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Non Wow: Mortality

This post is a little depressing, and completely not WoW related.  So feel free to skip over it, I just needed somewhere to write down my thoughts about it.

sympathy-quotes-05 (more…)

Garrison building and Pet battling

Or is that Garrison battling and Pet building…in truth I have been doing all 4!!

I have slowly started working on my pet collections and levelling.  I cannot seem to defeat the menagerie dailies because I do not have enough of a selection of pets to choose from.  I almost has Stitches Jnr the other day – multiple times – but I just couldn’t quite get him dead enough.  I only had a brief shot at the three magical Hanos, Manos and Fatos guys – I was nowhere near close to killing them.  I haven’t attempted anything since then.  I need more pets and I need to get better at pet battling.

I managed to grab myself a few rares in my travels though and that makes me super happy – I was mainly sitting outside my garrison battling the icespine hatchlings for levels on some other pets.  I scored a few blues whilst battling including 2 of the Twilight Wasps (why did I collect the second one – because I can’t stand seeing a blue be killed) also a Frostfire Rat and a Mud Jumper.  I was pretty happy with my haul, even though I was trying desperately to get a few other blue pets.

Pet Battles - quality and quantity

I have gathered a few others from around the place by killing rares and looting things that were lootable (like eggs).  There are still quite a few mobs that I need to chase down that have pets for me to collect, but I will take my time and get them all eventually.

I am pretty happy with my collection so far, the only thing I am completely devastated about was the Shadow Sporebat. I was battling one in the wee hours one morning and my stupid pet killed it, so I trundled off to find another one and just as a I was about to engage it a pally pulled the Rare mob in the area and consecrated my only other spawn. Devastated.  Even more so now since Zeirah posted about it actually being an early morning spawn…bad bad luck!

All good though, I shall continue my travels and one morning I may be on early enough to catch him again.

My garrison is slowly getting there, I am completely obssessed now.  I have fully integrated into the system. I have a few issues at the moment, but I will see how they play out – my main one being the missions I can never seem to send anyone on because they don’t have the right skills or the right level. I seem to have 95% of missions for level 100 followers of which I have only two. So I can’t level the other guys because I don’t have any low enough. Seems imbalanced and entirely silly.

Following up - level 100 follower

Except of course for the mission where we all get our dance studio as requested? I was giggling a little at that!  The trait it gives your follower is “Your lithe moves help you skip out of danger zones a bit more quickly.”

Dance studio

I have all my plots full, my stables are just awesome!! Look!!  MY MOUNTS!! I love how they wander around as well.  I could just sit there for hours. Honestly.


I also bought myself the guild banners because why would you not?!? I love this picture because you can see some of my pets just wandering around my garrison – level 2 menagerie is awesome!  Better traps, 4 min CD instead 8 min on bandage and as per the above – pets that just roam the garrison.  This is so awesome, between the mounts and the pets I was sold on garrisons. But back to the original point – how sexy do the banners look on my garrison??  Yeah they are so cool!

guild banner

So I have the following plots at level 2 – herb garden, menagerie, lumber mill, stables, tavern, tailoring.  The rest are at level one and I am hoping over the next couple of day to get the rest to level 2 and start working out the best way to get the to level 3 (I know some have achievements which unlock level 3 plans). I find myself constantly wanting to go back and do stuff there, even if there isn’t anything to actually do.

But my next major goal is to get some fishing done, which will in turn make my fishing dailies easier/faster – but fishing is not something I want to get online to do when there is so much other stuff waiting to be done first. So much to do and I just don’t want to go back to work on monday because it means I won’t have unlimited access…to my garrison!!  heeheh

Brawling and Proving…again


After finally getting the gear I needed to get into heroics – well slightly – ever so slightly above it at 611 – I decided I would tag along with a guild run only to discover I had to do Silver Proving ground before I could.

I dislike proving grounds – aside from it being timed – which freaks me out, it doesn’t prove anything (imho) about whether someone is  a good player or not.  They could still go into a dungeon, pull everything they want to, stand in the fire not use their personal cool downs or watch their aggro – causing it to be a pretty bad experience.   I couldn’t do silver in MoP – well, couldn’t isn’t the right word – I wasn’t required to do it – so I didn’t.  I hated it then and I hate it even more now that it is a requirement.

I had actually forgotten about it being a requirement with everything that was all new and shiny and my garrison obsession; it had completely slipped my mind.

I gave it a few attempts over the last couple of days, but I was getting consistently stuck at Wave 7 (sometimes wave 5). I was so completely fed up with it.  2 reasons – I am well aware of my playing ability – I don’t need to be made to feel like crap when I am supposed to be having fun in this game and secondly I have been chowing down on codeine due to a tooth infection since Wednesday.  You wouldn’t know this dear readers, but I have absolutely no tolerance for drugs.  I once had a nurse freak out because she started injecting me with morphine and it affected me well before she was expecting it to.  Warning labels are all over my medical file.  If I take one panadeine forte I am so drowsy I can barely move – if I take 2, I am out for the next 8 hours not moving.

So these painkillers I am taking are like 1.5 panadeine forte – which means I am drowsy as all heck, but still able to mostly function. Trying to do proving grounds when in that condition is not easy or enjoyable. Whilst I didn’t change anything to the way I was getting through the waves, I wasn’t in as much as pain or on codeine and I managed to get it done finally!  I am now able to actually get into heroics!!!!  YAYYYY!!  I am guessing pain and drugs do affect your cognitive abilities more than you think they do.  A big thank you to Lominari and Eq who both gave me tips to get through it and I really appreciated their time!


During my codeine induced haze and to ease my frustration of silver eluding me, I decided to head into Brawlers again and check it out.  I told myself I would only go as far as my first death because I was already stressed about proving grounds.  So I got through rank 1 and died on the last boss of Rank 2 Fran & Riddoh - I would have had that boss as well, but my target switched without me realising and made it harder than it needed to be.   Sadly, i discovered that Mr Ahooru is still the last boss in brawlers, so I am once again, going to have to face him and defeat him. If I get started now, I may have him done before the next expansion comes out :p

Here is a pretty good run down of the bosses and their abilities from Wowpedia.  If you didn’t do Brawling back in MoP you should really check it out, it is fun and challenging without any real pressure to get through each rank.  It was a good way to get a little more play time with your character in not standard raid environments.

brawlers guild




Dungeon runs

I have to say since my initial Skyreach dungeon I have now done a few more and I am even more confused about which I like the most! I still have a few to see, so I am sure I will find one.

I did Everbloom with Nath/Jazz/Morz/Nav.  Navi was tanking and both Nath and Jazz had been to the instance (excluding the last boss) so we had a guided run, which was nice.  I still don’t understand the first boss at all – even after a couple more runs in there, but you know, as long as he dies I am happy.

Everbloom - Nath/Jazz/Morz/Nav

It is a lovely instance, very pretty to look at.  The last boss is a crazy fight with the adds and multiple targets and running over flowers etc it is hectic, but pretty enjoyable. I got a daily quest in there for an Everbloom peachick which was pretty simple and worth it if you are a collector as it takes no time at all.

Navi also tanked a Shadowmoon Burial ground run for myself, Duckalot/Ravz/Balinar.  That was a pretty intense kind of place.  The bosses are all simple enough, but hard at the same time. So many things to be doing and watching for.  I like the first boss and the last boss the most.  The first boss with the eclipse feature and having to avoid and step on runes etc.  I liked the last boss because although the mechanics are not new – it is one we haven’t seen since Cataclysm in the End Time dungeon fighting against Echo of Sylvanaas – so it was nice to bring back the concept of picking a mob and clearing a path. Just one mob.  Such a simple thing yet fraught with danger and risk!

Shadowmoon burial /Duck/Ravz/Balinar/Nav

I also did a run through the Grimrail Depot with Navi, Aimei, Lughna and Ravz.  I loved the idea of being on a moving train – it was like being in an episode of Firefly or something.  It was so much fun.  The little cinematics were quite cute as well, but really I could have just sat on the train and watched the scenery pass by.  I was loving it.  I really liked the turrent boss, that you had to kill mobs and pick up their grenades and blow up the firing gun.  That was fun.  I don’t really remember the others so they couldn’t have been very difficult.  I did love the floor of “death and pretty colours”!

Grimrail Lug/Ravz/Aimei/Nav

grimrail achievement

I also ran UBRS with Lughna, Ravz, Aimei and pug hunter called Tiri.  I think I could be quite happy to never see that place again.  UBRS was a struggle. I think one of the biggest factors was that none of us had been there and so we were guessing a lot and going off the dungeon jounral which has a lot less information now than it used to.  I had done the first bit already when 6.0 dropped, but that was the end of my experience.  Aimei seemed a little squishy, Ravz seemed a little mana choked and the rest of us were DPSing our little hearts out.

The last boss in there is an absolute cow (does that make her more enjoyable later maybe?) and we wiped on most of the bosses in there at least once (except for the first one with the electricity).  I was happy to see Son of the beast in the dungeon.  His dad “Beast” in old UBRS was part of our initiation into my first guild.  We would go in and as a newbie get told to run up to him, “he doesn’t hurt”, was the biggest lie I have ever heard!  He would punt you across the room and you would likely die – everyone else would be roaring with laughter at your gullability.

UBRS -Lug/Rav/Aimei/Tiri (pug)

We managed to get the last boss down after multiple attempts and for some reason I missed the actual achievement – so here is the spam!

Overall I have enjoyed my little jaunts into the dungeons so far.  I think they have some nice mechanics and are pretty easy to get through.  I also think there is a pretty good ratio of trash to bosses.

Now I have to get my gear level to 610 so I can get into heroics and start the long climb up to LFR level gear – so many people in the guild are well ahead of where I am at.  I need to catch up.  What is everyone’s favourite dungeon so far?


No more quests?

Normally at the end of levelling, you have another zone or two to work your way through, but this time round there aren’t many quests left when you ding whilst halfway through Nagrand.

Lominari and I decided to go and see if we had missed anything - I had hoped Tanaan Jungle would have a zone for 100, I swam/ran that entire coast line and found nothing.  We decided to head to Nagrand and open up the Highmaul section in the hopes of quests…we mainly found death and elites mobs with 1986k health…eeeep!

explore nagrand

We found the Cerulean Lagoon which is like crazy times.  You have to kill mobs to get a debuff which protects you from the gas (and a very speedy death), however my debuff kept bugging and not appearing which coincided with me being unable to eat the magic glowing mushrooms which provided some healing.  I died multiple times, but it was certainly fun to discover the area.

We headed over to Talador to explore the Shattrah city area that was still undiscovered on our maps. Demons everywhere but it was fun trying to survive especially when I was chasing rares and trees and getting myself into loads of trouble!  I am a little crazy with the tree chasing now thanks to my newly purchased lumber mill.

Explore Talador

Lominari and I are both quite funny, I run off to find a tree and he runs off to find herbs – I am surprised we are getting anything done!!  So after heading back to our garrisons, I managed to get this from all the trees I had collected.

Choppin some logs

After having left Carrotus Maximus alone for a day and reading some more information I went and tried him again.  I discovered that his heal has a 4 round CD, so providing I could shield through that it was easy. I used my Anubasith Idol after the 1300 point where he starts using his heal, then had to swap pets in and out until he died.   I was not sure a couple of times if I had counted the rounds correctly, and I was worried I would stuff it up.  His death finally got me:

Menagerie - keeping busy

Look at my little pets sitting there!!  They are so cute. It is just as epic as my stables – which I have gotten into the habit of always going and seeing my mounts briefly when I stop at the garrison.  I just like to see what is visible and if they are enjoying themselves.

I am becoming more obsessed with my garrison!!  gahhhh.

Why?!? Why would you make it more addictive?!?

I have one word for you all – garrisons!  Oh my!

Such addiction in one small piece of land! After hitting 100 gazlowe tells you to build a level 3 garrison which requires 2000 resources. The only problem being I had been spending my resources on missions!

So I went off and proceeded to hunt rares and farm resources from fallen logs – yes I should have built a lumber mill first, but I didn’t. I regret that decision now.

I was actually just enjoying following my tomtom arrow around the zones looking for resources, killing rares as I went and as I only needed 500 resources, so I was relatively close anyway (did I ever say I was a patient type of person).

Shredder Maniac

I built my level 3 garrison!!!  It was a very nice improvement, however my only question was why I don’t have my very own bedroom.  I am the commander of a huge garrison with multiple followers and yet, I have to share the inn?

Even more plots

My garrison now has a Lumber Mill, Barracks, Tavern, Stable, Alchemy hut, Tailoring hut and storehouse. Of course, my mine, herb garden and fishing shack had all been opened and I only had my menagerie to go.  I had to pet battle 3 mobs to get it open after getting a level 3 Garrison.  It was horrible. Luxy gave me some tips about which pets I needed (none I had at level 25) and I did some reading.  I don’t know how but I managed to get 2/3 done.  Carrotus maximus is horrible!!  He heals!  OMG! I cannot kill him and I have tried far too many times.

I also discovered that you can have too many active followers!!!  It doesn’t let you send followers out on missions, so you have to deactivate however many extra you have.  The kicker is that you have to pay 250g if you want to reactivate a specific one that you have deactivated – and it can only be done once a day.  Not sure I am happy about that, but we shall see how it plays out when I have more max level followers with which to send out on missions.

too many followers

I was waiting for Lominari to come home so we could continue the questing in Nagrand and I was so happy when he was keen as well!  We didn’t really have all that much to go when we got started, I thought we had more but we did about 5 more quests and it cleared out 2 story lines in the area and we only had the Garrosh Legacy to go.

Garrosh Legacy


Nagrand cherry

I could not be anymore in love with Thrall – even if I was Jaina Proudmore.  The ending is spectacular – if you haven’t finished the Nagrand questing – go and do it!! Here we all are at the end of a very long road.  We are in very exclusive company! I can’t even post about it because  - spoilers!!

The end


So far, I am loving the amount of things available to do in my garrison.  I need to find out if there are any daily quest hubs – other than a dungeon daily, I need more money; building garrisons is not cheap!!  I also have to start working out how to get my reputations up but I don’t want to sit and grind mobs for days at an end, so fingers crossed there are some more quests I can find to do.

How is everyone else enjoying their garrisons?

Level 100!!!!!

level 100 ding

Oh you sexy sexy beast!!

We were not the last to 100, but we were certainly one of the slowest ones to get there.  I guess after the first day I was a little “meh” about the entire push to 100 fast fast!

We did some general housekeeping in our garrison and picked up our legendary quest and headed to Nagrand. I was at 47% through level 99.  Oh, the excitement was barely containable.

Pin up motorbike

The questing in Nagrand has been fantastic, like the above quest with a goblin engineer worried he had lost his belongings…as pictured above.  I loved it!! There was a also a quest with a younger Mankrik (his girlfriend has gone missing) however someone in the background says “Get used to loss, that is life!”  slightly foreboding for poor old Mankrik :(  Maybe in this new timeline though, his wife will not die?  When you get back there with his girlfriend there are little love heart emotes…awwww…sooo cute….

One of the best parts of Nagrand is the mount you get, which allows you to cast spells and mount in combat and doesn’t dismount you when dazed.  It was an epic epic experience and I have no idea why you choose the tank option!

Here are me and Lom on our very own Frostwolves at 100..if only they were permanent.

Level 100's

We didn’t have enough gear for any other dungeon but Skyreach so Morziez came along to heal us, and I really like the instance. I have only seen three though, so I can’t really judge, but it is lovely visually and has some cool effects in it.  I am glad we could do that one as it had the legendary quest item we needed for Khadgar.

We went and handed it in and I loved his speech on the next part about having the right amount of Apexis crystals – reminds me of monty python.

Funny khadgar legendary

He wants us to go to heroic dungeons next, so Lominari and I decided to continue questing as our gear would be upgraded from rewards (which is preventing us from doing the other dungeons) and we get to finally see the event that everyone is talking about.

I only mention “the event” because someone came online and told everyone what happened.  Mostly full details.  To say a few of us were pissed is an understatement.  I am not sure how much further we have to go through in Nagrand to see it for ourselves, but I am very disappointed that it was ruined for me.  The entire first few zones is leading up to something big.  We have already lost someone major and I had no idea what was planned.  I know a few people are 100 already and had cleared Nagrand – but not everyone had.  I can’t say much more because otherwise I will be spoiling it, but it just really frustrated me to know.

Anyway I am glad to be 100, I can now start on all the things I need to, like figuring out what spec I will be playing, what by BiS gear is for each level, levelling my garrison, my battle pets, collecting all the bits and pieces that are now around to be collected.

Congratulations to everyone reaching 100 and I hope this xpac is as awesome as the last one was since we came back.  I love my guildies, I feel mostly at home and most days I feel they like me (or maybe they out up with me – they do think I am always drunk!!?) and providing I can become raid competitive eventually I hope to raid with them as well.




So close, but maintenance doesn’t want to let you get there…

We have had extended maintenance affecting our ability to get through Draenor.  Last night was from midnight to 4am and tonight was from 10pm to 4am as well…we was so close to getting to 100, but we couldn’t do half a level before maintenance :(

Our focus has been on doing all the stories in the areas (for the achievement) and completing all the bonus objectives before moving on to a new zone.  We have only done Frostfire ridge, Talador and Gorgond completely.

The storyline in Frostfire regarding the shadow council was very enjoyable and seeing how some of the creatures were created in our original time line was pretty cool – I also feel slightly bad for those people who thought Guldan was good…I don’t know how you could really…However I honestly, hand on my heart, thought they were going to kill Khadgar – thankfully he didn’t die (because mages are the best of course!!)

Guldan shadow trail

We made a start into the Spires of Arak and it was very messy because I think we stuffed the quest line somewhere.  We got a quest to head there, but then the breadcrumbs for that quest ran out so we had to sort of cobble together the storyline from all over the place – I think we ran that map a dozen times – up and down/west to east far too many times.

The Arrokoa story is sad and makes me understand them a little more, I feel bad for them and I completely get why they went slightly crazy in the end.  The spires feels like it never ends though – we kept saying we would get offline when the area finished – and it just didn’t…it kept going on and on.

Arak and a hard place

Gorgond is one of my favourite scenic places with the variation in landscapes, Lominari has a favourite place in Talador which has the most cheery music – it is cute and fluffy sounding – I may have to get the soundtrack because of it.

Level  95

I have been very quiet in guild chat because I am have been so focused on questing and enjoying the content. I can barely tell you anything about what has been happening in the good old green chat.  I take my xpac seriously and I love nothing more than losing myself in it, so I hope my guildies forgive me for not being as engaged with them the last couple of days, but :


As mentioned earlier we knew maintenance was happening early and we just wanted to get through the area in preparation for the last push to 100.  I didn’t want to push too much as it would have been a tight time frame, and what is the point of dinging 100 and only having 30 seconds to enjoy it.  Our breadcrumb quest lead to Nagrand and everyone was freaking out about spoilers in the area – I can’t wait to find out what they are all going on about!

Here are some of the other achievements I have gotten.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The next day….was worth it.

So aside from losing an entire night of levelling (poo) we managed to have a mostly stable day – the continent did drop again at about midday so we logged off for lunch but essentially a pretty solid run.

Funny guild message

Do you like the guild message from yesterday?  I thought it was funny!!

We managed to have a mostly good day getting to level 95, we wasted a little bit of time in Garrisons, but I think it just lends itself to that when you are doing missions and work orders etc – this game is becoming a time sink of a different variety now.  Before it was money, rep, dailies, raiding – now it is pet battles and garrisons…oh dear!

I am going slightly crazy chasing all the rares I can, it is the garrison resources, they kill me!!  But the questing has been fun and although questing is always questing (gather this, kill this, talk to this), the story lines have been fascinating enough to keep you interested.  I like that some of the rares require action and involvement like this one we had to do twice because the loot was not shareable:

rare mob

I confess to being completely in love with Thrall (that has never been a secret) and neither has my love of Durotan (after I read “Thrall”). Seeing them in game and running with them both is just amazing.  I have ben randomly telling ou tin guild chat “FOR THE FROSTWOLVES!” when something particularly wolf happens – it just makes me feel all smoothy towards the guild.

Although there continued to be light lag in some points, it was nothing overly horrid, unless you count the queues to get back in after dinner of over an hour. Apparently DDOS attacks and server limits were part of the queue issue.

Lominari (on his rogue now – Lughna) has the luckiest toon I have ever seen.  Within his first few kills, he had all the profession quest items and that was even after giving me the cooking one as I was maxxed (and he wasn’t – he picked it up again approx 5 minutes later).  He had also received an epic follower and some epic upgrades – I was getting nothing like that!!  I was enviously watching in guild as person after person was getting epic/rare followers and upgrades and here I was getting just my commons…But near the end of the day I finally(!!!) FINALLY got an epic one:

Epic Buddy

then discovered Lom had gotten 10 followers with one from Ashran and she ended up being my rare.  Two within a few minutes of each other – I was pretty happy with those two little achievements!

A rare friend

Of course…now I have ANOTHER thing to collect…oh god…I don’t know how I am going to manage!!

Before I bore you too much more, I am going to leave you with a  picture of me and Lominari on the most awesome water lillies that you can actually jump on and walk across!!  I could have spend hours there, just sitting on them.  I have added a gallery of some of the other achievements I received on my first actual day in Draenor.

Water lillies


How are you enjoying the first day in Draenor!?!?!?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



When Saurfang stops working

Yeah, I know…I have been around for every expansion and I expect bugs and drops and lag and crazy times…I don’t however anticipate the entire continent dropping out of the space time continuum and leaving us stuck in our garrison (or between worlds).

I tried as much as possible to not be online during the day because I was too excited – I knew time would drag and I would be tempted to sit in the blasted lands and just watch the minutes tick over.  I put myself there and logged off to do housework. :)  See..I can be somewhat domestic on launch day if needed.

I logged in and out throughout the day to check out the crowds and they were very impressive.  The problem with getting an accurate picture was the phasing (due to server load I am guessing).  As you flew around people came in and out of view.  It was amazing – this was about 20 minutes before the patch went live.

Preptach portal

The initial quest was supposed to have collision prevention and no mounting – it mostly failed, but worked well enough that we could get it started pretty quickly.

The starting area quests were fun and relatively easy – on non patch night mode, I don’t really see it taking more than about 20 minutes to get through.  There are a lot of cinematics and if you were watching the Lords of War series they would match up nicely.Welcome to Draenor

That is until you get to Establish your Garrison and all manner of  hell broke loose.  I have no idea what the actual device is meant to look like – a telescope?  This is what I saw for over an hour – Click on the picture for full size…it is impressive.  I kept getting excited because my mouse would turn into a cog – and I would click like crazy – Lominari later pointed out I was trying to click a warlock portal :( My excitement was short lived every time my mouse cogged after that.


What is most annoying about this kind of player, is the mounts.  There was a wanker on a mammoth running around camping the tree flags on his great bloody mammoth.  He seemed to be following me around because every single time I would run off to another tree; a dirty great mammoth would appear on the damn flag.  I got so angry I even yelled at her/him through  my pc – I am sure s/he heard it.  Yeah it was annoying.  I don’t mind the constant clicking and hoping to get it – what I mind is being prevented from even seeing the object.

Whilst I think Blizzard should put barriers around all objects for 30 miles so we can see them (and they shouldn’t even have bottle necks like this quest in he first place!!), people should be a little more brainy and stand next to it – there is no need to stand directly on it with your 134,234,456 mounts, pets, mage portals, lock portals and anything else you think needs to be there.  They could have made the scope phased, they could have had 15 scopes placed there, they could have made the scope port you away so that while in a cinematic you weren’t adding to the queue…any number of other ideas they could have done.

At some point a hot fix was deployed (NFI how McTacky discovered that little gem – but thank god!) and the quest completed for me and Lominari. I was pretty happy with that.  We could actually start the area now.  That is…until Draenor crashed and burned in the TARDIS somewhere.

We could not leave our garrisons (if you had managed to make it that far), you couldn’t get through the portal, you couldn’t get back onto some toons at all and you couldn’t get past the docks.  It was utter chaos.  I gave up at 1am deciding that after 4 hours of waiting for the continent to come backup, I would rather be asleep.  Transfer Aborted, no instance found is the most annoying error message to receive for an hour because it actually causes your toon to hiccup/blink etc…soo hard to watch.

We did a couple of dungeon runs in that time, and we also ran other toons through the starting area, so I have all my toons ready to go now.

If only we had known when we joined Frostwolves that we would one day actually be part of an expansion!!  ZOMG!!  I have so many images of Frostwolf comments/charges/cries etc…..Stupid really, but one day – one day I may use them!

Rise up frostwolves

All in all, patch day was horrible for the crash that went unanswered for over 4 hours, it was horrible to be stuck and unable to actually quest, or even walk in the zones.  It was nice to see the content we did see and it was fun to hang out with the guild and talk crap.


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