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Garrosh rumble


Raiding has been an ongoing theme lately, Wednesday night is generally for the heroics so I just chill out, I normally get pulled into the next nights run to do whatever is left – generally from Juggernaut.


This never happened….NEVER!!


After my excited post about the 25 man Garrosh kill (WOOT – I am still on a high about it!!)  I was informed that I am even more of a numpty than I originally thought, there is a mount.  Yes…a mount!!!!

Can you believe it!!?!?!? I knew all along of course, I was just keeping you all in suspense.  I mean, I am certainly not a numpty – ever! I have a proven track record for always doing things correctly and without any errors or mistakes.


And the winner of week 12!!!!!

Winner Week 11

So, after burning through 12 weeks (which is incidentally 84 days!!)  and thousands of countries we have come to the final week of competition!  The judges now will sort through the hot air balloon and determine who the winner of the entire competition is!


The finale is here!!! Well it will be soon….


You guys have done so well to continue this far – it was a very long competition and I hope you all felt it was well worth it and at least had some fun creating your outfits each week.  I hope it was a challenge of a different kind and gave you the opportunity to look at transmog a little differently.

After the winner for week 12 is announced the judges and I will be doing our best to pick the major winner as quickly as possible!!

I cannot tell you guys enough how much I have enjoyed this competition, you have all been fantastic to me and for being part of this I really cannot thank you enough!! Please add me to Btag if you like (Dragonray 1445) – I am always happy to have more friends and after this little event you all deserve to be there!

THANK YOU Tag Cloud (card thanks greetings gratitude welcome)


So, keep your eyes on this space – you never know who is going to have the illustrious honour of mogging the world in 80 days!!

This is also your last chance to offer to donate a prize if you feel you want to – there are plenty of options available in the blizzard shop :)



The Winner of Week 11!!!

Winner Week 10

Only one more week of this to go – I will be mighty sad when this is over, I have been stealing so many great pieces of gear for my own toons!

However all good things must come to an end, so as the judges decide on the winner for week 12 – here is the winner for week 11!  Once again, .2 of a point made the difference and just over 1 point separated the leader….this is crazy close competition!


Week 12 is ending :)


But since it is Good Friday here, I am being lenient and giving you some extra time if you need it!  But not too long!!

Here was the list for the week incase you missed it!!

The last week is coming up – are you all excited to see who wins the entire competition!!  I know I am excited!!


*8edited – yes I know…I got my weeks confused!!**

Raiding mojo


I lost it…or misplaced it….or left it completely behind somewhere this week….not raiding for one week really kills any mojo I was building up.

We did a combined run with a guild that is looking into merging or combining or something….they seemed ok, had a fascination with kitties and licking – I won’t go into too much detail but I am sure you can all figure that one out.  They had a couple of completely filthy minds, which I loved :)  I of course Ninjad some images of everyone grouped up before boss pulls :)


Week 12 is here!!!


This is the last week you have to impress the judges before we announce the grand final!

Can you believe it!!!!  What an impressive 12 weeks!!!

Here is your list – one last time!!


Week 11 coming to a close :)


Yup, this post going out means you normally have 24 hours, but I will actually be in Sydney celebrating a baby shower, so you have a couple of extra days to get your outfits to me.

But I will be home on sunday evening so I won’t be too lenient :p

Judges it also means the page will likely be up Monday afternoon at some point!!

So, onto the second last list for the competition which you can find here!

Who took out Week 10???

Winner Week 9

Can you believe it we are into the last couple of weeks and the competition has been tough, really really tough, the points between the winners and the rest have been tiny – and in most cases less than one point all competition.

So…in my usual brief and extraordinarily dull way, I am here to announce the winner of Week 10!!  WEEK 10!!!  What will I do when this competition is over??  My post count is going to be seriously diminished (although I do have 2 other transmog events kicking around in the back of my mind!)

But you don’t want to know about that just yet do you? You want to know who kicked butt this week don’t you???


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