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Tranquil Master!!!!

Yes, the title will make sense soon :)

I was home late on Friday and had just sat back from finishing my dinner when I noticed a missed call from Navi (it must have rung whilst I was eating).  I hadn’t even noticed the time, anyway I called her back and discovered Dragonsoul was on the menu again.

So, I attempted to jump online.  Our internet and my PC were playing up – driving me mad!  It took me about 20 minutes to log on and I was so annoyed by the end of it.  The guild was waiting for me at Yor’sahj though because they knew I needed one last combination for the achievement. Red and Green took forever to come out – I think it was the third spawn of adds…really….

Taste the rainbow

We then cleared the rest and we started at a different platform, so I only have 2 more weeks to go in there and I will have the Dragonsoul mount.  I am very grateful to the guys for waiting for me :)

We finished early and the next question was – what next?  I asked if we could do Terrace of the Endless Spring, normal mode – 4 bosses, no trash, should be a very quick clear I thought? Navi checked her achievements and noted she needed one so was keen.

We headed in, after a few changes in people, and we smashed through.

McTacky had the foresight to keep the little tree alive  – thanks McT – and Navi got her achievement when we killed the specific dude last.

Tree saving

When we were on the Sha everyone was talking about being behind pillars and I have NFI what they were talking about (I have only done this on LFR), however when Sha went down we managed to get the Mind-Killer as well!!!  WoOT!

Tranquil master

And look at that lovely achievement…Tranquil Master….ohh lovely…..I have no idea why – but I have wanted that achievement for a very long time.  I originally got excited because I joined an LFR specifically for the purpose of killing the Sha to get the achievement.  Only to realise….had to be normal or heroic. WHAT!!?!  Ripped of!!  So I have been trying to get into a ToES run for a very long time.  I am sooo happy to have finally gotten that done!!

Crooked then made comment about my DPS – I hadn’t even noticed…but nice!!! OH YEAH!!!  I will take that :p  That is what good RNG does for you… :)


Legendary: Firelands solo for Smouldering Essences? or not….

Since the patch people have been asking me if I have started soloing content (apparently it is really easy to), I laugh like a crazy person and explain there is no way I can do that, I am not the best mage out there, but also…we have no self healing capabilities at all now…they took away our rune of power, evocation is gone….not sure what they expect us to be able to do.

Anyway, I was chatting to Crooked and thought I would see if he was keen on doing swapsies for Firelands…I help on a toon (if he needs it) then he could help me….sounded like a good deal. That way we can both get siphons and no issues.  He had already done it, so was just wanting to help me out – bless him and those cotton socks!!

We killed, Beth, Aly, Ryolith without any issues at all.  We wiped once on Beth because I was retarded and fell off the web, then couldn’t get back up with all the mobs downstairs.

Discovered though, Shannox hits like a truck – I also noted on the patch notes Rageface was doing too much damage…which would explain why we were getting almost one shot by him.


So we pulled in Lominari on his Monk tank and he got us the rest of the way through – it was extra helpful to be honest :)  I managed to get siphons off all the bosses and that sat me at a total of 46 Essences – for my first run through I am pretty happy about that.  Only 5 more weeks of that to go and I should be done!

Max siphonCrooked said he only had one more week to go for his, and I will be devastated if he finishes whilst I am offline one day!!  Such a long journey – it is nice to see it for other people!  He said the extra bit we need for the quest -  the heart – becomes available after we have collected the 250 essences.  I went to check it out because it was on my map as a quest pointer and the area is surrounded by those god awful hell turtle beasts!  yeah you know the ones!!

Image fom

Image from

Anyway, I am well on my way to finally having my legendary staff – I am so excited.  5 more solid weeks of farming 25 man (not heroic) and I should be there….sounds like it will be an effort given WoD is released in the middle, but I don’t imagine it will take long to level to 100 – and maybe then I can actually solo it :p

Thanks so much for your help Crooked!!

Mythic Garry – first proper night


Can I just say  – Woah!!  Really…we have to “kill” that guy 4 times – and we STILL don’t get to see him dead…it is like the most aggravating thing about the raid.

We were having a pretty good bash at him given a few of us had never been there before and had NFI about the extra mechanics. The temple jade transition has something to do with a buff – I think I managed to get it 2 times on all our attempts…I just never ever saw the doohicky drop that we are supposed to be standing near.

The first couple of times we got the the 4th phase, too many of us were dead, but we started getting there more consistently with everyone alive, and that was the important thing – we needed to be alive.

Phase 4 is like extra hell crazy time and I could tell Exray was getting frustrated with the entire handling of “Malice”. Admittedly I fucked up twice because I was tunnelling…(I hate it when I tunnel), but he made it quite clear I boo-booed – and I promised myself to pay extra attention next time round.  The issue I am fiding is that the debuff doesn’t happen straight away – so you have to watch for it, I kept thinking I would jump into the circle and get it immediately, but that screwed me a couple of times.

We had a couple of attempts at sub 20% and our best was 7%.  The iron star wiping us out and I think the fire trails killed a few people.  I don’t think it will be all the hard to get him next week, we were soo close.

I took a screenshot when we were at 7%, then went back to find it – and it wasn’t there…so clearly in my excitement I cocked up even a simple thing like that :p

My DPS was pretty good most of the night which I was very happy about, I still can’t get close to Aza, but I was holding my own consistently against the other mages (who are playing Arcane) and other DPS.   If I can keep up the focus I will be happy, but I am not entirely sure frost is the spec for me anymore, I would really like to see fire getting some action again. I have to do some research about it.



Horsemen, hallows end and horror!!!

Well not really all that much horror, but with the new toybox feature and my enjoyment of collecting things in game (slowly) I figured I should check out Hallow’s End and see if there was anything I needed.

TWO new pets AND a toy….oh the horror!!!!  450 tricky treats to get everything I needed. I am not sure I have the patience to get that many in total.

But whilst running around collecting buckets I did manage to get changed into Mini Diablo – which is awesome.  The rest have been pretty normal – wisp, cat, ghost etc.

Mini diablo hallows end

I have been trying to do the horseman dailies (most days) and honestly I probably could be doing more to collect the treats, however I have managed enough to get my two pets!!  My Cursed Birman below, such a cute kitty with glowy eyeballs!

Cursed Birman

And poor Widget the Departed…I wonder if he was recently departed or if he went a long time ago. I think his stripy tail is adorable.

Widget the departed

I am just starting to collect the 150 treats I need for the Wickerman toy – and I am not sure I can get it now with the time I have left, but I do have some candy buckets left to visit and if I focus on the dailies between now and then, I may be able to make it. I am not overly worried if I don’t though – and I say that because I was not really preparing for toy collection until WoD…so as long as I can get the pets I need now I am happy to wait another year for the toy.

Heroic Garry is within reach

We headed back into Mythic SoO to start from Blackfuse.  I was shitting my pants about this.

I know everyone is saying that the fights are easier now – and they certainly seem to be – but I know how much effort the guild went through to get to where they were.  I can understand our guild are a fair percentage on non hardcore raiders – they are great players, but they are not Top 10 guild. We make mistakes and that happens so it was going to be interesting to see just how much different it was.

I have no idea how they did Blackfuse on heroic and I am completely in awe they managed to do Paragons and get them almost dead. I felt nervous the entire time, so whilst I was doing pretty good on damage I was more disappointed I kept dying – every damn fight.  I was so annoyed with myself.

Mythic Blackfuse

I got some tier shoulders off Blackfuse and a weapon dropped – man everyone laid into me about not taking it – I mentioned that I had a weapon already – really I have 3 columns in my void storage of weapons from Siege – I KID YOU NOT!! All I win from the place is weapons.  Anyway I went to get it out of my bag to prove and it wasn’t there; I started freaking slightly, because with my recent clean out I got rid of a lot of gear I would never use….Drakebinder Greatstaff doesn’t seem like much until you notice the Mythic and warforged.  It is a truly epic piece of baddie-spanking-wood.  The issue being I wasn’t actually wielding it.

I have been very very slack on the gear front because well in truth, I had not really anticipated needing to care. Either way after being given the teasing from guild and then my own husband I decided to pull my socks up :p  So from now…I am rolling on every piece of loot and then not being slack with putting it on.

Paragons was completely off the wall. I know it sounds easy, but so much is going on – I actually really love that fight – it is interesting and painful in similar amounts.

Mythic Paragons

We forgot to take a picture as this was the first time we killed them as a guild, however as you can see above – we did!! Navimie stole my mythic pants…but I can forgive her that theft – she is the GL after all – who am I to argue.

Now we only have Garrosh to get, our attempts on him were pretty good, but we just couldn’t quite get there. I admit to being very excited about being there for that kill!! Fingers crossed this week i believe :)

Minipost: Aus Servers – Thank you Blizzard

Yes, yes, by now it is old news and everyone is over it.  But I am here screaming internally with excitement that I can’t seem to calm down.

excited-cat.jpg w=908

Or this!!!


A few people I have spoken to seem to have misunderstood what is happening.  They are changing the physical hardware servers to be based in Australia somewhere – I would guess Sydney based on available information out in the wild.  The “servers” they are referring to are the actual devices used to house our information and not the things we log onto in game.

Nothing will change from our perspective, we will have longer than usual maintenance on Tuesday night, and we will log on and the only change we will notice will be lower latency.   We will still be with our US brethren, we can still have queues etc – I did read in the FAQS they will try and fill from the oceanic pools of people first – which is pretty awesome as it will make the experience much better for everyone.

I am waiting to read about what this means for our Tuesday night maintenance – will it be switched to during the actual night or during the day etc.

Onto why I am so excited, when I first started playing WoW, we had latency of 500 approx, I then spent BC/Wrath at about 300ms, and now it is approx 200ms. One of the reasons we played SWTOR for a while was because of the Aussie servers.

Our first few days in there were freaking amazing, the game was good – yes, but being able to push a button and have an almost instant reaction was game changing.  When sitting on latency of less than 50ms (and from memory it was 30ms most of the time) it made the game feel much more responsive and fun to play.   Fighting bosses was made much easier as you could keep up with what was happening in real time, you didn’t feel as though you were behind.

I am excited beyond belief as this will make WoW even more perfect to me, maybe even bring some people back as well? No idea.

Some people have been a bit negative about it and that really pisses me off.  Yes they could have done it sooner – but you know – they don’t have to do it. They are doing it – and better late than never is something that applies in this case. They are under absolutely no requirement to put servers here – I don’t pay my monthly subscription with a caveat they will have aussie servers – it is not my business.  Yes we have requested it and yes, they make money off us, but they are a business and until an option presented that was viable from that point of view – nothing was going to change.

aus serv

Stolen From Navimie

They sent out Ion to do a special Australian event (perhaps to launch this news specifically) and that speaks volumes to me, they could have mentioned it at Blizzcon or in a post with no effort – instead they created an event – FOR FREE – and gave away plushies.  None of which they had to do.  They made it special for us which means they know what it means to the Oceanic player base.

I am excited and I cannot wait for next week, I am pretty ecstatic they have finally managed to find a way to provide this for us.


Mythic mania

What a whirlwind kind of week since patch. I can barely keep up with everything going on, I almost fell like my brain will explode any minute from the excitement of it all.


I got invited into the Mythic raid!!  ZOMG!  You know the one were we were getting slammed by Juggs of Iron..well we continued that one.  I didn’t anticipate an invite, but I had pre-warned Navi that I was on lates this week which meant I would be online about 5 minutes before raid time and I was completely understanding if she took others because of that.

Anyway I managed to get home pretty early, ate dinner, and jump on at about 15 minutes prior.  Enough time to make some pots (WITHOUT GOING TO MY BANK – ZOMG!!!) and get repaired and empty out some crap in my bags.  Not that I need to anymore with my 70 free bag slots :)

We headed back to IJ and I was slightly freaking out because last time, I was struggling to avoid the stupid razor blades that come out of the ground.  Seems I sucked at that again anyway, but, for one moment – whilst dead, I was appreciating my damage meters.  This may the only time I ever see my name in that position with this guild (although I will make it more common) but it is very, very exciting:


Mythic Juggernaut

We had a few wipes on bosses but we managed to get all the way to Thok and on our last attempt for the night, kill him.

It may not have been as fast as some others, but given a few of us had never been there in heroic so didn’t know about the new mechanics etc I think we did unbelievably well.  I am sure it was frustrating for the main team to walk us through it all, but they will never know much much I personally appreciated their time and effort.

Malkorak and his little black balls of death were annoying – I swear I didn’t get hit – but I must have clipped it – so annoying thinking you are miles away only to find out you weren’t.  Even worse, Exray was marking the non safe spots and says “get to the safe zone” – what do you think I do??…yeah..stand there looking at the coloured marker thinking, “I need to move away from this!” in a panic, only to be dead a few seconds later :p  Not funny. My brain just did not connect to my hands.

I have said it before, I know it is post patch and everything is easier at the moment, but the pure and simple joy of killing bosses in levels I have not seen – or thought i would ever see – and then getting achievements for it, is pretty epic in my mind!!

Mytic Dark Shamans

Mythic General nazgrim

Mythic Malkorok

Mythic Spoils

I have to mention spoils – the most frustrating fight as a ranged person I have ever experienced:

Tab target // 2 (start casting frostbolt) //  mob dies // cast failed

“That was fast!!”

Tab target // 2 (start casting) // mob dies // cast failed

“WHAT THE H…?!!?!?”

Tab target // 2 (start casting) // mob dies // cast failed


tab target  // 3,tab,3,tab,3,tab,3,tab,3,tab,3,tab,3,pet frost nova,tab,3,tab,3,tab,3,tab,3,tab,3,tab,3,tab,3,tab,3,tab,3,tab,3,tab,3,tab,3,tab,3,tab,3,tab,3,tab,3,tab,3,tab,3,tab, (Ice lance)

“SCREW YOU DPS!!! Take some multistriking ice lances!!!”

Mythic Thok


I am sooo excited to have these, I need to get the first wing down to have a set, especially if we do the last three this week, I don’t know if we are resetting or just extending. Either way I am so happy!  Ecstatic!!  Thanks for putting up with a nublet in your raid team guys!!


Mini post: The new UBRS


I was a little disappointed with the new UBRS in that it was too short.  I wanted more.

I had been queuing with no success since patch – my wait times were starting off as like 40 minutes and then increasing and then every time it would pop up someone would decline and I ended up doing other things.

The other night in guild a few of us were moaning (mainly Duck and myself) about how we had no joy in there and the wonderful Navi said she would tank a run for us complainers!!  Crooked offered to heal, Alca wanted in as well so off we went!

We completed it without an issue, apparently the first boss does some sort of lightning thing – which Crooked and I were closing off the doovers so I didn’t really notice much else about the fight.  The second boss did some sort of charge chain thing, but he died too quickly for me to really understand what was happening aside from avoiding green puddles.  The next boss was fun with adds flying around everywhere and mobs all over the place.

Then Awbee came in,  which was pretty cool.   I ran off to head out to the tunnels and no one followed…I got told that was it.  The end.  For the moment. I can’t wait to get to the beast – I hope they left the punting in – it was an initiation rite when we ran it originally – every newbie had to go and agro him and die :)  Was soo much fun.

There was a funny bit when Alcapown rolled on some loot (or was it Duck?)  anyway we all wondered why when it had Int and crit or something else on it.  We all realised it was part of the new loot that changes depending on your spec.  Quite weird actually because now I am wondering how will loot work in raids?  Will we all see gear differently and therefore never really know who it should go to….ohh my head hurts thinking about it….it will be fun to see how it plays out anyway.

But here we all are – sorry for the awful image!!


Thanks guys for getting that done for me.

Wow that was easier than I thought


Lominari and I managed to get the rest of the Iron invasion questline done and Luxy has said the pet is a pretty good one for battles, so I have added it to my favourites to get levelled.

The Iron invasion

Lom has managed to pick up a bug somewhere so my plans to do UBRS with him on Friday got squashed. Instead i settled in for a night of farming for a Bronze Whelping. Luxy said she gave up after 9 hours of farming, and someone else said they got one after a few kills.  I had killed maybe 50 mobs when McTacky started organise a Friday night fun run and I was going to pass and farm this pet. However, Luxy guilt tripped me and I got sucked in.

Leader McTacky

I hadn’t planned on really chasing achievements but some where so easy to get it was well worth it. I dragged Lominari along on his rogue so that he could pick pocket hagara when we got to her.

However, the getting to Hagara was hilarious. Thohand wanted to join us but got stuck on loading screens…he also went around the entire map of Azeroth to get to us…eventually he joined us at Yor’sahj.

Everyone was playing with toys whilst we were waiting for him to turn up, it was funny.  I got completely smashed as well, screen was very very fuzzy.

Getting the achievement on Hagara for holding hands well funny as hell, McTacky was getting annoyed with me because he kept saying “walk towards me” , “come to me”, “where i Am” etc but…all I could see was balls of lightening and Luxy with a symbol on her head….I would not have been able to tell you where anyone was in that line of people.  We eventually did get it, but sadly not for the people who had died already, so I feel bad..for them.

Holding hands

The only fight that wasn’t a cake walk was Spine, you can’t ignore mechanics really and we wiped a couple of times, but really once we got the healing sorted out it was easy.

Thanks to the group I only have to get Red & Green combo on Yor’sahj and the platforms on Deathwing that aren’t Ysera’s platform.  So a minimum, three more weeks to go in there.  I really didn’t think i would get so many done, I am very grateful Mctacky organised something and I am happy Luxy guilted me into going.  Another mount is within reach.


We then headed off briefly to do Halion in Ruby Sanctum, clearing the trash took us 80 times longer than to kill the boss.


My what nice Iron Juggs you have…


I honestly got so confused about version we were running,  I figured it wasn’t important anyway.  I believe we were doing normal, but it may have been heroic?

Either way, we went all the way to Norushen and given how easy the content seemed to be – they (being the chieftans) thought we could handle we switched it.  When I say easy = I mean the fights were over before you got too settled in, it felt awkward and (secretly) kind of awesome.

Mythic Sha Gala

Sha of pride took about 1 minute to kill – maybe just over – but it was dead very quickly. Gala apparently needed people to separate into sides when she drops, but by the time that had been explained on the fly, she was about 30% and going to be dead in a couple of seconds.

Based on that, surely we could do Iron Juggs?  Nope…not a  hope in hell.  The switch in phases just cause zoo much issue.  Not sure if it was the change to healing or the lack of skilled DPS, but either way it was just bad.  I think  we wiped 4 times before calling it.  No way I can follow this mess:

My, what IRon Juggs you have

It was so much fun to be in a mythic raid and getting some achievements…even if they are fake now…LOL.

DPS wise it is weird seeing 10k as a big number, I am sitting mainly at just under 10k at the moment (9k consistently) and the warriors are doing like 13 – 14k amazingly.

I have to fix my enchants as well, I did half before this raid and Mctacky cut 11 gems for me for my gear.  I just need a few more enchants and that may help increase my DPS that little bit more.  I also love the change to upgrading with coins as I had a few pieces of gear that I couldn’t wear due to lack of valour, but now I am in everything that is a upgrade.

I do confess to liking seeing smaller numbers – means we can only go up from here :)


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