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OK, so I am finally giving in and doing a bucket list.  I need some way of working out what I need to get done.

Here we go!


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Legendary Staff: Cinders complete

I will slowly get this Stave done, I will be devastated if they remove it before I have a chance to get it complete!

I finally finished my cinders and headed back to the Colderra to hand in the quest and get the next part.  I will not deny that being a dragon (even if only magically induced to fake the meeting) it was still cool.

Being a dragon

Then being part of the meeting to decide the fate of the blue dragonflight was immense.  I was just completely enthralled with the discussion and the power play.  It was so fantastic!

Blue dragon flight

I can’t really explain how many photos I took during this cinematic…I just can’t help myself when dragons are involved. So I got my Runestaff of Nordrassil and am pretty excited to be this far through.


I now have to collect the Heart of Ragnaros and also syphon energy from dead bosses.  Crooked has been up to that section for ages, at least count yesterday he was at like 178/250 I believe….and he is pretty good about going every week. I am pretty sure it is going to take a long long time to get done.  I have to make sure I do Firelands every single reset.  Without Fail.


Warlocks are over 50 now.

I didn’t realise how many days I had been avoiding websites and social media, so I apologise for the lack of posts.  Family drama always sets me on edge.

That’s as long as I ant to spend on that!  Therefore, our locks are now level 50 something!! Lunk and his crazy spider riding got us over the line.  It is starting to slow down now and it is harder to find areas we can quest in as easily.  We flew to Stonard and found we had no quests there so had to fly back to Searing Gorge and try and find yellow quests, but I honest;y cannot remember the name of the area right now…on the other side of searing gorge..GAHHH….if someone remembers please let me know.

Level 50

We did Eastern Plaguelands completely and some more dungeons so got some more achievements except for the one I really wanted.

5 dungeon quests

Eastern plaguelands

FULL CARAVAN!!!  I wanted it on my mage, but I didn’t want to have to go back and do the quests, I figured I would do it on a toon as some point.  Now I have!  WOOT!

Full Caravan

Pretty tricky having the last guy standing near a tree, making you think you hadn’t cleared the entire area.  As it stands we are now just trying to get to Outlands, we will try and get the last few levels this week maybe.

I also sent my toon all the Timeless Isle cloth gear I had spare, no idea if we will keep them as level 80 herald toons, but no harm in preparing if we don’t.  So…53 here we are!!


Non WoW: 1000 times worse….

That was what was said to me a couple of days ago about my dad.  That something 1000 times worse than I could possibly imagine had happened.

This post is more of a vent about family than anything, so feel free to skip it, but I know you blog reading voyeuristic types love reading about people’s lives…yeah I know because I am the same :p

Feel free to skip or follow through.


New Warlocks

A couple of days ago, Navimie was talking about the herald of the titans, and I didn’t have a toon that was below 80.  So I decided to start another one. Lominari and I decided to re-do our old warlocks – only level 21 on our server.  We stole all the gear from the others ones and created our babies.

Lominatrix (can you believe the name?!?!) and Dragonbones (Thanks for the awesome name Lom).  We decided to go undead and experience the new areas since we haven’t done it since the changes.

The locks

Aren’t we sexy beasts!?!Level 10 locks

We hit level 10 pretty quickly, level 20 didn’t take us much longer, but it was painful without mounts  :)  So glad we don’t have to wait to level 40 anymore right?!?

Level 20 locks

I am going with my Headless Horseman Mount and Lom is going with this Ochre Skeletal Warhorse, don’t we make a cute lesbian couple?

Mounted locks

We had so much fun doing quests with Sylvanas, I am happy to see some more of her :) Especially with the Valkyries!!


Level 30 was reached without too much hassle and then we decided it was getting too annoying to only doing green quests and being behind on the leveling, so we started half doing areas and moving forward.  We are now in a new area at level 34 with approx 6 hours played.  I have no idea if that is good or bad with full heirlooms and a level 25 guild -  I am sure some you alt army types of people would be able to tell us?

We have only done 2 dungeons.  The first one was Gnomer and when we zoned in the group ran all the way to the last boss (I think) and did not kill any trash, for some reason they were well ahead of us – speed boosts maybe?, anyway we died about halfway through the run with no XP to speak of.  We left that one and got stuck with the deserter debuff.  We queued up again later and got RFK which was orange level for us, but well worth it for the 2 levels we got during that run.

At this stage I am thinking I will use her as a herald toon, but honestly it will depend on what Navi is thinking when I get to level 80, fingers crossed I can get in on that workout if it happens. I would love to get that achievement at some point!

We are leveling Demo and I am only using keyboard mashing (mostly). Sometimes I revert but that is only for a few seconds – I want to get into the habit.  I am also very very tempted to create a mage and play only with keyboard mashing to get the hang of it and retrain…but not sure I want to level another one :p


Just leaving this here…

…because I can!

Brawler mount

I logged on and thought I would give it a shot again.  I had nothing I really wanted to do.  I was calm like Luxy, I was mindful like Crooked, I had reflexes like Exray and DPS like Aza and mostly I was ballsy like Drauka.

Rank 10  brawlers

Yes, you and your dead corpse Ahoo’ru.  I killed him and nothing happened, I thought it was going to happen again to me, so I was holding my breath when he died, and then I promptly ran around the house and screamed like a banshee!!

Lominari then went into the ring (I believe it was his second attempt after my win) and he got it down as well!  There we both were…Rank 10!  so we did some other random bosses…I might try for the 4 rare bosses, but in all reality I got what I wanted.

Thanks to everyone for their support and cheering and advice!

Ahoo’ru….still has me beat

This is becoming embarrassing now.  And not because I suck, but because I suck…more than people realise.

I have burnt myself out on this over the last few days so am taking a break for my sanity.

I started the other night and as always, Crooked came and cheered me on, and commiserated with me.  We actually ended up with the a few guildies down there, I saw Luxy, Aza, Owl, Kelt, Lom, Kahrax, and McTacky at various points over the few days.

Lominari decided he would get back into and started at Rank 3, by the time I gave up (temporarily) he was up to the same boss as me, and on a couple of attempts he almost had Ahoo’ru down.  Like CLOSE! I was holding my breath incase he did it.  He got stuck on Nibbleh the longest I think, Hexos didn’t give him all that much trouble really – just random luck and he had a few goes at the two gnomes with the guns…painful fight that one.  Overall though he kicked his way to Rank 9 easily.

Lom rank 9

There is a deal that is Lominari beats me to rank 10 he has to level a mage and then do it all over again as a mage :p LOL he would probably kick my arse on a mage as well!!  How embarrassing!

I spent a little time on vents with Crooked giving me tips etc and they really did help.  I tried a couple of attempts just spending 2 minutes trying to avoid the balls, the first time I did ok, the second time I died…..2 minutes avoiding balls and I just can’t do it.  I wasn’t even DPSing the angels just running to them and trying to live. This made me realise how woefully bad I am at playing.  Part of my problem is I can’t maneuver fast enough and target and DPS and avoid the balls. There is really just too much going on for me.

His advice about the direction and movement of the stars helped, and he wouldn’t know this, but the attempt just after he left, I managed to get the boss down to sub 10%. I mean was sooo close. I could taste it, but then my heart started beating and I could feel it in my throat and my chest and my hands and I just started freaking out.  Can you believe it – so close and my heart thumping in my chest freaked me out and caused me to cock up my rotation?

Luxy gave me some great advice as well and that was to just calm down and take all the time I needed.  I mentioned whilst watching Crooked do it, I am not worried about time, so I can see the patterns and the paths that he should take, but the second I am in there I can’t see anything but balls EVERYWHERE!

Aza also showed me that the angels have to charge through him only, so you could in theory have them start near him providing they charge through him it seems to count.  I will keep that in mind.

Owl even gave me symbiosis for a self heal and that sort of worked but didn’t.

I am getting better, I am, I just need to suck it up, spend the rest of my gold and change my gems to be full fire spec. It will help and it might give me the last bit of DPS I need to get him.

I also found out about the Blimp above Brawlers – Look how cool it is :p  I was always so focused on the brawling i never looked up. I thought the food the guy sells was quite funny.

Brawlers blimp

** edited to add**

On a positive note, I was brawling on Tuesday night, and would you believe I KILLED HIM!!  A millisecond before he killed me and so – it didn’t count.  Lominari was cheering that I had killed him and I was sitting in stunned silence staring at my monitor with tears welling up – no achievement :(.  I walked away for about 10 minutes came back for another shot then logged off for dinner.  Devastation an not clearly explain how I felt – and still feel.

I was unable to replicate the same sort of success. However Iwas getting him to sub 10% every time I did it after that.  I just haven’t had that perfect run again.  I decided on Tuesday to just give up after that.   I could not continue knowing I had actually done it.  Then Luxy, Lom and Excrutiator told me I HAD to keep going because I had done it once.  Can I do it?  Do I have the patience to let it go?!!?!

And the pattling continues :)

Yes, I invented a new word call pattling.  I got sick of writing pet battling….  feel free to use it :p

I got another surprise gift the other day which had me bouncing off the walls!!  Can you guess?

getting bigger

Yup!!  Anubasith IDOL!  So my battles begin :)  I have the Gilnean Raven already, which means I should have a pretty solid team once I get the main two leveled.  At last count my Idol was at level 12, so I am technically leveling two pets at a time with my Onyxian Whelping being the main stay in the group.

I am slowly working through some of the achievements with this being the latest one:

No Favourites

I am also working on the level 25 version and I believe I have 3 more to go for that to complete and since my humanoid will be done shortly, I only need to do critter and undead.  Woot!  I am also working my way through the Jade forest now to get the last of my pets.  I need to go to the wanderers festival and collect one from the Wilds, but I believe that isn’t part of the actual safari achievement.

I plan on hitting the daily tamers once I have the All pets allowed achievement, which won’t take too much effort when I next get stuck into my battles.

Thank you soooo much again Mr Tauren!!  You are a fantastic enabler of my pet addiction!!!






Firelands, you beast!


Friday night fun run, was almost a bust with low numbers online, but a few of us said we would like Firelands with 3 of us on the legendary quest, all different parts as well, me on cinders, Crooked on drains and Cptsars on embers it was a good combo. That was pure luck in my book!! So the group was us three, and McTacky, Kahrax and Haevela (on his hunter with an name I have no idea how to spell).

We were going to do heroic 25 man, but we didn’t have enough people for it, so we switched it to normal after a Beth wipe. I asked if we could do some achievements and everyone else was keen for that as well.  We did Barrel Roll on Aly; only a few people had that one, but 3 different bits they needed so I was pretty happy we got it done for them, we wiped once because I stuffed it up with my flying and fell right into some brush fire.  We wiped and went again doing it perfectly!

Then we did Not an ambi-turner on Mr Wankervolcanohead. I advised the strat we used to use when we were raiding FL back in the dark ages, as we did the achievement strat as our base. It takes a little longer, but it is just easier. I think a couple of unnamed individuals didn’t want to believe me, I could feel the skeptisicm, but I was raid leader from BC to  MSV for all content so I am not entirely as daft as I seem in guild now.  We waited until he walked into the centre and did his first stomp, then we attacked the right leg only. Nothing else. It takes him slightly longer to actually hit an active volcano, but at our current gear level we smashed through him anyway. Everyone died except Crooked,  CptSars and McTacky, they killed him pretty easily once he sat down.

Bucket list was one of only 2 achievements I needed and we did that next.  Shannox is a pain the buttski.  We made sure to kill Rageface quickly, and then just run around like mad men.  Shannox must have liked my perfume because he was chomping on me like nothing else. Iceblock has a stupidly long CD!!   Easy peesy!

Bucket ListWe did aim to do the Baleroc achievement, and I am pretty we did, but I honestly can’t remember if anyone got the achievement?  Navi joined us at this point as well to provide extra healing, or maybe DPS?  I have no idea, either way it was another smash fest.  Kahrax tanked this one awesomely given he had never done it before. I suggested he saved his cooldowns for the Decimation blade because that was all I really remembered when I was tanking on my pally.

Then, my last needed achievement.  Which never ever happens. Only the penitent!!!  We explained to everyone how to do it. Set things to focus, create macros and then…Crooked just started running across the bridge!  My heart was in my mouth as we started following him.  I could barely breath as I watched the cast bar.  We all got to our little swirls and then waited a couple of casts :


OMG!  Such a long journey to get that compilation of achievements done!  So I went off to get a piccie on my new mount, and Mctacky photobombed me, then so did Crooked, and Haevela and Cptsars…LOL….was quite a photobomb :p  Poor Cptsars, doesn’t have a mount, I don’t know which achievement he is missing we must find out and do it next week with him.

Corrupted firelands mounts

We all look very dashing I think!  Thanks guys for helping with this.  I am now 928/1000 cinders.  Onto the next stage which will take me forever according to Crooked!

The Great petscapade!

That is what I shall call it!!

The other night, whilst doing the brawlers guide, incidentally where you can find me every night until I get to Rank 10, one of our guildies (who is aware I am chasing ALL THE PETS!!) and I started up a conversation about battle pets, which I had and didn’t have.

Then suddenly:


BEST PRESENT OMG!!!  Needless to say, I could not focus on my next few rounds as I was just soo excited!!!  Of course this required a picture with every single pet, which you will find below :p  Bless his little cotton socks…actually…someone quickly draw me a kick arse picture of a big Tauren male in little cotton socks!!  So adorable!  I will leave him nameless unless he doesn’t mind in which case I will tag him later :)  I was sooo unsure if I should take them off this hands, took me a few attempts to make sure.  WOW!!!


So without further pre-amble …here is my squee fest!!

Chrominius – which is the pet I currently have out as he matches my challenge mode transmog gear.

Howling at the moon!!!

Howling at the moon!!!

Death Talon Whelpguard

Death Talon Whelpguard

Phoenix Hawk Hatchling

Phoenix hawk hatchling

Pocket Reaver

Pocket reaver

Revving his little engines!

Untamed Hatchling – I may create a transmog with this colour scheme, because he is fantastic!!

Untamed hatchling

Lil Bad Wolf – Taking on a turtle because he is tough!

Lil Bad Wolf

Thank you so much Mr Tauren, you brightened my night so much and I will adore these little guys forever :)  I have to come up with names for them all (I only name the ones given to me so I can always remember them).  I have to level them all, but I have to get the Anubasith idol dude as he apparently makes it super easy to level pets in like 4 pet battles.  I need that before I get too stressed about levelling!!




Eastern Kindgom Safari!!

Finally have my Safari down.  Hubby and I went out the night and by the time we got home it 11.55 and I decided that would be perfect timing to jump online and catch myself a little Shadeling.

I seemed to be the only person there, and I tried every little guy in the area, the best I could find was a green one.  I captured 2, a white one (my first one) and then a green.  Every other pet was grey or white and I didn’t want to just kill them for no reason.  I was happy with my green!

I figured it wouldn’t be that bad to just go and try and capture my showshoe since I was online already. So I headed to Alterac, hunted around for the 3 mice I needed to kill, then found a showhoe, I got so excited about it that I forgot to check my pets and I couldn’t complete the pet battle without killing it.  So I forfeited.

2233f9928e22e7a4e8c43dd323889fc2Then it disappeared.

Every other time you forfeit the little bugger pops back up.  EVERY. SINGLE. TIME! Not this one. So I had to fly around for another 30 minutes, killing the rats and trying to find the hare.

EK Safari

I had also received this achievement earlier in the week, which I had forgotten about, so I took a quick piccy whilst ingame of the most ugly pet I have seen yet.  So, disgusting!!

Lot of Pet FoodI present to you…Venus!





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