most of us managed to receive the Iron Assembly achievement as well which is nice!  We only have 2 more to go now!!

Iron maidens deadI could sense towards 10pm people were starting to get annoyed because some people were just not doing as requested and it was making the mechanics really hard to avoid. It is a very mess fight though and whilst we are now doing the first 2 boats phases will minimal issues, when it gets to the third phase we seem to lose our concentration or something and all hell breaks loose.

It was a tough attempt though and it was really touch and go to get that kill even.  I think we had about 7 people left up – I honestly couldn’t tell you I was staring so hard at the health bar of the boss willing it to go down!

Dead Iron maidensI am not sure killed me, I checked the recap as well and ultimately it was just an assortment of things…I should have been watching my health but I was tunnelling the turrets :(  Bad mage.

My DPS was better last night with my new cloak from the clear before: Runescribed Gronncloak, (Thanks Luxy!) and our increase in ilevel from gear I am now sitting pretty on 682. I think I was seeing myself on like 28k at some points which I am much happier about.

So much gear dropped!!  and we found a quest in the back of a room that allows you to have direct access to Blackhand apparently.  It looks like it requires at least 4 clears for the bits we need for it.

We also went and had a play on the next boss which I admit I didn’t read up about at all. I was so focused on the maidens :(  It is a pretty confusing fight currently – after having done less than 10 attempts :)  We got to phase 2 on every attempt but only just.  I am so excited to be this close to end content again!

ForgeKyjenn decided to photobomb my perfectly composed screenshot!  I will try and get some time to read up and watch some videos on it before the next raid as we have an entire night to work on it which can be either great or horrid!!  LOL

YAY Frosties!!


The stresses of new bosses


So, iron maidens….

What can I say about them that don’t involve more off colour words than  If only they were as awesome as these ones? Maybe they are if you are into Orc girls….

iron maidensAnyway last raid week was wipe fest on them.  I missed Thursday and figured they would have killed them since we were close already, but I found out they hadn’t :(  So when I got in there Monday I felt pretty good that we would have it.  I cannot tell you how close we got.

Multiple times.

Almost dead maidenAlmost dead maiden 2This is the consistent view. One boss dead and the others almost there.  I don’t believe we are really doing the third phase right in that we are sacrificing people for the penetrating shot, I think we should continue to do them as they really aren’t that hard, but having said that we are not far off.

People are getting a little stressed about the entire fight and frustrated with people dying but it gets harder each attempt to not make mistakes as you know people are getting angry.  I know I am not one to generally fail on mechanics and even i stuffed up at one point because I ran the wrong way and straight onto bombs on one attempt. Then I had a death on a pentrating shot even though I had invised out of it, my cooldown got burnt – i watched myself go phased and then I died. It was all within a few seconds and even other people said they saw me go so I shouldn’t have died.  I would suggest it was just a timing thing. No idea but it causes a problem.

Crooked then messaged me afterwards and asked why I wasn’t blinking when I had blood ritual and I had to ask myself the same thing.  I just had not even considered it. I have become to used to using Ice Floes and casting when moving now that I very rarely use blink unless I have a long way to go. I admit to feeling particularly stupid on that front now. Thanks Crooky!!

I also decided to simcraft msyelf again as I noticed my DPS is still somewhat questionable.  On heavy movement fights according to simcraft in my current gear I can do a maximum of 20k…on patchwerk fights I think it said 23k ( I will check when i get home). Either way I am exceeding those figures based on the fight – it just sucks to be down the bottom most of the time. I am seriously considering changing to fire next week to give that a belting in raid if they will allow it.

I am tightly crossing my fingers for a kill this week – which will be epic!



20,000 views under the sea


Since I started this blog on it’s own domain I only have stats from January 2014 – however I have managed to hit 20,000 views!

I think that is a very impressive amount!! I was hoping to actually get the image showing 20,000, but it happened overnight whilst I was sleeping :)  The best views I have had on one day was 205 which I believe would have been related to the transmog competition I ran last year.  I generally sit on about 50 views a day at the moment with a varied amount of visitors anywhere between 15 – 40…but I have quite a few people who RSS and don’t actually come to my blog so I know I have more people reading than this shows.

20000I am amazed at how many countries come here…I wonder how many are not legitimate or are from spamming companies. I have a pretty broad selection in here and I am happy about that!

countries combinedI thought I would do something special for my 20,000 view and I was thinking of another transmog competition, but I wasn’t sure if the shine of transmog had worn off as there seems to be less and less competitions running – or perhaps I am just out of the loop.  I had a fantastic idea for a group transmog event thing – that was less competition and more fun..but may be hard to get happening.  It would need at least 9 people if you did three groups of 3 people (or even 4) and I don’t think I could get 9 people interested.

But aside from that crazy idea…I have enjoyed keeping a record of my ingame life. It gives me a sense of achievement.  I like having made the friends I have made through blogging.

So thank you.

Each and every one of you that have dropped past, commented, read, laughed or even just read 1 post on here.  I appreciate the time and the connection!  Feel free to drop past on twitter or FB and follow me there as well!


Trying to gear up


I guess you could say my Pally doesn’t appear to be as lucky anymore.  I dinged 100 and asked a couple of times for people to run normals with me for gear, noone was available, so I queued up and waited almost 40 minutes for a spot. YEURCK!

My first run was Grimrail depot.  We wiped 5 times (3 on the first boss).  I was complaining in guild chat and Violetknight came to my rescue offering to tank for me.  So I left that group! Taxar came as well as DPS, then Nok joined us later to heal (Navi offered but was pugging BRF kills!!) We ran UBRS and Shadowmoon Burial.  Taxar and Violet got about 6 pieces and I got 1 – which wasn’t really an upgrade – more of a side grade. LOL.

Being melee is something I had forgotten.  I last played retribution pally in “Doom & Gloom” guild an eon ago, when the new Onyxia came out…what was that – catalcysm? Ages ago.  UBRS was an all melee group as well which was kind of weird as we were all on top of each other.

survive in meleeHaving spent 10 years, almost exclusively ranged, melee was hard. HARD!!  I was almost dead so many times because of mechanics.  In grimrail the tank kept leaving the mobs in the fire so we couldn’t actually attack them without dying. The healers were really struggling to keep the tank up plus all the rest of us (we went through 3 of them). It was much better with Violet tanking, and allowed me time to marvel at how truly awful I was in melee.  Thank god it was normals and that Nok is an uber healing god – my repair bill would have been much bigger :)

Anyway I decided after failing to get any gear from those runs I had to scope out other options, Blacksmith recipes are too expensive for the epics (the cheaper versions are too cheap as my current gear is mostly better).  I bought a couple of BOE’s from the guild Doomslag Greatboots and Bracers of Visceral Force. Those two upgrades got me to 610, then I realised I could make Powerful Hexweave Cloak of the Deft on my mage!  I got Haste and Mutli as the extra stats –  not brilliant but not awful – I may and try to re-roll them this week.  I however am now completely broke on my mage and have enough gold to last me maybe 2 months if I do not make any more.  I may need to spend some time actually doing some dailies again :(

I also noticed I was only 3 taladite crystals off being able to make Glowing Taladite Pendant of the Fireflash – managed to get Haste and Crit as the extra stats.  I had created a JC hut for gems mainly and had completely forgotten about the rings/necklaces you can make.  I am now 100 crystals short of making a ring, but I am hoping if I can get some of my legendary chain done (currently needing to do skyreach) then that will bump me up a little as well.

And then, last but not least, I remembered I could make headpieces with my engineering.  I was a little too low though being at about 460, I needed to get to 600 to be able to wear Razorguard Mechshades of the Deft. That got me Multi and haste which isn’t all that great either so I may re-roll them.  I now have over 100 glider kits and shields (which I will send some to my mage) but I am also sitting at 617 for my ilevel!

prismatique 617This means I can now do LFR as ret initially and set my gear to be Holy, most of the epics I have will switch over to a holy set but if I can fill in the blanks with holy straight off that would be better – especially for weapon/OH.  I am also going to give the proving grounds another attempt this week with the gear I have as perhaps the increase in ilevel will help me a little bit.  I guess we will find out!  Navi asked if i was going to raid with the casual/alts last night and I declined – perhaps next week I will be ready, but I am still wearing a few greens i would like to get rid of and I am completely useless when it comes to healing still.

I am not a fan of being thrown in the deep end…I would be the 1% that likely drowns :)


Can’t believe my luck


I guess one of the benefits of being behind in gear is that I generally have small amounts of competition when requesting items.

Raid night was pretty good, I was exhausted though and really struggling to stay awake or even make sense of the english language (unless it was a gutter joke). I was really struggling!

I died on the trains because I was standing too far back near the door and then the quick train comes in I wasn’t far enough over (by a few mms) and I got clipped, I died on Kromog because my hand got taken and you can’t ice block or anything during that…I also don’t have cauterise at the moment – I changed out of it for instant invisibility during iron maidens and didn’t change it back (stupid me).

I blame Ultra for that death :) He took my spot even though I was already standing there alone..somehow I was the one thrown up in the air. I made some dumbarse comment later to him in whispers which as per my previous post I am really embarrassed about now, and I hope he forgives me one day! Sleep deprivation is a bad thing.

I couldn’t believe it when I managed to get a tier piece for my head as well! I did manage to get a picture of dead Kromog since I forgot to last time – seemed to be the right thing to do since he did give me a Tier piece…and he didn’t have to. You can barely see my toon standing next to him…just the two little blue lights from my stave!

Dead KromogI hadn’t even realised that when you make them up you get different levels on the Heroic/Warforged, I only realise because we have had so many shoulders drop for the mage grouping we are now giving them to people who need the chance at upgraded ones.  My shoulders are heroic warforged and so is my helm now.  My robes are just heroic. It is pretty cool.

Tier headI do confess to being in a love hate relationship with the gear being so different by RNG.  It makes it hard to compare or determine what you need, but I like that it means we are all different and are not likely to have exactly the same items or stats by design.

I am now one piece off a 4 set bonus!!  I also manged to get some new boots from Gruul Cavedweller’s Climbers- I haven’t equipped them yet as I need to get a multi-strike gem in them, but I am hoping to get that done tonight. I even asked Hwired if he was sure I was supposed to get the Tier piece….I was not expecting that at all!

All in all pretty happy with that night.  I didn’t go the next night, I was simply too tired..Thursday morning I had major issues with basic cognitive function and my tummy so I was pretty much asleep all day and couldn’t bring myself to only get 4.5 hours sleep. It’s funny, I spend more time driving to and from work than the amount of sleep I am getting on raid nights on early shift.  That is addiction…or stupidity…or possibly obsession…but I want to be online helping the team.  I cannot wait until we move closer to the city!!!

I have an alt!!!



My lovely pally is now 100! I reached it by collecting a treasure out in the world.  Not the most exciting way to get there but a nice surprise anyway  :)

Level 100 pallyI got to 100 then headed back to org to change my talents from prot to holy.  I have about 5 pieces of gear which did not switch to a heal spec so I have to find replacements. I decided to go and try Proving grounds as is, as I haven’t played holy for so long it has changed dramatically.

I figured it would be the best method of learning.  I was consistently getting to wave 5 but dying half way through, not brilliant I know, but given my woeful gear and my clueless button smashing – I think that isn’t too bad.   There are not very many guides out there for holy since 6.1 and so I am trying to just figure it out and get a groove.  I don’t want to do LFR until I have managed to get silver – not for anything other than knowing I can at least pass that I should be mostly ok.

I don’t want to go into LFR with no clue as it just makes it hard for everyone and easy to be abused.  If I can at least show slight competence to myself I can at least be confident telling people to bugger off.  I am likely going to go into LFR as Ret the first couple of times to get some drops, whilst trying to do some guild runs for 5 mans.

I had a play on the guards in Org to see what my spells do and what lights up with what.  I need to get my healing macros set up again as well. I was feeling a little overwhelmed when I got to 100 so I jumped off after my third attempt at Proving ground to find some video guides or guides in general.  I am hoping to get good enough to help the guild and switch and really it will only take a few attempts to get the hang of healing – it may take me a while to master or be as good as our guys currently are but if it means we have another healer that is ok….I may suck…and that is something I will have to deal with when the time comes.

Any of you healing paladin people – any comments appreciated!!



I got Leibstered by Navi


Navimie nominated me for a Leibster award, so in the spirit of continuing the circle:

The basic concept is –  the person who nominated you poses you 11 questions and then you yourself have to make 11 questions to ask 5 other bloggers, as well as share 11 random facts about yourself.  This post is WAYYYYY longer  than I thought it would be!!  heeheh Sorry!!

So here are the questions Navi dared us to answer…

1 – Who is your favourite villain and why?

My favourite villain would have to be Harley Quinn. I think her origin story is morbidly sad and I feel really bad for her.  The snippets of her conversations that I have seen around the interwebs are pretty funny as well.  I guess she strikes a chord with me for being part normal and part completely raging loony :)

2 – What sport do you wish you were really good at?

I wish I was really good at Karate. I have only just started but my hubby is a brown belt in one style and a black belt in another.  He is really good.  This new style is similar to his previous one so he has picked it up really well and I am struggling to learn basic stuff.  I have only been for about 8 classes though so I really shouldn’t compare myself to him.  I wish though I was already a few belts in so that I had a clue about how it all worked together.

3 – Tell me who is your favourite Disney character and why.

Easy – If I could have hair that colour I would be so happy :)  Mine looks like that normally just brown.  I think she is one of my favourite characters because she stands for what she believes in and fights for it.  merida4 – If you were granted one wish of anything you wanted, what would you wish for?

I know it is a little meh – but I would ask for endless money.  The reason I would ask for this is because I could then solve so many of the worlds issues by having as much money as I ever needed.  I would end homelessness, starvation, health issues, war….I mean I could ask for World peace or shared wealth or no illness, but that only solves one issue…with money – I could solve more.

5 – What is the dumbest thing you have done in regards to your computer?

Not sure I have a dumbest thing to be honest…I probably have hundreds..I can’t really think of anything at the moment

6 – If you had the ability to go back in time, who would you want to meet and what would be the one burning question you would ask them?

I would go back and meet my grandparents and ask them why they think suicide was the only option they had. I never got to meet them, they died when my mum was just 15 years old – so she had to learn how to be an adult with 2 younger siblings very quickly.  Our lives – HER LIFE – would have been very different had they just divorced or moved or done whatever to stay alive. I know suicide is a touchy subject – I get that – but BOTH of them committed suicide within a very short time frame.  There is always another option with 3 children.

7 – You have won a Nobel Prize!  What do you wish you won the prize for?

Finding a cure for stupidity.  A pill or injection that allows people to access even 0.0000001% of their brains so we don’t need to tell people not to use hairdryers in the bathtub, or not to use knives in toasters, or that smoking kills or fast food and no exercise makes you fat.  I want the need to sue people for stupid things to go away – and if you weren’t stupid and had brains you wouldn’t do stupid things requiring the need to sue others.

8 – Which would be more devastating – loss of hearing, loss of vision or loss of both hands?

Loss of hearing definitely.  I would possibly die without music.  I can still sue braille to read or even audio books and I have spent my life seeing so I know what things look like already and would be able to continue to visualise things. But music. Music has beat and rhythm and I would be lost without it. Both hands – would also be horrible – but people learn to use their toes…I am sure I could learn to use my toes…how hard could it possible be….wiping my butt would be awful actually….

9 – In World of Warcraft, who would you like to see as a boss encounter one day, and how would you design that fight?

Chromie – because I hate her – and i would love to kill her repeatedly with vigour. She shows up, cause problems then buggers off and leaves you fighting big baddies without her help even though she is strong enough to do it for us.

I would have the fight involve some sort of time travel aspect, looking at a raid group of 2 tanks, 5 heals and whatever DPS…I would have you start with Chromie tank and spank until 85% (maybe some sort of time vortex tank swap mechanic if you get too many of the debuff random people get ported out of the current time flow);  then a portal would open up which would transfer half the raid – 1 tank, some heals and DPS to a random time in azeroths history.  For example you would get ported outside of MC or AQ to fight one of the bosses in there (dumbed down of course) then you would fight Chromie to say 50% and get ported again to Cataclysm and be fighting in Firelands with a dumb-downed boss, then at 30% you would fight at BC killing someone from black temple or SSC or something.

Then you would just come back to kill her.

I think that could be cool. I would have like a set roster for the random bosses – or 2 of each from the era.  So as terrible examples – Vanilla would be Major Domo and Ragnaros, BC would be Lurker and A’lar, Wrath would be Gunship and Hodir, etc etc.  So whilst the selection of bosses is pre-set it would be random as to which you got on any given night.

10 – What is the most embarrassing thing you’ve said to someone you wanted to impress?

This one has far too many answers, I have foot in mouth disease paired with telling it how it is disease mixed with Harley Quinn insanity.  So as you can well imagine the stuff that sometimes comes out is far too embarrassing to even contemplate!!  Just know that about 50% of what I say, I get embarrassed about later when I think it over.

11 – You’ve been chosen to go onto a game show!  Which game show would you go on?

If I was fit enough – or should I say when – I would have loved to have gone on “It’s a knockout”…not that it is on tv anymore, but I used to think it looked like so much fun!!  What happened to just normal every day people having fun.  Now it has to always involve celebrities….and I dislike that.

knockoutThis show always made me laugh when I was younger and perhaps is why i love the Japanese Ninja Warrior game show “Sasuke” so much (prior to American Ninja Warrior stealing it and ruining it in the process of course.) Not the same entirely I know, but the concept of competing on different things is fun.

sasuke2008_1ststage-5-half-pipeattaRandom Facts about me :)

Thinking of 11 random facts about me is hard…

  1. I am an open book, I say how I see it, I don’t sugar coat (often) and I answer what is asked of me. Unless you’re my hubby then I shut up incase I hurt him or i know I am being stupid.
  2. I am jealous of everyone who is really creative – I wish I had some skill in music or art or something…even knitting…but I just suck. I adore their work; I just wish I could do it as well.
  3. I want to be a photographer – but refer above, I don’t think I am any good and it makes me not want to pickup my camera.  Why can’t I be gifted and just produce awesome!?!?!?
  4. I only know one grandparent – the rest of mine were dead before I was born (suicide and murder).
  5. Laughter is the best medicine..I would rather make people laugh, compliment them and make them feel better about themselves then see anyone hurt by negative comments.
  6. I am trying to lose weight at the moment – I am down 10kgs since January. I have about 60kgs to go.
  7. I generally only read fantasy novels – magic, prophecy, sorcery, magicians, dragons etc.
  8. I am obsessed with dragons – OBSESSED!!  I have them all over my house.
  9. I am Wiccan and have been since I was about 18.
  10. I love to belly dance – I am terrible at it – but I am trying to get better (hoping to take lessons when I move).
  11. I am in love with Scotland and have never been there – maybe next year though :)

So i have to nominate 5 other people (feel free to not participate if you don’t want to:)

Zeirah – A – Zeirah

Plaidelf – Plenty of Paladins

Syrco – Syrco Owl

Rinike –

Neri – Mama Needs Mana

and the 11 questions I have for them are:

  1. If you could live anywhere in the world would it be where you are now, if not where?
  2. What do you order for your last meal, which can consist of any food you want?
  3. Do you prefer chocolate, vanilla or strawberry?
  4. You are stuck in a burning building, do you save your friend or the 1000 strangers?
  5. What do you do outside of Azeroth to relax?
  6. If you could live in any area of the game where would it be?
  7. What profession would you learn in real life from the game and why?
  8. Who would you want to meet that is currently alive and why?
  9. Is there anyone you have grown apart from that you regret?
  10. What is one of your current goals for this year?
  11. Are you excited about Blizzcon being announced? What news do you want to hear?









Artists and WoW Art.

I love art.

I adore people that can draw….and draw impressive things.  My skill at drawing is mostly limited to awful stick people.

I found a group on facebook that posts artists pictures.  My only real beef with it, they never post where the artwork came from – who drew it, or a link to the website/portfolio it came from.  This makes it pretty hard to track back and see what else they have done. (It also annoys me as a wanna-be photographer to not have artistic work linked to the owner).

I follow a few people like Glenn Arthur (OMG), Danny Beck (Ex Blizz artist also OMG), Sam Flegel (new addition to my OMG fandom) pretty religiously.

I have bought prints from Glenn (whom I discovered as he did an album cover for one of my favourite bands – Delain)

delainand when the following print came up as limited edition on 1xrun I had to buy it:

glenn-arthur-1xrun-calling-in-the-spirits-01and I would buy this if I ever could:

glenn arthur moonI discovered Sam from my husband who sent me a link to the below image and I just completely fell in love with it.  The colour, detail and overall style just won me over.  I am in the process of buying from Sam now – I will be buying this print off him but I am also getting something else which is not on his site:

samflegal_libertyordeath I would buy from Danny but he does not do prints (although he is doing a book soon) – if/when I have kids I just want their room filled with his artwork! (maybe even before then because I just adore them!)  I discovered Danny from being a WoW player and in love with Glenn’s work – they often draw together and I saw some of his stuff and a comment that he used to work at Blizzard so I got suckered into his hamster pictures.

danny beck awww!!

danny beck 2As you can see I like to support artists.

They create the most amazing things and I think because they create such magic they should be supported so they can continue to make more.  Imagine if Van Gogh had some support – he may have created more – not that I am generally a fan of his work anyway..but it is the concept of what else he could have given us.

So this facebook group is something I enjoy being in as I get to see some amazing artists every day and then track/hunt them down.  It is called WOW Art and if you love art you should check it out.  Here are some of my favourite images from it so you can see the kind of stuff being shared:

IllidancenarioncutiesThrallIf you are (or know) the artists please let me know so I can link to your website!!!

My garrisons of nothing…

I have been slowly plugging away at my garrison and in truth, I haven’t really done much with it.  I created a barn and then have not done any work orders at all in it.  I think I made it a level 2 barn and just haven’t had time to go out and trap animals for the savage bloods.

Since 6.1 dropped as well I have been trying to figure out where these vendors are and finally saw Harrison Jones in my garrison last night with a quest.  Yuerck.  A quest.  I don’t want to do quests. gahhhh.

However I have a few things to do this week before it gets to late to say I was just time short and not just lazy.

Wowhead 6.1 guide

I have to find Kraank for the +125 food so I can make that up and I have to find the alchemist and tailor patterns so I can make savage blood every day (Thanks Sars for the initial amount of it!!) . I need to decide if Stage 4 of 4 with the Powerful Hexweave is worth going though all the pain for.  As I have tier pieces I would need to re-choose the pieces I want to wear and build them up from scratch again.  I know I have about 300 pieces of hexweave cloth which is not a huge amount – but I have zero savage bloods and it will take time to build up a stock of them. Of course their prices will have dropped on the AH so I could supplement my stock with them.  The trinket Stone of Fire has versatility on it, and until they make that stat better than Multi/haste/crit it just isn’t worth wasting the mats on.  Sadly.

I didn’t realise my tailoring and alchemy huts were not level 3, for the profession missions, so I had to make them up the other day…silly me…I thought they were for some reason. I did receive some rush order thingies from the missions and used them straight away – which is fine except I am constantly out of Fur and Frostweed…I never have enough for my dailies or my work orders.  I am even running low on resources to buy from the trading post…don’t be fooled by the below screenshot – I am siting at below 400 resources now after building up my plots!

I have even received a few more achievements for random things :)

IlevelFinally getting my followers with some higher ilevels.  I have about 6 now that are at over 660…so I have a little while to go before getting them to 675, I am working on it!  My salvage yard and warmill are excellent – the warmill is giving me so many pieces for upgrade  – I don’t know how I ever lived without it. Whilst the salvage yard isn’t as good, I do get a few bits from there and even just selling the greens/blues I get is making it worthwhile for me.  I may however get rid of it as it doesn’t really do all that much except provide money – if I figure out something else would be more useful  in it’s place.

WoWScrnShot_022615_204303It feels like I have done a butt tonne more than 1000 missions I will be honest! But I guess when you are only doing about 14 missions a day I guess it takes a while.

Bigger traini also forgot to post this little achievement the other day – it was pretty funny to get it Navi did sacrifice herself to get it so we cannot be too mad about it.  The only issue being that it caused a massive white flash which blinded everyone and freaked them out a little. heheheeh

Overall I am still pretty happy with the garrison design, I just wish it wasn’t so time consuming sometimes…and i wish I had more time to play so i wasn’t spending 30-40 minutes doing garrison stuff which isn’t questing or invasions (which I haven’t done many of!)



Healing on a Paladin


Originally when WoD came out I was considering levelling my druid first and healing for raids.  I figured with my struggles on my mage with DPS it was time for a change.  Well when WoD came out the guild had about 10 healers all wanting to raid and willing to. I decided with some discussion to just level my mage. Turns out – some healers have no stamina :p (More like no tolerance perhaps?!?!).  We are struggling with enough healers and are having people alt heal in raids for us.

druid-treeform-wow-world-of-warcraft-druid-treeform-healer-r-demotivational-poster-1276157707Our healers are awesome – having to alt heal to help out is a massive job, and being able to keep up with our main healers is even more impressive, but it isn’t really fair having to do that.

So, I am levelling my pally to heal for the guild. I haven’t healed on her since PVP in Cata maybe? So it has been a very long time, but we have 3 druid heals, a shammy, a monk and a couple of priests – it was the only healing class we were really lacking. I started last week really and got her to 93, then had no time to play; so I spent some time on the Saturday and got her to 97.  Only 3 more levels to go.

My current plan is to get Silver Proving – as I figure that is a great way to figure out my buttons/rotations and also do some LFR (it will help with gear – even if i go in as ret and set my gear to heals).  I am not sure about 5 mans at this stage – it will depend on how I go.  If I can convince some poor guildies to help me – I would be interested, but 5 mans are brutal with strangers if you cock up, and I am really not keen on that at all.

97 PallyIsn’t she stunning?  REOW!! I have just started the Spires of Arak area, and I have no idea how much longer it will take for me to get her to 100.  I will just try and get as much play time in as I can and maybe she will be 100 before next weekend, which means I can spend next weekend gearing her up.  If all goes to plan that is!



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