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WTF Paul?

I posted this image to the guild FB page a few weeks ago and I feel it is highly appropriate to last nights raid.

fire paulFlamebender Ka’groz is possibly my most hated fight in this instance – so far – certainly currently!!  I don’t think I really hated any of the fights in Highmaul but this one…I hate. I would be very happy to never ever have to experience that ever again.

I tried to read the one page strat – and got completely overwhelmed.. From the grumbling on vents – ranged were going to get screwed.  Initially I said to Ultra that it didn’t seem to bad….by the 5th attempt I had changed my mind. I was completely over it.

WoWScrnShot_021915_220006I mean LOOK at it!!!  Fire, weapons, storms..WOLVES!!!!  GAAHHHHHHHH!  9% was one of our best attempts for the night…it was really messy prior to that.  I actually died early and thought they were going to get her…but it all went belly up just before this.  I died early because I was chasing a wolf around and was too far away to get the meteor into the melee.  I managed to avoid killing anyone else with it but my blink and my iceblock were on cooldown and I was just in the wrong spot.

We did manage to kill her eventually but people were getting frustrated because they had already killed this one, I don’t think they like spending time on bosses already killed.  But there is a reason why – back in the old days – we used to actively try to get bosses on farm.  These fights have HUGE amounts of RNG elements and you cannot under any circumstances think it will be smooth every single time – things will happen differently, effects get placed differently.  I guess I am particularly touchy about last night as one of the issues we were having was people grouping up when they had the Blazing radiance and killing us during the firestorm.  I was being really really careful about 3 things…staying green in my range radar, watching for the molten torrent and watching for radiance. During one of these moments someone said quite gruffly, “Dragonray you better not be in the group because you have radiance, you better be out of the circle!”  I am going to lay down some smackdown if I ever figure out who is was (I wasn’t really listening as I was focusing)….because it had already passed to someone else when the firestorm had started it even showed that in the chat panel.

I think what annoyed me the most was being called out when no one had been called all night. (to the point that earlier someone specifically said “I know who it was but I don’t want to call them out.” on a different attempt)  I don’t normally have an issue with being called out – we need to know when we stuff things up, but if everyone else is going to great lengths to not call people out by name – then why do it to me?  Is it because I normally don’t mind and people know that?  I will never know – but I am just going to take that reasoning over the more negative things running through my head. I have never gotten annoyed/frustrated with wiping if people are remaining calm and trying…so my annoyance lasted less then 30 seconds, but it is one of those things I have posted a lot about recently and it is a big part of my enjoyment in WoW.

Anyway, we did eventually kill the crazy woman!

WoWScrnShot_021915_223219I think by the end of it, I understand the fight now and it isn’t overly horrific. Space is an issue and co-ordinating people to get range on the mobs and boss is an issue, I know I was deliberately trying to stay behind the healers as they need range more than me.  After all that though, I don’t like it and I think it was made harder as a couple of us had to learn it for the first time as ranged.

We only had about 30 minutes left so we went to have a squizz at Kromog.

WoWScrnShot_021915_225256This looks like it will be a tough fight to coordinate – and only because I think you need to be closer together for the runes which means you will need to be very careful about getting one.  The hands take a fair bit of damage to kill, and I know I died to them each time because they simply hurt.

WoWScrnShot_021915_230015Everything else seems to be ok with this – on the initial couple of attempts – so I don’t think we will find it too hard once we get the runes sorted out. Just avoid the swirlies, and the hands and the earth walls and voila….easy….(yes I fully intend on coming back and eating humble pie one day!!).

All in all I enjoyed myself as I always do when raiding.  I got a new kill and most importantly had some laughs with the guild. I can’t wait to see how we go on this guy.


Catching up to the others

The raid on Wednesday night was EPIC!  EPIC I tell you!

We started with the healing intensive fights as one of healers was not available for the whole raid – Beastlord.  You nasty piece of work!  We wiped a couple of times but this was so close.

3% DarmacSo damn close.  I got pinned once as I was so focused on getting Kelthal out I completely tunneled. I was so annoyed with myself.  I felt better later when Ultra managed to get himself pinned :p  Poor Sev though.  I think he needs to change his graphics, he was getting annoyed because he was not seeing the white swirlies and was getting pinned.  Poor guy :(

Empty Darmac roomI forgot to get a picture of Darmac dead, so went back and got a picture of the empty room, it smelt like hay and slightly damp fur mixed with leather.  It was a lovely smell especially when combined with the heady feeling of victory.

We headed to the trains after that as that is also healer intensive.  I still enjoyed it.  It is much easier now knowing where you need to be.  We also wiped a couple of times due to bad timings, but given we only just killed him a couple of nights ago I think we did pretty well.  The actual kill was messy – not clean at all, but we got there.  Of course the even cooler thing – I got my very first tier piece.  No one else in front of me wanted it – OMG!!!  Shoulders :) Thank you to those ahead of me who could not use, did not want, couldn’t have, willingly passed etc.  I had resigned myself to knowing I would not get tier for a very long time so this was a very nice surprise!

I stupidly didn’t even realise you have to just make them up so I didn’t use them until I left the raid!  duh!Tier shoulderI even more stupidly spent a few minutes trying to find who to hand them in to… hahah talk about late night brain daze!

Tier shoulder madeAll made up and ready for use.  They are pretty epic – again shame about the lack of multistrike.  I am going to have to start trying to get more gear with Mutli on it now as I have swapped 3 pieces in the last few days that reduce my multi and I am not happy with that.

Shoulders close upAren’t they lovely on?  They really don’t suit my new transmog which I was creating, but I may have to just try and find a transmog to suit those shoulders. I would hate to cover them up!  Orange just isn’t my colour generally…I shall have to think about it :)

Back to the raid though, we went and smashed Gruul – I was on the opposite side which messed with my head, but we got through him really fast and headed to the Hanz and Franz boss.  I wasn’t with the guild when they did them last time and I had read through the strat on it, but it sounded confusing as heck. So I attempted to understand Hwired’s explanation and I decided to just stick to Crooked – I failed on all counts. I lost Crooked in the first few seconds :(

It started off ok, then the belts started moving and I lost my mind.  I seemed to run into the spots with fires more often than out…was getting annoyed with my RNG luck.  Then the pouncing seemed to happen as you get told about it and i was in a bad spot with too many people around so I tried to run away but it happened so quickly.  Then the stamping started and i would get out of one bit only to head into another.  I was failing miserably.  Thank god our healers were epic – I am sure the healing meters would have shown me taking the most damage.  I survived until right at the end I got stamped and then pounced on.  Lights out!

hanz and franz

I died about 45 seconds before the bosses died, so I think for my first attempt I did pretty well.  I probably could have stayed alive had I not tunneled that last bit  – I thought they were closer to death than they were.

All in all, I was pretty happy at the end of raid to have killed 2 new bosses with the guild.  I can’t wait for tonight and see how we go on the new ones.  I am concerned about my gear as my DPS was lower given my loss of multistrike.  I will have to figure out what options I have at the moment – if any – to up that again.



My very own boss kill! We held him in high e-steam


Being capable of raiding again after the flu is pretty darn exciting for me :)

I had been logging in during my time off to continue with my garrison stuff, but after about 30 minutes i was getting splitting headaches from the screen. Anyway I was all jittery about getting back into it because I had been off for a week.  The GMOTD advised there were two bosses to look at before raid so I went off to find the one page reddit post - I love the way these are done.  Quick easy explanations by pushme – they are awesome!!  :)

Unknown-4I fiddled with a few other bits on my toon whilst reading the two different fights, i mentioned previously I have changed my spec slightly, I got rid of prismatic crystal as there is too much movement for me to be very good with it so I am trying out Icy comet at the moment and that seems to be working for me. I also picked up mirror image again – which I am thinking I may get rid of again, but will see how it plays out over the next couple of raid nights.

We went to Operator Thogar – he is the railroad boss.  This fight is one of my favourite ever.  I am putting it out there right now.  IT IS THE SHIT!!!!

excited-baby-gifWe did pretty well in all honesty, I got hit by the trains a couple of times..most of the time it was because I genuinely thought I had moved fast enough and was just on the edge of the track when it came out.  Twice, I completely missed the doors opening and just got run over. After about the 5th attempt I was pretty solid, it also helped that someone (Aimei or Kyjenn – not sure now) said the pattern of the trains never changed.  I actually thought it was random so I wasn’t really paying attention.  Knowing it is a pattern made it so much easier for me as I can learn that – which I did, so I was swapping ends for the gunners instead of wasting time running when they came out and avoiding the rubbish.  I don’t have enough range on them easily which is slightly annoying as I have to basically stand on the next track over to hit them…DANGER DANGER!!

I wasn’t actually dying to the trains though, thanks to Cauterize and legendary healers!!  I would get hit then burn for a little while but get healed through it.  I owe my life to the healers multiple times.  Aza was pretty funny saying he liked the trains because they didn’t kill him either :)

DangerWillRobinsonBut we had some really good attempts early on, then some weird ones in the middle when we got to new stages that freaked people out :)  The negativity started coming out in some people, so I may just mute a few people on vents next raid.  I was enjoying myself so much.  OMG this fight!!  Anyway, one our first night on this boss – look what we did??

WoWScrnShot_021615_224442LOOOOK!!!  We did kill him!!!  KILLED HIM DEAD!! You could say….he lost track of the fight…..HAHAH.

….You could even say we derailed him

….he lost his train of thought

….he was a runaway train bound for pwnage

…if he was the Frostwolf train, then we were his conductors

….he can’t cover his tracks now

(puns were provided by Lominari as I suck at them!)

I got an upgraded chest piece Woundsear Robes – – it is not perfect but I made the decision a few days ago to give up on savage bloods to upgrade my crafted gear. It is better in almost every way except it has Vers instead of Multi. I also managed to get an upgraded trinket out of a garrison mission finally – after raid of course :(  I was using Fleshrender’s Meathook and am now using Grandiose Power – Warforged.  A couple of people got Tier loot (WOOT WOOT!!) off the boss and other bits and pieces went out.

We went to look at the next boss Oregorger.  He looks…interesting. I am scared of him to be perfectly honest. How could that NOT be terrifying!!?!!!?

OregorgerWe are now 5/10 Heroic bosses down in Blackrock Foundry and it only opened a couple of weeks ago. I got in on first boss kill again!!  YAY!!  pretty excited!


Legendary: Painfully slow – spoilers

So i finally, finally got all my Abrogator stones…it took a while as I wasn’t really running LFR all that much and I was getting more wiping nights in raid than clearing so it was working against me for a little while.

I was pretty wrapped when i noticed I had one little tone left to get so I jumped into an LFR for whichever boss I got, thankfully was Kargath, and then I jumped out. I ran as fast as I could to Zangarra and handed in my stones.

Look out for spoilers below :)


Blackrock Foundry


Our first night in Blackrock foundry and we spent it mostly wiping on trash and on Gruul, but it was a lot of fun and exciting to do a brand new boss.  The trash was major. I am sure it will be a cakewalk now that we know what we have to do, but it was messy.    Isn’t he adorable?  Flashbacks of the old days were talked about in raid and it made it extra special to be to kill him given I did it back in the olden days as well.


I am sad to say I got grumpy at some people in raid because they are just really negative and it makes me want to yell at them.  I don’t of course because that is not my place, but when we are learning fights and seeing them for the first time, I don’t see the point in getting narky when people die to effects that they are still getting used to them.  I find it really disheartening to listen to the negativity – this is not a guild filled with hardcore elite players…not saying we don’t have them – we do – and they are very good at their roles..but that isn’t everyone. People will make mistakes, they will tunnel, they will have slower reaction times..there is a reason we are not:

methodand I am ok with that.  Anyway the only reason I mention the above is that some people got angry and left the guild because on our first night on Gruul we didn’t kill him. It made me annoyed.  But the next night I had a smug sensation when we walked in, had a few attempts and BAM – we caved in his head!!

We actually did really well on the next boss – what’s his name? The Beastlord Darmac?. I like the fight though except the white swirls being the same size and approximate colour as my water elemental bum and so I got pinned once when I didn’t see the swirl. I felt stupid but just kept my eye on it in future. We actually got him consistently low, so I am not sure it will be hard to get him down.  Funnily enough our best attempt we actually did the animals in the wrong order due to a bad charge/jump combo.


So easy in fact the guild went in without me (as I was bed ridden with the flu) and downed him and a few other bosses in one night!  I was devastated to have missed it, but am ecstatic they are killing things!! Here is Navi’s post about it :)  I can’t wait to get back into it – they always kill things when I am not there…i wonder if that is saying something.. :D

Minipost: Blog update

excited-cat.jpg w=908

I am much happier with this layout, it does a lot of things as part of the coding that i really like without having to rip it apart.

I hope you guys like it too!!

I am starting to add links to the blogs I most regularly read, and have visited them all to make sure the links work.  Feel to to comment below if you are not on my list and keep a semi-active blog.  I always love meeting new people!

I am still working on the images issue I was experiencing, but I believe I have fixed all the pages under the events.  So please have a look around and tell me if you see anything particularity gnarly that needs to be fixed.


Raiding update!!


Since my site got borked and I have been focused on the back end trying to get it sorted out, I have actually neglected to actually post – or catch up on posting, so this will be a catch all type of thing :p

The last post I made about raiding was heroic Highmaul….which was a long long time ago now….BUT I did manage to get it cleared eventually.  There were a few nights that were questionable and I wasn’t sure I would get it completed. Ahead of the Curve:Imperator’s fall has been done in heroic before Blackrock foundry came out (which is the same tier but OMG we rocked that place!!)



I was pretty excited to see him dead after all the wiping on him.  Painful painful painful. I got this kill the raid night before blackrock foundry came out, and since we haven’t been back I am pretty chuffed to have gotten it.  I have skill in not being there the night the guild kills things!! So annoying :p

I also received this little gem at some point, I remember Koda got the achievement and I am pretty sure it was Aimei that asked which trinket or ring she switched and that made me realise that I should do that as well!!  I switched my trinkets.  So thanks Aimei and Koda for the Savagely Epic free achievement :)

Savagely epic

I also have to mention this painful thing!  As you can see my jumping excitement after having completed it.  After all the fishing I did recently, I have been trying to get this but I keep forgetting to throw another fish because of the cool down.  One night during a moment of waiting for people I remembered and went crazy.

Thanks to whomever I threw this little beauties at.  I only did it because you are indeed awesome! Everything IS awesome!


I mentioned in a previous post that I had even dipped a toe into Mythic raiding!  The terrifying entrance of doom if you ask me!!

mythic first

I had watched the guild on their first kill via twitch so i sort of knew what to expect of the fight but watching and then doing is a completely different thing.  Mythic Kargath is simply awful.  The tigers chase you as well as him…even both at the same time which leaves you nothing but death.  There is so much going on in this fight and I think the most annoying thing is that you cannot have your camera scrolled out when you are at the sides, so you really can’t see what is going on very well.  I was completely overwhelmed in there, but it was my first night in there unlike the others who had much more time spent in Mythic kargath.

Mythic Kargath

I was dead of course, for my first kill….and I was woeful on the DPS meters (need better gear!!) but I am grateful to the guild for letting me tag along and for helping me get one Mythic boss kill!!  Even if I never get another one I can say I did part of one :p

Mythic kargath achieve

Speaking of gear and DPS…I have changed my spec around and done some simcrafting.  I am happier with my DPS now than I was a few weeks ago.  I set Simcraft as a good player – I am not elite – and I am consistently doing better than what they say I can on those measures. So I am now sure my gear is holding me back and nothing more.  That will come with time.  I can only do my best now and hope I am not too much of a hindrance to the raid group in the mean time

It has been an amazing adventure.  I really liked Highmaul.  The fights were fun and interesting, I have some great memories from that place.  I wish it hadn’t gone so quickly – but has it really?

Underestimating my epicness…


Apparently trying to rebuild a blog whilst sick is not the way to go. I started to get sick on the weekend and it steadily got worse until Monday when I could tell my brain functions were at an all time low.

Anyway, I discovered that wordpress creates 3 versions of every image you upload (sometimes even 6 or 7), so before I could upload all my images, I had to go through every folder (every year since 2007 with monthly folders) and delete the extra copies of everything.  That took ages. and AGESSSSSSSS.

I then began to upload them to the server, then had to download them to the wordpress media gallery, but then for some reason it is not showing the correct links so I have to manually go through every single post and replace the image with exactly the same one.  In my mucus hazed light bulb moment, I thought that if i imported all the posts perhaps it would pull all the correct images from the media file.

All that did was duplicate every single image.  AGAIN!!!?!?!


So I am now, slowly and painfully, going through every image and deleting the duplicates and sorting through the most recent posts to replace the images so they show.  I am also doing my events pages as well since they are the most read thing on my blog. So please bear with me whilst I try and get this place back in order!

I have also created a FB page Azerothian Life to connect to.  I am unlikely to ever update it aside from the direct linkage of posts, but Twitter annoyed me so much the other day I am thinking of deleting my account.  Every time i tried to post something it told me my account was locked…I was completely over it after the 5th time.

What do you think of the new layout?  I am not sure of it…I think i prefer a blog that has the posts in a reading view rather than having to click on each post..but for tracking what posts are being read I prefer this format???  In an effort to reduce the chances of being hacked I am trying to use a basic theme that is already designed and just go with that rather than hacking something together like my previous one.





My site was hacked for some unknown reason…not once, but twice!!!

God knows why – I only have about 15 people who read this blog (and I love you all dearly!!)  but anyway..we took it offline a few days ago, and put it back up with the same result.

So we have rebuilt my entire webhosting account and my wordpress one.  Fingers crossed!

As I am slowly rebuilding it means my image links may be a little borked, and my appearance/format and theme are going to be odd looking until I get it all sorted.

Please hang on for the ride and I hope to get it sorted as quickly as possible!

Avoiding blogging….for reasons…


I have so many things I want to post about, so many images in backlog, draft posts and ideas.  However, I just don’t want to write, because basically…I am sort of torn mentally at the moment and I really have no idea what to do.

I honestly don’t know if I wrote about any of the guild drama that happened with the release of Highmaul…I think I pretty much just avoided it as I had little knowledge of what was being said behind the scenes.  I do know though, our GL, Navi gave a great speech about how we could shove off if we didn’t like the direction of the guild and that we were not a Mythic raiding guild as our main focus etc etc.  It was a fantastic speech.

Of course, what I took away from that was that at some point we may dab our toes into Mythic, but that wasn’t going to be a focus.  But what has ended up happening is that the “Sunday casual” raid is now the only time they do normal mode, Wednesday they clear out heroic and Thursday they do Mythic. Mondays have been dedicated to clearing the last boss in heroic which they got down last week!!  WOOT!  I missed it due to the public holiday :(

I didn’t sign up to raid 4 nights a week – that is so far from casual in my eyes, so I generally don’t go to the Sunday raid as it was supposed to be for the casuals and is mainly just all the exact same people (on alts now). I also never really wanted to raid Mythic. When we were considering guilds to settle into, we specifically decided to stay because they were not mythic focused.  I had hoped with the little speech we would continue to focus on normal/heroic for a little while, but it seemed to go the other way.

55581464I currently try to get myself dropped when it comes to Thursday nights because I do not have the gear for Mythic raiding.  I am still about 10+ ilevels behind most of the other people in the guild and whilst they are trying to maintain an aura of “it doesn’t matter” I refuse to put myself in the position when it comes to Mythic.  You cannot just take whomever and expect to get the content.  I cannot do the same DPS as others at the moment, and whilst I can stay out of the crap in the other modes, my one night on Mythic Kargath proved to me how much I dislike Mythic. I don’t find being overwhelmed with specific attacks/moves/mobs etc fun anymore…or challenging, I find it damn annoying to be honest.

I know my skill level and I know what I am capable of – mythic is not it.  Maybe 5 years ago, I could, when I had all the time in the world to spend in game bettering my gear and play style, but now? I just don’t have the mindset, tolerance or elitism for it.  I have been feeling a little depressed about the entire WoW thing in all honesty.  I am not sure if the players in the guild are that much better now or the content is easier than previously – I honestly don’t know – but the guild has cleared normal and heroic while there is nothing else available and that is simply awesome!!  I couldn’t be more proud. Can’t we just stay doing that content for a little while?

Lominari and I got to 100 and tried to get involved in guild life and offer runs and group things and most of the time we ended up going with just the two of us – no it didn’t happen all the time and we have had some fantastic runs with guildies, but when 4 out of 5 runs you are going alone, I started wondering why I was even bothering to play.

This is an MMO – the entire point is to be playing with other people – is the hardest thing to make happen. Why should I play when I can save my money and play a co-op with Lominari for free?  This feeling has made it harder and harder to find time to be online. There have been a few times when I have been online for a few hours, and spent most of that time in my garrison or doing my own thing (or levelling an alt) and see very little talk of things happening in guild chat. It is like most people just stay in their garrisons and don’t want to do anything or organise everything back channel.  It doesn’t help that my play time is not generally the same as everyone else’s nor that there really isn’t a lot of stuff to do as a group –  there is no point to running heroics anymore, you only get blues and not much else of value from them, i am never around or have never seen guild chat asking for challenge modes, and rep farming is pretty much a solo thing – which no one wants to do when I have asked.


I am sure this is just me feeling meh at the moment, but when you WANT to spend time in game playing with other people but find yourself asking constantly in guild chat with no responses at all, it is pretty disheartening. So, I have been spending less and less time in game simply by virtue of the fact that I am flat out bored playing an MMO as single player except for raid nights. I am sure everyone has times when they feel meh about it otherwise we wouldn’t have subscription numbers that change so much, I just wish I saw the point in playing an MMO.

All too depressing this post is, especially after my site got hacked and I wasn’t even sure I was going to get this site back for a while :)  It pushed me to get some posts happening!!

minipost: Update your link please!


Hey – just quick post to advise if you haven’t updated your link my website redirection will be running out this week (if it hasn’t already) and will no longer forward you to this site, you will be sent to my old site which is no longer updated.


Please be sure to change it to




Treasure Maps


If you haven’t grabbed yourself the treasure maps for each zone, I suggest you get cracking. It is a lot of fun chasing down objects and finding new things on the map.  I picked up the Frostfire Ridge map first as I figured it would be easier given my Garrison location.

When you read the map, this is what it looks like :

Treasure on map

So you head off ad collect everything! You find little gems like this Discarded Lucky Coin which after picking it up, you get a buff :

I also managed to get this little achievement  – Nice!!  I am a master treasure hunter!

Also whilst scouting around I found this lovely little location, which I may go back to soon.  It was a nice seat to sit down and relax for a few minutes.  The shame is that is is right near an arena of blood, so I am sure it will start smelling bad eventually.


I have found all of the spots for Frostfire now so I will go and pick up the rest this week and work on all the areas.  I have managed to get some weapons/gear and even toys out of it, and for the 100g to buy them it is pretty cheap for the collection nuts amongst us.  Most of the spots hold small amounts of gold or garrison resources which is a nice addition to the slowly dwindling amounts of both.

I was initially worried the points would disappear when I logged out, but they didn’t :) Simple things make me happy!

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