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Bosses are now 6717


That may look like a nonsense title but was better than 6 of 7 and 1 of 7  which was my original one.

We have been raiding, I know I haven’t posted much about it, I have been a little ashamed of my feelings at events that have occurred and my lack of joy in my mage.

We were working on the 6th boss…and by working on – we gave it approx 6 attempts, decided it was too hard and went to kill Heroic Korgath. I was a little disheartened that we went to do an easier boss in heroic than get some solid work on the next actual boss we had to kill in Normal.

Heroic Korgath was a little harder and we have killed him 2 times now, but not overly more awful.  Not that I remember now anyway….next week might change my mind on this post..

heroic Korgath

I know, looks exactly the same as normal…but…I felt I needed to post it anyway. Missing his hand and all, which someone took as a trophy. I hadn’t even noticed his hand gets removed….ewwwww so gruesome back in Draenor. Morz and I had an issue with loot which I didn’t even know about, we both rolled for Bileslingers Censer, and Morz won it, then a few minutes later he was trying to trade it with me.  I refused.  He needed it just as much as me and whilst a heroic offhand would be epic (see what I did there?!), I didn’t want to waste it on me.  Two reasons, Morz is heals – I would rather it helps him; secondly, I was hoping to win brownie points because he said he was not going to heal me anymore :p.  Thirdly though mages tend to end up using staves more often than not so given most of my weapons will likely be two handers it just didn’t seem to make much sense.  He would likely get more use out it.

I am pretty happy we did the Korgath in heroic mode, I think that is exciting and we have done him again since the first time.  I do however want to get through normal mode first!

We did eventually get back to work on Ko’ragh – even killed him!  We were not getting anywhere consistently for a while, about 60%, then about 50%, but nothing more. It was quite frustrating.


Until we swapped some focus around because we had misunderstood the debuffs etc. and he died the next attempt.  He went down so quickly once the ranged were attacking him during the shield phase.  I honestly believe, hand on heart, that if we had been doing that from the beginning we would not have struggled on him as much and people would have been a heck of a lot less stressed.  There is a lot going on during the fight and we clearly had to learn that, but the longer the fight goes on it gets harder for people to keep it together, so finally picking up on a mechanic was pretty important. I scored a Cloak of Searing Shadows – I still don’t know how – I was sure someone else would have beaten me – but I am making sure I roll for everything because you just never know if people have or haven’t rolled; I would hate to see loot go to waste when at this point everything is an upgrade.


We even got some super swanky achievements for killing him!! So only one more boss to defeat in normal mode!

My DPS is completely devastating.  I don’t want to be at the top, but I hate being right at the bottom.  Literally – AT THE BOTTOM!!  The tanks are doing better than me.  Yet, when I run heroics I am going much better.  Either way I am still struggling with Frost as a spec now.  I have changed my spec and am using Prismatic Crystal and Frost bomb, both have altered my rotation enough that I just don’t like frost anymore.  I seem to be having issues with my water elemental as well – last week I could not keep him attacking mobs, I was constantly having to tell him to attack – which meant on one attempt at Brackenspore I was going 10k dps…yup…10k….that attempt we got the boss to like sub 3% so had my stupid pet been doing its job my extra 3k DPS may have aided us.  I was relegated to fire guns after that…..yeah feeling really good about my DPS that day.

I can’t see what I am doing wrong, maybe I am doing nothing wrong and it is just my gear holding me back and that is even more annoying when compared to others doing much higher DPS.  I can’t figure it out. It annoys me.  I wanted to jump online last night and change to fire or arcane (maybe frost is still borked – even though people with approx the same ilevel can hit 20k easily and I can’t get 15k) but the servers went down right in our primetime and so I managed to get online, set my work orders in my profession buildings and get kicked off the server.  I logged in with less than 8 minutes before shutdown.

Lominari thinks I should just change toons because no matter how much I love my mage – I can’t play the class :p Maybe I can’t actually play any class though.  maybe I am too old for this game.  So depressing :( We have gone to a dark place :/







The garrison that keeps on giving :)

I have finally reached 700 on my alchemy!!

Max alchemy

As mentioned earlier, it was easy because raiding requires constant upkeep.  I need to start making more catalysts as I have run out, more work orders must be completed.  Lominari gave me some fantatsic stacks of frostweed so I have enough now to get ahead I think.  I need some more flytrap though, so I might do a day of those this week.  Now to continue working on tailoring and cooking!!  Oh…first aid…yeah…..that one as well….eventually…..

I also levelled my herb garden to level 3 in the hopes of more plants….I got some sort of apple tree – not sure about that yet – I didn’t have time to play with it. But building my herb garden got me this little gem Movin’ on up. I didn’t realise I had been so slack, but I haven’t gotten the plans for any level 3 buildings.  I have been grabbing as many tavern quests as I can so I can hopefully complete it – but I tried to find it the other day and failed …LOL.  I have no idea which ones I need now!

Movin on Up

I am struggling to balance work orders and pet collection.  I can’t choose which I want more so I do about 4 work orders a day and then save the rest for my eventual pet….I think that is going to take me months to get! heheeh  I hope levelling my herb garden will help with this!

Draenic seed collector

I have also managed to get two more mounts from my stable. I don’t know what happens when I have all of them, so we get more to chase down?  I am curious.  My angry looking trained Snarler.

tamed Snarler

And my absolutely awful Trained Riverwallow.  I do not like the way these ride at all…YUCK, it sort of speed waddles..hard to describe, maybe I should have taken a video of it.  Not being favourited!! That isn’t a bad thing since I have a fair few mounts ticked as favourites.  I cannot stress my love of that summon mount button!


I do like the little sunshade for my pale complexion…but you can keep the mount :)



Where has the time gone?

So, thought it was about time to do a quick update post with the generic achievements and blah stuff that I want to post about.

I haven’t been online as much as I would like, last week and this week, I have been working overtime at work and am on the late shift.  I have been leaving home at 6am and getting home at 7.30pm.  This leaves me just enough time to cook some dinner, eat and do my profession dailies before heading to Highmaul.  It is pretty tight.  I am pretty exhausted, but you know extra money is extra money and for 2 weeks it is such a small sacrifice :)

I have managed to get a mount from my stables now – the Trained Meadowstomper, which is pretty sweet.

Trained meadowstomper

Quite funny given how recently I was saying I never got anything and have been doing my dailies. But woo hoo!!

I have received a few garrison achievements for missions and what not:

Raising the barMy tenth follower to 100, thank you talonpriest Ishaal!

Savagely superior

I got the above from a mission reward necklace I got!  Always worth doing the missions.

Making the cut

I was helping Lominari in Nagrand and got this little gem by killing a rare – my obsession with killing them all pays off :p

I was framed

I got this one simply by questing and almost dying, in typical mage fashion, I ran in an aggroed too many things which then escalated (thanks multistrike + ice lance splitting to more targets).  It was mayhem and then..WOOT achievement!

Chopping logs all over the place (Incidentally I have now replaced my Lumber Yard with a Trading Post) so I won’t be able to get the next level on this until I do an alt with a LY in their garrison.

Does anyone else have momentary excitement thinking they get an achievement, only to realise it is a mission completing?  Ot is it just me???




Looking For Drama…no seriously

I missed the Saturday MC run because I was completely engrossed in running heroics. I managed to upset Luxy and Navi because I didn’t even know it was on.

I imagined Luxy was chain lightning my butt while having her wolves rip into my arms and legs and Navi was likely mauling my face off with her bear claws.  I swear …I  was scared for my life!  Whilst sifting through my corpse Luxy said that McTacky had been mentioning it in guild chat all day and I clearly had missed it every time. Navi then piped up; using my eyeballs as kitty play-things – I could hear the squelching and mewling in the background), that she mentioned it last MC they would try and do it every week….but I didn’t get to go last week :(  All in all, I got my arse handed to me…felt like I was at work….

Anyway, the entire point was that I missed MC because I was running heroics. I was so focused on my dungeons that I wasn’t doing much else.   I wanted to get better gear for raiding, so I didn’t let the team down -  turns out my luck is still crud!

I have to thank the multitude of people who ran me and Lominari through dungeons!   It was greatly appreciated – even if I only got one upgrade and one legendary quest done. The Core of Iron from Grimrail Depot, which I still really like as an instance!

grimrail heroic

We also finally got to complete a heroic Skyreach instead of a normal:

heroic Skyreach

We did Auchi about a week ago with a friend and that was an awesome dungeon as well – I hate the 2nd last boss though.  I really really hate him.

Heroic Auchi

I don’t remember Shadowmoon Burial being all that much harder in heroic than normal First boss has an extra doohicky, and Bonemaw seems to inhale more (but that could be my perception only) and the last boss feels exactly the same.  I was happy to have done it though.

Heroic Shadowmoon burial

I finally, finally managed to get heroic UBRS done as well….I can not tell you how excited I was to have that done.  I never want to go back there again though :p  I really loved it in Vanilla, and I detest it now!!  LOL  I died just before the end of the boss because I strafed away from some dragon breathe without realising I had no platform underneath me….Oops!  I let the team down.  But I am so glad to have killed her!!!

Heroic UBRS

The first time I did Iron docks heroically, the achievement didn’t register, so I finally got that under my belt as well.  The last boss does my head with the LoS you need to have,  I am sure I will get better with time.

Heroic Iron docks

So I only have to get into Everbloom and  Slag mines, both incidentally, have my legendary items I need.  Random hates me though, I get UBRS or Burial grounds 90% of the time.  I had to manually select the other instances for the simple reason I wanted to actually see them!!

Heroic sleft

Having seen them all I still think Grimrail is my favourite, followed by Skyreach and Everbloom. What are your preferences?



5 of 7 in Highmaul


Since last Wednesday was busted and people are keen to raid at the moment, guess what we spent Sunday night doing??  Yah…raiding in Highmaul!!  I think spirits were pretty high from Thursday night so people are pretty keen to see new content and kill stuff and see the shiny purple loot getting dropped.  Let’s face it – we all raid for a reason!

Mine is the laughter and fun of being able to get 20+ people to kill a boss with some strategy and team work, others it is the phat lootz.

Tectis…what a fight that is?!?!!? I found the hardest bit was not being able to be scrolled out fully with my camera. The joy of being ranged is that I generally sit as far back as I can, scroll all the way out and just watch the world burn… the mob die!!  DBM decided to spit up errors the second we pulled, I knew something was wrong because Exray gave us his 10 count and I didn’t get the 5 from DBM. EEEP! Then the rocks went up behind me and I was in FPS mode…yeurgh!

He took a few attempts with people not moving the right direction with the gift of life crystal barrage.  I managed to die because my left big toe must have been just in the red enough to kill me and I didn’t even notice.  I even tilted my camera to be directly above and it looked like I had at least half a cm between my toe and the red… that point the boss was almost dead!


We headed to the twin Ogron and I officially hate that fight.  Just spend the entire fight dodging fire – go for it – I am sure you will find it as enthralling as we all did!I even have Ice Floes as a talent and it was about as useful as a waterproof teabag. The temptation to keep DPSing is just so high but it is honestly really difficult – perhaps as fire it may be easier because scorch is such a short cast time, you would at least still be doing something.  In the end I obeyed the laws of fire and just ran away screaming for the time it was chasing me.  Including having the worst brain for running THE SAME DIRECTION as the fire…grrrr.

I would like to blame alcohol, instead I must blame Kyjenn.  During our clean up attempt, Navi says “No, don’t give them to me, give them to Dragon!”  ohh presents!!  Turns out Kyjenn just likes to see me drunk and hands over some Cheap Beer! I swear you flex raid drunk a couple of times and everyone thinks you are an alcoholic. I washed down some of my feast with a couple of beers for the next round!

Two Ogron

I like how they are falling in unison, so graceful and elegant! I managed to score myself Sea-Cursed Leggings which I was mighty happy about as I finally got rid of my PVP pants and it means I didn’t waste my cloth on making pants.  I kid you not, I was about to buy the pattern before raid but I didn’t have the hide to make them before raid started, so I was going to do it after raid.  Now I can spend the cloth on making shoulders as my EPGP will be low enough I won’t get gear for a little while again.

DPS wise I am not up the top or in the middle. I am a little lower and whilst my DPS isn’t all that bad – it isn’t great.  I am hoping with a few more pieces it may pick up.

So only 2 more bosses to go on normal!!  How exciting :)  Navi has a much more detailed post about this as well.





Professions in WoD

I am really struggling with them.


My alchemy is coming along nicely because I am making flasks for  myself and for Lominari, I am even stealing all the herbs I can from Lominari.  I am not particularly worried about it at the moment because I know it will eventually happen.  I would like to start donating flasks/potions to the guild bank though so I really have to spend some time on my druid and get some flower picking happening.  I do confess to missing my flight form for that.

My tailoring is sucking the proverbial big one.  I hate that I can only make 5-7 pieces of cloth per day…unless there is something I am missing.  I want to make a cloak for Lominari, and myself (plus all the other gear of course) and my elekk and my mount….and at 100 pieces of cloth per each…I am going to be making stuff for the next 6 years.  I never have enough fur either.  I may have to suck it up and send a toon out into the wild to farm for it.  I need so much of it. I am currently stealing any Lominari collects for flowers I don’t use for alchemy (he uses it for inscription).  But neither of us are gathering furs in huge amounts.  Even dungeons barely net me 10 pieces of fur. So Sad :(  I am really disliking tailoring this time because of the daily cooldowns on the main item needed. I do understand however that prevents people from having full epic sets in the first day.

I have been levelling my fishing purely so I can level my first aid.  I am really not a fan of health pots needing fish to create – I don’t like fishing overly much anyway. I have always done it just to max it out and then never really do it again, but without wanting to spend 10000′s of gold on fish I have to actually fish now. :(   I do like the fact that I can fish in my garrison for the most part – however I need to start heading out into the world to chase the achievements that will aid in me getting Nagle as a follower.

Draenor fisherman

Thank god they changed the daily quest to award 15 points instead of one.  I only had to do the daily once to get the achievement, but I only needed about 5 points since I took the picture at the top.  I have been using my my fish to level my cooking, which I have liked so far -so glad they didn’t repeat the WoD model that I can see.   I actually quite like having new recipes deposited into my bags when I make something. I have been sending my alts the food for use during their levelling process when i actually get started on them.

I cannot bring myself to do archeaology – but then, I say that every expansion and then seeing it being less than max kills me, I will eventually do it, but well after I get my other professions actually completed.

I don’t think I am all that far off in truth, it just feels like it when I can see how many points I need to get.  On one level I understand why they removed a lot of the superfluous crafting of items that get vendored or DE’d, but on the other I think it is just made it harder to actually level.  With that in mind though, having a herb garden and mine that I can gather my own reagants is beyond awesome, because it would have made the points I have gotten a heck of a lot harder.  So I can appreciate the changes, including being able to pick what herbs I plant in my garden!  I am generally doing 2 days of Frostweed, one day of Flytrap, then random the next day and continue the cycle.

Overall I know I sounded a little negative, there are good and bad things about them and like every expansion it just takes time to adjust to how it is done now. What are your thoughts – what other professions have altered either positively or negatively?



Highmaul the raid


You know it!!!

Our attempt at raid on Wednesday was borked with the the latest in a series of DDOS attacks, so we headed in last night.  Not that I even know why I am saying this, but we were doing normal mode, not heroic or mythic. Just good ole normal.

I was fishing at Highmaul from about 8.30 just hanging around and I completely missed the raid invite call whilst reading the strats on wowhead. There were over 40 people online and I would not be able to tell you who the raiders were aside from the team from SoO.  My first raid and I almost missed it because I wasn’t reading gchat. Duh-head!

Anyway someone talked to the Ogre in eagerness and started it up, so half of us were up the top in the arena and the the rest down the bottom, I was up the top praying like all hell that someone didn’t get too close to the main gate.  Everyone seemed excited and nervous and excited…did I say I was excited!!?!!?

Kargath Bladefist  on normal is pretty easy.  Avoid the bad stuff and win.  It isn’t that bad.  Mind you I had luck on my side as I didn’t get focused once and I wasn’t in the group that had to go up.


I actually forgot to get a picture of him, which you can sort of see him in the top right hand corner…might be his leg…or arm…i think we dismembered him completely.  The cinematic started up straight away and I forgot to take a picture of his corpse. No cloth loot :(

We headed to the Butcher next, he had an evil evil demon pig that one shots after charging if you don’t move away.  Such an easy fight for ranged, stand in the back and go hard. Melee have to do some sort of swap when a debuff ticks too high, but essentially it is a pretty basic stand still and go full pelt. One piece of cloth Meatmonger’s Gory Grips went to Haevela.


I took a picture whilst we all stood around and admired all the purple shinies dropping!!

Someone said Brackenspore was easy.  So we headed there.  Whomever it was should be spanked. However we did kill him after 4 attempts. So not as good as the first to single shots, but still pretty good.  I like this fight – there is a lot to do and there is a lot to focus on.  The big add he spawns – Fungal Flesh Eater – takes sooo much DPS to kill.  It takes forever to die it feels too slow, like you are treading through snow or something.  I liked this fight.  A lot.


We even received and achievement for completing those three bosses – The Walled City.  Once again, no cloth gear.  We got severely ripped off!  I wanted to fish in the water, and it nearly killed me!  Then everyone else was jumping in the poisoned water as well!  Mayhem!!

My DPS was pretty low, so I will make a concerted effort to get into heroics this weekend and upgrade my gear as needed.  I am finding it a drag to be queuing for 40 minutes though, to then struggle through an instance for another hour.  I just seem to get nothing done.  I just can’t seem to be online when anyone else wants to run heroics even with 30 people on and I have stopped asking in guild chat for anyone else because it is just easier to sign up.  So I will continue to struggle through and see how we go.  I need to upgrade my necklace, shoulder, legs waist and offhand slots to be 630 minimum.  I also need to get my legendary ring chain updated.

Overall our first night in Highmaul was bloody excellent.  I had a lot of fun, it was nice to not be in SoO anymore aside from anything else!!! As I logged of I had frantic messages from Navi because she didn’t get pictures – and she correctly figured I would….bloggers..we all need pictures!!  for everything!  I actually briefly contemplated FRAPsing last night, but I don’t think my system is up to it anymore.  So she may post some as well, and her post will be far more detailed about the fights then mine :p

I can’t wait to see the rest of Highmaul!!

10th Anniversary!

Wow’s 10th anniversary is on at the moment!  Can you believe it!  I have been playing since May 2005.  The only reason I know it was May was because our best friend bought us copies of the game for our birthdays; Lominari and I have a week between our birthdays.

Such a long journey, full of laughter, friendship, learning, drama and fun.

10th Anniversary

I always slightly let down when I miss out on the actual achievement bubble when you get things for logging in! So I made my own little picture that makes me happy.

4th anniv

I missed number 8 and it still irks me.  I was not playing at the time and whilst I don’t have every single one, I am pretty proud of the amount I have been around for. That is a lot of time. Should I even be proud?  Oh gawd…that is a terrible question!!

Here is my little corgi as well:

Molten Corgi

I was dying to run MC.  It has always been my favourite raid simply because it was my first one. I am still slightly peeved they made the mobs smaller, part of the epicness of MC was that the mobs were huge space-encompassing giant fire beasts.  I missed the guild run due to dinner plans I had completely forgotten about and was reminded by Lominari the day of. I wanted to do MC with the guild, it was why I hadn’t queued up  immediately.   Fingers crossed they may organise another group run, but they seemed to have a pretty cool night of it according to Navimie anyway.

Lominari and I queued and I was expecting the queue to be about 2 hours, we got in before 5 minutes had passed. We had an awful group to start with, but by Shazzrah things had started to settle down a little bit.  I think I died about 12 times, my repair bill was over 300g…for a ranged clothie…ouch. The mobs were respawning way too fast as well causing us issues on some fights, which in turn allowed more mobs to spawn – it was horrible, overall I would say it added about an hour to the run.  The tanks just kept pulling mobs as well – not even paying attention to them being bosses and that wiped us on almost every boss, they also didn’t turn mobs away either.  It was frustrating. Eventually we did manage to kill Rags, and I got my helm and corehound mount! I haven’t taken a picture with her yet, however I was quite surprised how nice they are to ride.  I thought they would be cumbersome like Elekks or even Kodo’s but I actually quite like it.  I need to go back in and chase down Hatespark the Tiny.  (Donations appreciated!)


Overall I have enjoyed my 10 years in game.  I have a lot of wonderful memories and friends that have crossed over from online to real life and they are fantastic friendships.  i can’t wait to see how many more anniversaries I am around for.




Non Wow: Mortality

This post is a little depressing, and completely not WoW related.  So feel free to skip over it, I just needed somewhere to write down my thoughts about it.

sympathy-quotes-05 (more…)

Garrison building and Pet battling

Or is that Garrison battling and Pet building…in truth I have been doing all 4!!

I have slowly started working on my pet collections and levelling.  I cannot seem to defeat the menagerie dailies because I do not have enough of a selection of pets to choose from.  I almost has Stitches Jnr the other day – multiple times – but I just couldn’t quite get him dead enough.  I only had a brief shot at the three magical Hanos, Manos and Fatos guys – I was nowhere near close to killing them.  I haven’t attempted anything since then.  I need more pets and I need to get better at pet battling.

I managed to grab myself a few rares in my travels though and that makes me super happy – I was mainly sitting outside my garrison battling the icespine hatchlings for levels on some other pets.  I scored a few blues whilst battling including 2 of the Twilight Wasps (why did I collect the second one – because I can’t stand seeing a blue be killed) also a Frostfire Rat and a Mud Jumper.  I was pretty happy with my haul, even though I was trying desperately to get a few other blue pets.

Pet Battles - quality and quantity

I have gathered a few others from around the place by killing rares and looting things that were lootable (like eggs).  There are still quite a few mobs that I need to chase down that have pets for me to collect, but I will take my time and get them all eventually.

I am pretty happy with my collection so far, the only thing I am completely devastated about was the Shadow Sporebat. I was battling one in the wee hours one morning and my stupid pet killed it, so I trundled off to find another one and just as a I was about to engage it a pally pulled the Rare mob in the area and consecrated my only other spawn. Devastated.  Even more so now since Zeirah posted about it actually being an early morning spawn…bad bad luck!

All good though, I shall continue my travels and one morning I may be on early enough to catch him again.

My garrison is slowly getting there, I am completely obssessed now.  I have fully integrated into the system. I have a few issues at the moment, but I will see how they play out – my main one being the missions I can never seem to send anyone on because they don’t have the right skills or the right level. I seem to have 95% of missions for level 100 followers of which I have only two. So I can’t level the other guys because I don’t have any low enough. Seems imbalanced and entirely silly.

Following up - level 100 follower

Except of course for the mission where we all get our dance studio as requested? I was giggling a little at that!  The trait it gives your follower is “Your lithe moves help you skip out of danger zones a bit more quickly.”

Dance studio

I have all my plots full, my stables are just awesome!! Look!!  MY MOUNTS!! I love how they wander around as well.  I could just sit there for hours. Honestly.


I also bought myself the guild banners because why would you not?!? I love this picture because you can see some of my pets just wandering around my garrison – level 2 menagerie is awesome!  Better traps, 4 min CD instead 8 min on bandage and as per the above – pets that just roam the garrison.  This is so awesome, between the mounts and the pets I was sold on garrisons. But back to the original point – how sexy do the banners look on my garrison??  Yeah they are so cool!

guild banner

So I have the following plots at level 2 – herb garden, menagerie, lumber mill, stables, tavern, tailoring.  The rest are at level one and I am hoping over the next couple of day to get the rest to level 2 and start working out the best way to get the to level 3 (I know some have achievements which unlock level 3 plans). I find myself constantly wanting to go back and do stuff there, even if there isn’t anything to actually do.

But my next major goal is to get some fishing done, which will in turn make my fishing dailies easier/faster – but fishing is not something I want to get online to do when there is so much other stuff waiting to be done first. So much to do and I just don’t want to go back to work on monday because it means I won’t have unlimited access…to my garrison!!  heeheh

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